Metta World Peace rips James Harden in tweet

James Harden played poorly in Oklahoma City’s loss to the Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, and rival Metta World Peace was on Twitter antagonizing him. Keep in mind Metta tweeted that Harden would probably hit a “huge shot” moments after he insulted him via Twitter, but it was the following tweet that people are going to be talking about.

World Peace sent that tweet in the final minute of the game when Harden committed a foul on LeBron James. With Oklahoma City trailing by three, the foul put LeBron at the free throw line where he hit one of two and gave the Heat a four-point lead. Metta is right about it not being a smart play. Harden also went 2-for-10 from the field including 0-for-4 from beyond the arc. Game 3 was hardly memorable for the man whose beard has become more than famous.

The irony here is that if Harden has lost some brain cells, it’s probably World Peace’s fault. Harden may not be thinking as clearly as he used to since he was cranked in the head with an elbow back in April. The Heat now lead the Finals 2-1, and Harden’s lousy Game 3 was a big reason why. That being said, World Peace is still the one watching from home on the couch.

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Metta World Peace gets acting role in Lifetime movie

From promoting rap albums to doing weather reports on Canadian TV, Metta World Peace is always broadening his sports horizons. Now it looks like he’ll be venturing into a completely new realm — movies.

TV Guide reports that the wacky Lakers forward has scored a role in a movie adaptation of Nancy Grace’s first novel, “The Eleventh Victim,” which is set to premiere in the fall on Lifetime Movie Network.

World Peace will play a Georgia detective who works alongside Atlanta’s District Attorney (played by former “Beverly Hills, 90210″ star Jennie Garth), as she pursues the conviction of a serial killer.

If you’re wondering how World Peace scored the role, it’s apparently thanks to a friendship that developed between him and Grace when the two were contestants on Season 13 of “Dancing With the Stars” (though Grace never wore her hair as crazy as World Peace did). In fact, it seems like the whole thing is a Dancing With the Stars connection; Garth was also a former contestant on the show.

You might question if World Peace has any acting chops, but as this video showed us, the guy can be pretty funny on camera. We think he’ll do great and, at the least, he should give Lifetime a boost in male viewers.

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Metta World Peace mixes up Labor Day and Memorial Day

Metta World Peace isn’t exactly the sharpest Buddhist in the monastery. The Lakers forward tweeted everyone best wishes on Memorial Day Monday by saying “Happy labor day … enjoy it.” Unfortunately, there was only one problem considering May 28 was Memorial Day, and Labor isn’t until September. Guess he was just eager to stop wearing white.

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Metta World Peace takes blame off Mike Brown, still calls him a ‘fat a**’

Now that Lakers’ season has finally ended in a fiery train-wreck of a spectacle, the obligatory finger pointing can officially begin. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are sure to see their fare share of blame. Even Kobe Bryant, with his “no free handouts” performance in Game 4, shouldn’t be immune to criticism.

Mike Brown, deservedly or not, is likely to face a great deal of heat, too, obviously. After all, he’s the one who’s apparently had hardly any favor from his locker room in this his first season. But leave it to Metta World Peace, ever the diplomat, to diffuse any backlash against his embattled coach and also provide us with our quote of the day. Here’s what he said about Brown on Tuesday, according to the L.A. Times’ Mark Medina:

“It was a drastic change and took getting used to. But at the same time, we should still be up 3-2. Mike wasn’t out there guarding Kevin. That was me. Mike didn’t miss three point shot. I missed it. Mike didn’t come in out of shape. Wait, he did come in out of shape. Mike is a fat a**.”

Of course it’s Metta keeping the mood light in a somber time. His defense might not be what it used to be, but at least his comic relief is on point! As for Brown, being called names for his weight is the least of his concerns this summer. It’s going to be a fun Lakers offseason.

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Metta World Peace gets controversial flagrant foul for shove (Video)

Metta World Peace received a controversial flagrant foul at the end of the first half of Game 5 between the Lakers and Thunder on Monday night. Metta went for the block on Thabo Sefolosha with his right arm, but with his left he shoved the Thunder guard. After hearing that he was called for a flagrant, he exploded on the ref and yelled in his face “That is bull___!” netting him a technical foul for berating a ref.

GIF of Metta cussing is below:

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ABC station in Chicago calls Metta World Peace ‘Lakers Idiot’ (Picture)

On Wednesday night after the Lakers melted down and lost Game 2 to the Thunder, a humorous screenshot began circulating around the Twitter world. It appeared as though Chicago’s ABC affiliate channel had enough of all the elbowing and talk about Oklahoma City’s women being naturally beautiful, so they decided to refer to Metta World Peace as the “Lakers Idiot.” Busted Coverage pointed out that the screenshot could have been an easy photoshop job if someone felt like creating a buzz, but it turns out the photo was legit.

The screenshot you see above came from a video that Deadspin dug up, which proves that the ABC station did in fact briefly flash a graphic that described World Peace as “Lakers Idiot.” Well played, graphic technicians. Well played indeed.

James Harden elbows Metta World Peace: Revenge or accident? (Video)

Metta World Peace indicated his plans to avoid making peace with James Harden prior to the playoff series between the Thunder and Lakers, and it looks like Harden got at least some revenge during Game 2 on Wednesday. Early in the game, Harden was being guarded by Metta and went behind his back with a dribble. His left arm went flailing and his elbow caught World Peace in the face. If you watch it in slow motion, it looks like Harden may have intentionally nailed Metta with a sly elbow, but if you watch it at full speed, it looks much more innocent.

Either way, we do know based on this image that Harden popped World Peace squarely in the nose:

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