ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby Arrested for DUI While Driving SUV With a Missing Tire

Man, I hate when nights get out of hand. One minute you’re at the bar watching some football with your buddies — probably tracking the last week of your fantasy football regular season before the playoffs — and the next thing you know you see the blue lights come up behind you and you’re missing a tire. That’s the worst. Just ask ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby.

According to WGRZ in New York, Barnaby was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated early Monday morning. Here are the details.

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of an SUV driving erratically without a front tire.

Deputies say Barnaby, 38, was behind the wheel of his Porsche Cayenne and driving on a rim, which caused sparks. There was also significant front end damage.

The Sheriff’s Department says Barnaby failed several standard field sobriety tests and refused a breath test. He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. His license was revoked because of the refusal.

You may remember Barnaby from the time he faced five criminal charges in a domestic violence case back in May, or you could be familiar with the stories that he was dating ESPN’s Michelle Beadle.  Fortunately, we hear that Beadle and Barnaby are no longer together.  Could it be time for ESPN to cut the cord on this one?  We’ll know in time.

UPDATE: Barnaby is no longer with ESPN.

H/T to Deadspin for passing on the latest installment from the exciting life of Barnaby.

Matthew Barnaby Arrested for Domestic Violence in Amherst, New York

The last time we mentioned ESPN NHL analyst and former Buffalo Sabres winger Matthew Barnaby, it was to note he was dating ESPN personality Michelle Beadle. This time around we’re passing along news that is not as positive.

WIVB reports that Barnaby was arrested and charged with domestic violence Friday in Amherst, New York. From their report:

Amherst Police responded to a location at 6:15 p.m. and found serious damage to property. The location is being kept private to protect two female victims, who police say were not injured.

The former right winger was arrested and charged with second degree criminal contempt, harassment, second degree criminal trespass, and second degree criminal mischief. Police say after leaving the location, he made angry phone calls, and Barnaby has also been charged with aggravated harassment via a cell phone.

Barnaby will spend the night in jail and be arraigned in court in the morning, according to WIVB. Barnaby is divorced so this may have been an incident related to his ex-wife. It was only back in February that he wrote on twitter “Can anyone tell me why divorces are so expensive?? A wise man told me- because they are worth it!!!!!!”

He did mention on twitter during the week that he was headed home to Buffalo this weekend to spend time with his children. It seems like the incident was unrelated to Beadle. Who knows, maybe he rumbled with someone at his father-daughter dance!

Forearm bash to Mark Kohn for the tip

Michelle Beadle and Matthew Barnaby Dating

I’m not going to lie, I was starting to develop a thing for Michelle Beadle. It took me a while to get on board, but I was definitely getting there.  She may not be the hottest sports media talent going (see Kristina Akra and Jenn Brown), but she does a better job of making me think she knows her stuff and cares about sports.  That has to give her at least one point, right?  If you can ignore how annoying Colin Cowherd is, you actually start to enjoy watching Beadle.

Anyway, it turns out none of that matters at the moment because Michelle is off the market.  One of The Big Lead’s readers did some top-notch investigative journalism — using what else but Twitter — and figured out that Beadle and Barnaby were at the same youth hockey tournament in Buffalo on Monday.  The tournament was for Barnaby’s son.

In case the Twitter connection isn’t enough for you, Beadle admitted to the Big Lead that the two are dating, have been for six months, and ESPN has known about it since last Fall.  If that’s the case, they’ve done a great job of keeping their business under wraps for quite some time.  I think I speak for a lot of people when I say good for you, Matt Barnaby — you found yourself an attractive girl who actually likes and is knowledgeable about sports. They’re out there, but very difficult to find.