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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Michael Vick

Vick to Start for Eagles

A few days ago we pondered if Michael Vick could cash in on his time filling in for the injured Kevin Kolb and pique the interest of a few teams in the NFL.  With the Eagles seemingly committed to Kevin Kolb from a contractual standpoint, we weren’t really taking them into consideration.  Maybe we should…Read More

Can Michael Vick Resurrect His Carrer?

Andy Reid announced Friday that Michael Vick will officially be the Eagles’ starting quarterback against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, as Kevin Kolb has been ruled out with a concussion.  Kolb’s injury presents Vick with his first chance at proving he can still be an effective NFL quarterback since signing with the Eagles before the…Read More

Michael Vick Doing His Best Muhammad Ali Impression

Michael Vick’s cocky attitude seems to be making a comeback. The humble attitude he was forced to sport in the wake of the dog fighting scandal is fading a bit.  While the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be committed to Kevin Kolb as their quarterback of the future, Vick finds himself with no shortage of confidence. …Read More

Michael Vick Doesn’t Learn Lesson: Throws 4th of July Party

If you threw a birthday party for yourself that ended with a former co-defendant of yours getting shot would you: a) lay low for a while b) perform community service to create good press or c) deny your role in the shooting then throw another party less than two weeks later. If you selected option…Read More

Michael Vick’s Birthday Party: Cake and Bullets Not a Good Mix

Birthdays are a time for celebration. They indicate that you are another year older and wiser … unless your name is Michael Vick. Vick celebrated his 30th birthday by hosting a party late Thursday night at a club in Virgina Beach. The party was “all white” attire themed and the invitation included the names of…Read More

Michael Vick Offered $1 Million to Pose in Playgirl for PETA

If you asked me about stories I never thought I’d be writing, this would probably rank up there with Tim Tebow impregnating a Filipino woman during one of his missions. A spokesman for Playgirl told Life & Style magazine that they’re trying to get Michael Vick to pose in Playgirl. Here’s the report via Digital…Read More

Michael Vick Signs 2-Year Deal with Eagles

Word has finally come down that Michael Vick signed a two-year deal with the Eagles on Thursday evening, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. This comes as a surprise because not many people figured the Eagles would be interested in Vick and the buzz on Thursday was that the Bills were interested in signing him. The…Read More

Michael Vick Appears in Video with Young Jeezy Promoting TM-103 Album

You were waiting for some footage of Michael Vick since he’s been released from prison? Waiting to hear what he’s been up to aside from visiting strip clubs with Allen Iverson and meeting with low income youths? Well now we know the answer … he’s appearing in videos along with rapper Young Jeezy who’s promoting…Read More

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