JR Smith mocks Rihanna, bandwagon Heat fans


JR Smith has been having a lot of fun with Miami Heat fans since LeBron James announced he was signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. We all know Heat fans have a reputation for jumping on and off the bandwagon, and Smith is taking every opportunity he can to remind his Instagram followers of that — even if it means taking a shot at his ex-girlfriend.

Smith posted the meme you see above on Monday, which is probably more of a shot at Heat fans than Rihanna herself. Rihanna goes to a lot of NBA games, which we know because she tends to do so without a bra on. Smith also posted this photo ragging on Heat fans over the weekend.

Rihanna has given no indication that she’s going to become a Cavs fan, though she has been a little busy lately partying with the German national soccer team. She and Smith have a long history together, so it’s not surprising that he would rag on her.

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Heat fan on Finals loss: ‘Sh** happens’ (Video)

Heat-fan-shit-happensAt least one brave Miami Heat fan took the streets of San Antonio on Sunday night to take his team’s loss on the chin. As you know, Heat fans have already been mocked by Tim Duncan’s girlfriend for leaving games early during the NBA Finals. Most of them probably share the same attitude as Derek, who was interviewed on live television after the game.

“LeBron did what he had to do,” Derek told a reporter from KENS in San Antonio. “The team didn’t help him that much, though. Hey, sh– happens.”

Derek’s not going home to cry himself to sleep tonight, that’s for damn sure. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. His assessment was pretty much spot-on. LeBron James was the best player on the court for most of the series, but the Spurs were simply a much better team.

As for the cursing on live television, we’ve seen much worse. Just ask that Boston Red Sox fan who nearly gave a local sports reporter a heart attack during his team’s World Series run last year.

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Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias mocks Heat fans

Vanessa Macias Charles Barkley shirt

Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias is a loyal Spurs fan and has been one for years. She knows what’s it like to have dedication and passion for a team, so she has very little tolerance for fans are not the same way.

On Tuesday night, many Miami Heat fans began leaving American Airlines Arena with time left in Game 3. ESPN showed several fans leaving the game when the score was 105-90 with three minutes left.

Sure, it was highly improbable that the Heat would come back, but you never know what will happen, which is why you stay to the end … especially at an NBA Finals game!

Anyway, Macias was in attendance for the game and noticed the fan exodus. She decided to mock it with a photo and video posted on her Twitter account:

Miami Heat fans leave Game 3 with 3 minutes left in game (Video)

Miami Heat fans apparently did not learn their lesson from Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, because many of them repeated the mistake during Game 3 of the 2014 NBA Finals on Tuesday.

With three minutes still left in the game and the Heat trailing the San Antonio Spurs 105-90, ABC showed fans pouring out of American Airlines Arena. The Spurs were in all likelihood going to win the game, but you still don’t give up on your home team like that.

Miami Heat fans leave

What’s the point of paying thousands of dollars for tickets if you’re just going to bail late in the game and not even stick around to see if a comeback happens?

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Heat fans make fun of Paul George with catfish selfies


The Miami Heat may be known for having the worst bandwagon fans in sports, but a few of them actually came up with a pretty clever bit on Monday night. During the Heat’s Game 4 win over the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, some Miami fans made fun of Paul George and his catfish debacle from back in March.

As many of you know, George was allegedly tricked into sending nude photos to a gay man who has catfished other athletes and celebrities like Kenyon Martin and Lil Romeo. George scored 23 points in the loss, so it doesn’t seem like the signs distracted him. That doesn’t make them any less hilarious.

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Wizards mock Miami Heat fans with ‘Bandwagon Cam’


Is there anything more embarrassing than looking up at the arena video board and realizing you have been selected for the “Kiss Cam?” President Obama would probably tell you that it doesn’t get more awkward than that, but I bet the Miami Heat fans who were featured on the “Bandwagon Cam” on Wednesday night would disagree.

As Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog discovered, the Washington Wizards mocked fans who were wearing Heat gear by showing them on the “Bandwagon Cam” during the team’s surprising 114-97 victory over LeBron James and company.

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Miami Heat fans left arena before Game 6 comeback, tried to get back in

Miami Heat fans leaving

Just when Miami Heat fans were starting to earn some street cred, they go out and ruin it all by walking out on one of the most thrilling NBA Finals comebacks we have seen.

Sports reporter Victor Oquendo of WPLG in Miami tweeted towards the end of regulation of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which the Miami Heat won 103-100 in overtime over the San Antonio Spurs, that he saw numerous fans stream out of American Airlines Arena when it looked like the Heat were going to lose. The Heat were down by five with 22 seconds left and most people thought the series was over.

After the Heat started coming back, Oquendo says the fans tried to get back in and even became unruly:

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