Mauricio Pinilla gets tattoo of missed shot against Brazil


Chile striker Mauricio Pinilla blew a perfect opportunity to send his team to the quarterfinals of the World Cup on Saturday when he missed a shot against Brazil. Pinilla’s shot, which came as the final seconds of extra time ticked away, deflected off the crossbar and out. Brazil went on to win in penalty kicks.

Now, Pinilla has taken extreme measures to make sure he never forgets that he came within inches of being a hero. The 30-year-old got a tattoo of his missed shot on his back.

As Metro pointed out, the words alongside the tattoo read “One centimeter from glory.”

It’s hard not to feel bad for Pinilla. His shot beat Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar and literally missed by inches. It was probably a good idea to get the ink on his back and not in his permanent line of sight.

Photo via @conejosanchez23

Mauricio Pinilla just misses winning goal off crossbar (Video)

The MVP of the Brazil-Chile World Cup game on Saturday had to have been the crossbar.

In the final few minutes of extra time in the round of 16 match between the two teams, Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla just missed winning the game-winning goal off the crossbar:

Mauricio Pinilla crossbar

That was inches away from winning it! Instead, they ended up going to a shootout and losing to Brazil in penalty kicks on a ball that went off the goalpost:

Crossbars, goalposts … what didn’t Brazil have on their side?