Michael Lombardi brings Browns draft guide to Combine with Bill Belichick


The New England Patriots hired former Cleveland Browns general manager Michael Lombardi as an assistant to the coaching staff last week. Lombardi, who was Bill Belichick’s director of player personnel with the Browns in the 1990s, is expected to help the Pats evaluate talent and build their roster. Is he using the same strategy he would have used in Cleveland?

Cameras spotted Lombardi thumbing through a guide at the NFL Scouting Combine on Monday that had the Browns logo on it. He was sitting next to Belichick at the time and they were presumably discussing draft strategy.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing, as Lombardi has probably been compiling notes for months and wasn’t about to copy them over into a new notebook strictly because he got a new job. That said, there are a lot of Patriots fans who would probably like to see him dispose of that book. Anything that has been going on in Cleveland for the past several years hasn’t worked.

Photo via Twitter/Ryan Van Bibber

Michael Lombardi Wouldn’t Draft Andrew Luck Because He Would Not Want to be GM Who Trades Peyton Manning

Archie Manning said earlier this week that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would not want to play on the same team. He has backtracked from his comments, but we believe his initial remarks reflect his son’s feelings. Luck is the consensus top prospect entering the draft, and the Colts are interested in drafting him. If they do, they might have to trade Manning. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Maybe not. Former longtime NFL personnel exec, and current NFL insider, Michael Lombardi, placed things in a different context.

“I am not going to be the GM who trades Peyton Manning,” Lombardi bluntly stated on Inside the NFL. “There’s just no chance I’m doing that big boy. No way. He’s going to go put on a Washington Redskins uniform and dazzle DC? I’m not living that life, there’s just no way. If Peyton Manning can play, he’s going to be my quarterback. I’m going to find somebody else. I’m not trading Peyton Manning.”

Lombardi was then pressed by Cris Collinsworth if that means he’d pass on Luck. Lombardi said he would.

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