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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Articles tagged: Miami Marlins

Hanley Ramirez Getting Paid by Marlins

It’s quite ironic. I was just having a baseball conversation with my Dad and he said that there aren’t many better bargains out there than what Albert Pujols is making from St. Louis. I countered quickly by asking, “what about Hanley Ramirez?” That was a quick conversation stopper. Unfortunately that will only answer the question…Read More

That’s it?! Only 200 to Watch Marlins?

Truly taking Bob Uecker’s “nobody’s listening anyways” line to heart, the Marlins were playing in front of literally, almost nobody. That’s according to reports out of the Miami Herald. Man, we’re talking less than some of my high school games. This is brutal: The announced attendance Monday at Dolphin Stadium was 12,345, but the crowd…Read More

Marlins Dontrelle Willis Makes it Rain

Thanks to Matt Watson at FanHouse, Lt. Winslow and Deadspin for this brilliant story out of the Palm Beach Post…Dontrelle Willis and his fellow Marlins were making it rain at a local nudie bar several times during spring training For at least two nights a week in March, bar staff tells Page Two, star pitcher…Read More

Baseball Preview: Florida Marlins

A spring training preview of the Florida Marlins including a list of what fans should and shouldn’t be excited about, how the off-season went, and where the club will finish

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