Race Always a Factor, But LeBron James’ Decision Show Was Still Awful Idea

Anybody who does not think race is a factor in hatred for many people is disillusioned and out of touch with reality. Even if you personally don’t play race as a factor in your feelings and thoughts, you must recognize that many others do. Believe me, I used to get racially charged hate mail when I hosted my radio show and either spoke about race, or favorably about non-whites. As progressive as we fancy ourselves, there are still many people who lack the fairness and objectivity ideals.

Keeping that in mind, I will agree with LeBron James and his business manager Maverick Carter, who said on CNN that race was a factor in the negative backlash following his “The Decision” show to announce he was signing with the Miami Heat. However, race is only a small factor in the hatred following the show. The real reason for the negative sentiment was the incredulously self-serving nature of the show, the lack of taste in the concept, and the lack of regard for the hurt feelings of the spurned parties.

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