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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Michael Phelps

Some People Are Just Afraid of Bongs

Between the DUI at age 19 and now this picture of him clearing a chamber, I’d say Michael Phelps needs to start exercising better judgment. I can’t criticize anything he’s accomplished in the pool, but when he acts like a young kid at a party with other young kids, what does he expect is going…Read More

Michael Phelps Hardly Talks With Father, Fred Phelps

One of the questions I kept hearing during the Olympics — especially last week while Aquaman was dominating in the pool — was “Where’s Michael Phelps’ father? Does he have a dad?” I was wondering the same thing too, so with a basic search, I came to find out that his parents divorced when he…Read More

Mark Spitz Not at All Bitter, Oh No

I had heard a few things about Mark Spitz‘s negative attitude towards Michael Phelps and his quest for 8 golds. What I heard however, was nothing compared to the story commenter Gene passes along. 36 years after his day in the spotlight at Munich, Mark Spitz, one of the greatest Olympians ever, is coming off…Read More

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