Coach says Michael Phelps will only compete in events he has a chance to win

Michael Phelps has a lot to live up to when he jumps into the water at the London Olympics this summer. In case you somehow forgot, the 26-year-old who many have called the greatest swimmer of all time, took home a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Excitement swept through the United States and many other parts of the world as Phelps chased down the record, and you can expect the same type of buzz to follow him to London.

Whether Phelps can realistically break his own record or not, his fans can rest assured knowing that his coach, Bob Bowman, has said Phelps will not set himself up for failure.

“He won’t swim in an event in London that he won’t have a chance to win,” Bowman said according to the Baltimore Sun.

What events are those? Water polo? Beach volleyball? Phelps has not yet revealed which swimming events he will take part in, but there can’t be many he has no chance of winning. In other words: Thank you, Captain Obvious. I can’t imagine many athletes from around the world would throw themselves into an event they thought they had no shot of winning. At least Bowman and Phelps are protecting us from having to witness the unthinkable.

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Michael Phelps Borrows Australian Swimmer Eamon Sullivan’s Trunks

It’s been a rough week for 14-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps. Not only did he lose to teammate Ryan Lochte in the 200-meter freestyle at the Swimming World Championships Tuesday, he also forgot his practice trunks. Luckily Australian swimmer Eamon Sullivan was there for assistance.

“Had to loan forgetful Michael Phelps my training togs for his warm up tonight. Hope they bring good luck buddy… PS – you can keep them!” Sullivan wrote on twitter.

Sullivan then tossed in the picture you see above of Phelps wearing the Aussie trunks, saying it’s “as close as you will ever see Michael Phelps swimming for Australia!

Yup, that is as close as we’ll get to seeing Phelps swimming for Australia. It’s also a much closer look at Phelps’ backside than I ever wanted to see, but surely it was a nice gesture by Sullivan.

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Video: Michael Phelps Wins First Two Races at Charlotte UltraSwim

So after a three month suspension and several weeks of partying, smoking weed, and threesomes with strippers, Michael Phelps hit the pool for a meet Friday, his first competition since the Olympics in Beijing. If you thought aquaman would have some rusty pipes your concerns were fair but turned out to be wrong. First, Phelps won the 200m freestyle and then the 100m butterfly setting record times for both events at the Charlotte UltraSwim. Apparently he did it all pretty casually too, sporting a new goatee, not shaving down like typical swimmers do, and with an antiquated swimsuit from ’04. So in case you need your fix that you haven’t had since Beijing, here are clips from his two races (full versions can be seen on YouTube):

Here’s the full-length version of his first race, the 200m free, and the second race, the 100m butterfly.

Michael Phelps Kellogg’s Cereals Now Feeding the Hungry at Food Banks

Much like the Patriots 19-0, Super Bowl champs t-shirts, you probably figured those Kellogg’s cereal boxes featuring Michael Phelps were headed to Central America as a result of Mikey’s cheech and chong display. So what happened to all those boxes of cereal with Phelps’ likeness plastered all over the front? They got cleared off the shelves and sent to food banks.

Kellogg’s isn’t actually saying that it dumped the cereal boxes on food banks – a spokesman for the cereal company did not return a call – but it is a logical conclusion.

The sudden appearance of about 3,800 pounds of flakes would indicate that someone was trying to dump some unwanted stock.

Apparently cereal is a high-scale item in demand at the food banks, so the product got cleaned out without a problem. Even making his best efforts to embarrass himself, Phelps still wound up doing a good deed and some charity. Who knew?

Some People Are Just Afraid of Bongs

Between the DUI at age 19 and now this picture of him clearing a chamber, I’d say Michael Phelps needs to start exercising better judgment. I can’t criticize anything he’s accomplished in the pool, but when he acts like a young kid at a party with other young kids, what does he expect is going to happen? Putting the bong down for a second, the media coverage of this incident is pretty hilarious. Here are the headlines for the Phelps story on several mainstream sports sites. In order from the top, it’s SI, CBS Sports, SportingNews.com, Yahoo! Sports, and ESPN. Now which is the most awkward sounding?

OK, first of all, pot always sounds much better than marijuana. Chances are half the people writing the headlines or working on those stories have smoked pot, or even do so occasionally, so who are they kidding? Secondly, who the eff refers to something as a marijuana pipe? A crack pipe, sure. But a marijuana pipe? Oh, you mean a bong? Ahh, I see. Why be so PC like you’re Jim’s dad from American Pie making things all awkward? Just be straight with the public. As for Phelps, I doubted that it was even him in the photo. Why didn’t he just deny it all? It’s not like they got a straight on shot of his face, you know? By the way, this explains why he’s so tight Warren Sapp!

Great Guitar Hero Commercial Featuring A-Rod, Kobe, Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk

I’d read a lot about an upcoming commercial promoting the video game Guitar Hero that featured star athletes Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk, but I’d never actually seen it until now. And let me say, it’s actually pretty good. They’re all doing the whole Tom Cruise Risky Business rock out thing and they did it well. Check it out:

For as much money as they must have spent to assemble that star-studded cast for the spot, they better be selling millions of copies of the game. And between this and those Rosetta Stone spots I keep seeing non-stop, Phelps sure hasn’t wasted any time collecting his endorsement bucks, has he?

Michael Phelps Hardly Talks With Father, Fred Phelps

One of the questions I kept hearing during the Olympics — especially last week while Aquaman was dominating in the pool — was “Where’s Michael Phelps’ father? Does he have a dad?” I was wondering the same thing too, so with a basic search, I came to find out that his parents divorced when he was young. Even that being the case, it was still surprising not to see anything about his dad, especially considering how much coverage his mother received last week. Well MDS at FanHouse shares an interview from the NY Post that somewhat elaborates on the relationship (or lack thereof) between Michael and his father. Apparently Fred Phelps hasn’t spoken with his son since the Beijing Olypmics, adding:

“I’m very proud of him and all he’s done,” Fred said as he aimed to deflect attention away from the severed relationship. “This is not about me, it’s about him.”

Although he didn’t hop a plane for Beijing to see his son compete, the elder Phelps said he “watched [Michael] every night on TV” last week.

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