Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy getting back together?

Michael Strahan Nicole MurphyFormer New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan and his (ex?)girlfriend Nicole Murphy have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. The couple announced they had decided to split two weeks ago, and one report indicated that Murphy broke the news in an attempt to ruin Strahan’s Hall of Fame weekend. If that’s the case, Strahan doesn’t appear to be holding a grudge.

TMZ spotted Strahan and Murphy having lunch together in Beverly Hills on Thursday, and sources reportedly told the gossip site that there is a “possibility” they could be getting back together and “would like to work things out.” They left the restaurant arm-in-arm and ignored the camera guy like he wasn’t even there.

Once Strahan and Murphy got into their cars and went their separate ways, Nicole did tell the photog that Michael is “always a gentleman.”

The New York Daily News reports that the lunch was merely a friendly meeting and does not mean the engagement is back on.

There have been rumors about Michael cheating on Nicole and Nicole cheating on Michael, but we all know how gossip spreads. The two were together for years, so it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to have a lunch date like mature adults.

Nicole Murphy reportedly believed Michael Strahan was cheating

Michael Strahan Nicole MurphyDepending on whom you believe, Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy either ended their engagement because they live too far apart, were arguing over money, or because Strahan was cheating on Murphy. The latest report from TMZ claims Murphy was convinced Strahan was not being faithful.

A separate report from TMZ on Monday indicated that Murphy tried to time the announcement of her split with Strahan in an attempt to ruin his Hall of Fame weekend. She supposedly sought vengeance after finding out that Strahan was dating another woman.

A source close to the couple tells TMZ … Nicole first got wind Michael might be dating another woman in early July and started investigating … the way scorned women do. We’re told she was finally convinced it was true on Friday and immediately decided to go public.

The source did not know the nature of Nicole’s proof.

We’re told Nicole insists her timing wasn’t out of revenge, rather a total coincidence because that’s when she knew for sure. It just happened to come precisely when Michael was getting the greatest honor of his career.

Naturally, that is not the only story. The New York Post’s Page Six claims Murphy and Strahan broke up after a lengthy argument over their prenuptial agreement.

A source tells us, “Nicole was unwilling to sign a prenup, even though Michael has consistently been very generous to her.”

Strahan was supportive when she sued Troy David Stratos for $7 million in 2010, after he allegedly persuaded her to invest all her money overseas.

The source added, “She gave Stratos all the money from her divorce with Eddie Murphy. Michael helped her out financially, but she still wouldn’t sign a prenup.”

Believe what you want. This is America.

Did Nicole Murphy announce breakup news to ruin Michael Strahan’s Hall of Fame weekend?

Michael Strahan Nicole MurphyNews of the engagement between Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan being called off was announced on Friday night, which was the same time Strahan was receiving his yellow jacket for being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Strahan and Murphy apparently have been done for several weeks, so that made the timing of Friday’s announcement suspect.

TMZ says some friends believe Murphy or a friend of hers was trying to ruin Strahan’s big moment by announcing the news during the Hall of Fame weekend.

Luckily for Strahan, the breakup news becoming public didn’t seem to bother him; he said during his induction speech Saturday that he was having the best weekend of his life.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy call off engagement

michael-strahan-nicole-murphyMichael Strahan and Nicole Murphy are no longer engaged to be married. According to TMZ, the two have decided to go their separate ways.

News of the breakup surfaced on Friday — just one day before Strahan was set to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Strahan’s rep reportedly told TMZ that their long distance relationship simply became too much to handle, with Strahan living in New York City and Murphy living in Los Angeles.

Strahan and Murphy had been dating since 2007 and engaged since 2009. The two have found their names at the center of some bizarre reports in the past, like one that indicated Strahan had put a tracking device on Murphy’s car shortly before he proposed to her because he suspected she was cheating. The two also shot down rumors in 2012 that they had broken up over cheating accusations.

Strahan, who divorced his previous wife in 2006, recently told Ebony magazine that everything between him and Murphy was great.

“It’s great,” he said, via NJ.com’s Kevin Manahan. “As a divorced man, you just want somebody around your kids who’s respectful and will treat them like her own. When you understand that, there’s never any issue. We laugh and are at graduations and birthday parties, you know…all that stuff.”

Strahan will at least have something to keep his mind off the breakup on Saturday night.

Michael Strahan reportedly joining ‘Good Morning America’

Michael StrahanMichael Strahan has become so popular since joining Kelly Ripa as co-host of “Live with Kelly and Michael” that he has reportedly landed himself another gig. According to the NY Post, Strahan will soon be joining the cast of ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The plan is for Strahan to appear on the show a few days a week while still continuing his work alongside Ripa. The Hall of Famer has been in negotiations with the producers of “GMA” for months and an announcement is expected to come this week. Former “GMA” host Josh Elliot recently left the show abruptly to join NBC Sports after an ugly contract dispute, but Strahan was reportedly negotiating his new deal before that happened.

Surprised? Neither are we. Strahan, a New York Giants legend, was one of the most popular players in the NFL during his 15-year career. The television world has embraced him just the same.

Eddie Murphy’s daughters did lingerie shoot in Michael Strahan’s bedroom

Shayne-MurphyTwo of Eddie Murphy’s daughters, 19-year-old Shayne and 24-year-old Bria, recently posed for a racy lingerie shoot. The photos were professionally done, and the young ladies have shared many of them on social media. They have also given us a behind-the-scenes tour into the life of Michael Strahan in the process.

As TMZ pointed out on Thursday, one segment of the lingerie shoot took place inside Strahan’s bedroom. Strahan has been engaged to Nicole Murphy, Eddie’s ex-wife and Shayne’s and Bria’s mother, since 2009. The two live together in a Beverly Hills mansion.

Dimitri Ray, the photographer who snapped the photos, told TMZ that Shayne and Bria chose the master bedroom as one of the shoot locations. If you look at this photo of Strahan’s bedroom, you can see that the headboard is clearly in the background of some of the images below.

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Warren Sapp: I begged Michael Strahan for forgiveness

Michael Strahan Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp has apparently said all he has to say about Michael Strahan, because he finally waved the white flag on Saturday night. Despite Sapp’s insistence over the last year that Strahan does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, the former New York Giants defensive end was inducted into Canton over the weekend. And Sapp welcomed him with open arms.

“I hugged him and wouldn’t let him go,” Sapp said on Sunday, via Anwar S. Richardson of Shutdown Corner. “I said, ‘Please forgive me.’ I said, ‘Dumb Lex Luthor came to the city of Gotham and pulled Superman’s cape. How foolish could I have been, my man? Please forgive me.

“And if he tells the story any different that, he’s lying to you, America, because I sure did apologize. I’m going to beg for forgiveness because there’s a party in Canton, and I promise you, I’m not going to miss it.”

Just last week, Sapp got so wrapped up in his war of words with Strahan that he challenged him to a fight. For whatever reason, Sapp has been dead set against Strahan joining him in the Hall of Fame and believes his sack record should have an asterisk next to it. He has apparently changed his mind.

“Welcome to the club, buddy,” Sapp said. “I’m so happy he’s there. We’re all there. This game cannot be told without Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp because Sapp and Strahan go well together.”

For the most part, it seems like Strahan would love to go without Sapp. Warren has been the one attacking him for seemingly no reason. Both players are two of the best defensive linemen to ever play the game. Sapp should have stopped talking sooner.