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Monday, November 12, 2018

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Yankees have reportedly discussed Cameron Maybin trade with Marlins

The New York Yankees are exploring possible avenues to add an outfielder with both Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier on the disabled list, and Cameron Maybin could be a name to watch as Tuesday’s trade deadline approaches.

Mark Feinsand of MLB.com reports that the Yankees have reached out to the Miami Marlins about Maybin.

Maybin is batting just .251 this year after he hit .228 with the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels a year ago. The 31-year-old wouldn’t give the Yankees much at the plate, but they’re only looking for a temporary fill-in with Judge expected to miss about a month due to a wrist injury.

There have been reports that the Yankees could be eyeing a much better outfielder, but Maybin would come at a more reasonable price.

Marlins reportedly do not want to trade JT Realmuto

JT Realmuto

J.T. Realmuto has drawn plenty of interest heading into the trade deadline with the Miami Marlins nowhere near playoff contention, but the team apparently has limits to the fire sale it began over the winter.

Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports reports that teams have been given the impression that the Marlins have no intention of trading Realmuto. In fact, they may want to extend the star catcher and build around him this offseason.

Realmuto has been one of the few bright spots for the 43-58 Marlins. The 27-year-old is hitting .307 with 12 home runs, 45 RBI and an OPS of .886. He’s on pace to set career highs in almost every major category, which makes him a valuable piece at a position that teams typically do not get much offense from.

It’s no secret that the Marlins want a big return for Realmuto, and at least one team may be willing to part with its top prospect to acquire him. Based what Realmuto reportedly thought about Miami’s approach over the offseason, it’s probably safe to assume he would welcome a trade.

Giants manager responds to hit by pitch war with Marlins

The Giants and Marlins have been throwing a lot of baseballs at each other over the past week, and Bruce Bochy thinks Miami took things too far in the latest installment of the hit by pitch war.

Two members of the Marlins were ejected on Tuesday night for seemingly trying to get even after Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez plunked Lewis Brinson to load the bases in the top of the second inning. Brinson had a big hit off Hunter Strickland the night before, and the Giants reliever was so upset about blowing the game that he punched a door and injured his hand.

Both teams were issued warnings, but that didn’t stop Marlins pitcher Dan Straily from plunking Buster Posey after he gave up two runs in the bottom of the second. Straily and Marlins manager Don Mattingly were immediately ejected, and Bochy indicated after the game that he felt they deserved to be tossed.

“I don’t know what happened there when (Mattingly) came out,” Bochy said. “He was upset about the warning and said something about, ‘Not tonight, tomorrow.’ I guess they thought they had to do something. There’s a little fuzzy math going on when I have my third baseman on the DL for eight weeks and a guy got hit in the back last night.”

Bochy was referring to a game between the Marlins and Giants last week, when Evan Longoria was drilled in the hand by — you guessed it — Straily. Longoria had to undergo surgery and will miss up to two months, and the sound of the ball hitting his hand was cringeworthy.

The two teams will wrap up their latest series on Wednesday afternoon, and you can bet the umpiring crew won’t allow much leeway if balls start hitting or coming close to hitting batters.

Marlins Man aiding county in lawsuit against team

Marlins Man

In today’s episode of the soap opera that is the Miami Marlins, one of the team’s most prominent former fans is aiding in a lawsuit against the team.

Miami-Dade County is locked in a legal dispute with former Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria that centers around the accusation that Loria used underhanded methods to get out of a profit-sharing agreement with the city and county governments that came about as part of the construction of a new stadium. One sticking point is the allegation that the Marlins were attempting to claim foreign ownership, headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

Marlins Man, real name Laurence Leavy, took a trip there to discover how far-fetched this assertion was, and the governments are now using his deposition against the team.

“Inside the Post Office, there were no Miami Marlins signs or logos anywhere, the employees in the Post Office were not wearing Miami Marlins clothes, and the employees stated they had no Miami Marlins forms or stationery,” Leavy stated in an affidavit, via Douglas Hanks of the Miami Herald.

This whole ordeal has turned into a PR nightmare for current Marlins ownership, who are also named in the suit, and the steps they’ve taken have only made things worse for them.

Marlins revoke press credentials from reporter who investigated corporate office

Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins are not responding well to embarrassing revelations about their business practices.

It was revealed in April that the Marlins claim foreign ownership for tax purposes by listing their corporate address in the British Virgin Islands. When Miami radio host Andy Slater traveled there to find the address, he discovered a post office box, resulting in a lot of public embarrassment for the organization.

The franchise’s response was to revoke his press credentials.

Slater confirmed that, immediately after his trip, the Marlins cut off his access to the team.

“I was basically told that I could not come cover the Marlins,” Slater told the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Friday, via Chris Thompson of Deadspin. “I was denied credentials right after I went to the British Virgin Islands, that trip. I was actually approved for the next day, for that Sunday, and then I got a denial email, and then was denied about a week later when I applied yet again. I spoke to Marlins PR and they basically don’t like the way that I cover the team. So I’ve been denied credentials since then.”

The Marlins have been buried in an avalanche of bad PR since a group including Derek Jeter purchased the team. Sidelining the reporter who looks into the team’s shady business practices won’t win them any new supporters.

Cody Bellinger after loss to Marlins: ‘Obviously, we are the better team’

Cody Bellinger

Even in the rare instances that they win a game, the Miami Marlins cannot seem to earn the respect of their opponents.

On Wednesday, the Marlins somehow managed to get the best of Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. Aided by the left-hander’s six walks, the Marlins chased Kershaw from the game after three earned runs in five innings. They eventually won 8-6, improving their record to 7-17 on the years and dropping L.A.’s to 11-12. Miami took two out of three from the Dodgers to win its first series of the season.

Cody Bellinger was not that impressed.

“Baseball’s not like basketball or football,” the young first baseman said, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times. “The better team doesn’t always win. Obviously, we are the better team.”

Actually, the best team doesn’t always win in any sport, but it’s not a great look to point that out when you’re on the losing end of things. Kershaw is now 1-4 on the season despite having a 2.84 ERA, so the Dodgers simply aren’t scoring runs for him. The defending NL champions are off to a slow start and have had some major red flags early on, though there is obviously plenty of baseball left to play.

The Marlins are an easy punching bag, but the 22-year-old Bellinger should probably refrain from pointing out when lesser opponents get the best of his team going forward.

Marlins have had pathetic attendance to start 2018 season

Marlins Man

The Miami Marlins traded away several of their top players this past offseason, which has resulted in fans being even less interested in the team now than they were before. If you need evidence of that, look no further than their attendance numbers.

The Marlins began the 2018 season with home series against the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox — two of baseball’s most popular and storied franchises. And still, people are not bothering to show up to Marlins Park.

Of the teams that have hosted a home game already this year, Miami ranks dead last with an average attendance of 15,289 fans. At the very least, they usually draw a lot of visiting fans when teams like the Red Sox and Cubs come to town, especially since it is still quite chilly in Boston and Chicago and fans there might be looking for an excuse to get away.

While certainly sad, the attendance numbers are hardly a shock. The Marlins have already alienated their most loyal fan, and any remaining followers the franchise had are disgusted with Derek Jeter’s ownership group for trading Giancarlo Stanton and other top players. It’s going to be a very long season in Miami.