How Bad Is Horse Racing Compared to Dogfighting?

I think for the most part, we can all agree that dogfighting is pretty disgusting. But as mjd questioned in one of his first Debriefings, what makes the Preakness and other horse racing events such acceptable forms of entertainment, while dog fighting is considered so deplorable? I think that both can be considered animal abuse. The big difference however is that horses are intended to race each other, not maul each other, while the dogs are encouraged to fight til death. The reason I bring it back up is because of Jonathan Vilma’s comments to Chris Russo on WFAN (Francessa must have been out hehe) via Ben Maller:

When asked if he has a problem with dogfighting, Vilma replied, “To be honest with you, I never looked at it one way or another. What people do is …of course dog fighting is much more extreme, but you can equate it to horse racing. You have animal activists that (condemn) horse racing. They feel horses are being tested brutally, whatever the situation is. I’m not an animal activist. To each his own.”

So he doesn’t outright criticize the involvement. But is it so outrageous what Vilma said? I don’t think so. I think people are wrong if they can’t recognize that there’s something inherently bad about breeding dogs to tear each other’s faces off — which Vilma doesn’t acknowledge. On the other hand, I think its short sided to not see the animal abuse that exists in horse racing, once you strip away the millionaire owners and mint juleps that make it seem justified.

Roy Jones Jr. Supports Cock Fighting

If you are familiar with boxing and Roy Jones Jr., this comes as no surprise. If you are unfamiliar with boxing and Roy Jones Jr., then this is obviously news. Roy Jones Jr. was my favorite boxer during the 90s, along with Prince Naseem Hamed (both have spiraled down a pathetic path since). The whole time this Michael Vick dog fighting stuff has been going on, I kept thinking of Roy and his cocks. I kept thinking that Roy was lucky he was a forgotten figure at this point in his life. Boy was I wrong. I just found out via East Side Boxing that Jones Jr. is shaking off his Antonio Tarver cobwebs and will be fighting again in July (and I have no interest in watching).

This seems like the absolute worst thing for him. He’s lost three of his last four fights, ruining what was once an unblemished record. He has nothing to gain from fighting once again (unless he’s desperate for a meager paycheck). And now, his name will be back in the news, for people like me to remind you that he is involved in cock-fighting (and even rapped about it). And yes, back when he was a significant figure, PETA was after him. But now, as sad as it is to say, he should just disappear and avoid all headlines. What a terrible time to announce he’s stepping back into the ring.

Say Goodnight to Vick’s Pit Bulls

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned … it’s that you don’t mess with a man’s best friend. And you especially don’t mess with said man’s friend when they’ve been through war-like situations together. It is with that in mind, that I’m saddened to say that Michael Vick’s fighting dogs may be euthanized.

“Almost 100 percent” of animals seized in dogfighting investigations are euthanized because they have a level of aggression that makes them dangerous pets and neighbors, said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States.

“It’s simply not fair to someone who has a black lab or a Yorkie to have a fighting dog next door because if that dog gets loose, he’s going to … kill that person’s pet,” Goodwin said, making it clear he was speaking in generic terms only.

Wow, this is no joke. 66 dogs were seized, 55 of which were pit bulls. Yeah, somehow I don’t think I want my golden retriever getting into a scuffle with them, capiche? Oh, and for the record, anyone else find it odd that they use a treadmill to train these dogs? OK, good, just checking.

(the gruesome image is for anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with dog fighting)

Michael Vick Speaks About His Image

Vick was at a team-sponsored event on Monday night. FOX 5 in Atlanta was there to get the exclusive. They reported that Vick was greeted warmly by the fans. Mike was not surprised by the welcome:

It was a good reaction. They supposed to be positive. They supposed to be cheering for us.

Man, everywhere I go, all around the world, people still support Mike Vick. Regardless of what I go through people gonna love me man. It’s all good. I ain’t worried about that. My job is to win football games.

In the end, will you be exonerated? Man, no comment.

Wait a sec, the fans are supposed to be positive? Supposed to be cheering for the same guy who flipped them the bird last year? Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions here, Mike. Oh, and for the record, I will bet the house (pun intended) that Vick doesn’t know what “exonerated” means.

Video Shows Michael Vick Loves Dogs

That’s it, everyone was looking for the elusive “video evidence” that Michael Vick has involvement with dogs, well here it is. This is of a Michael Vick shoe commercial, and pay close attention to one of the shout outs he gives:

Thanks to HG at You Been Blinded for being on top of this.

Who’s Dumber, Petrino or Vick?

A hush swept across the M.I.T. campus on Friday as it was announced that the wunderkind Falcons quarterback Mike Mexico would be allowed to call audibles in Bobby Petrino’s offense.  The students uniformly acknowledged that it would take the absorption of their combined brain power to help Mexico manage said offense.  What’s a matter Petrino, you don’t think 14 points scored against the Lions and 13 against the Browns is bad enough?  What, do you prefer 3 points, or worse yet, none?  You want Mike Mexico to have a more active role in the offense?  What, are you drinking out of Vick’s water bottle or something? 

Which brings me back to the aforementioned question of the day, who’s dumber, Petrino for allowing this, or Mexico, for well, being Mexico?  And if you’re not sure why I’m doggin Mike Mexico so badly, just watch the video below to get a sense.

Boy, I have to say, it’s stories like these that get my blood a-flowin.  Caution Mike, don’t think too hard, you might hurt yourself.

Michael Clarett Mexico Vick

As if the Mexico Vick family didn’t have enough problems already you know, between herpes, intimidating little kidsallegedly having sex with little kidsreckless driving, stomping on opposing players, and getting kicked off teams, we now have this gem of a story. Falcons QB, the highest paid player in the NFL, had a water bottle confiscated from him at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday: 

“According to the police report, Vick drew suspicion when he refused to part with a bottle of water at a security-screening checkpoint.  Vick eventually threw the bottle in a waste container but his initial reluctance caused TSA official Gertrude Joseph to examine the bottle, described as a 20-ounce Aquafina bottle. Joseph then notified her supervisor of a hidden compartment in the bottle.  The bottle contained a secret compartment that allegedly held “a dark particulate,” according to the police report. It said the substance smelled like marijuana.  The bottle was taken to the Miami-Dade Police Department crime lab.”

Here’s the police report if you want to check it out.  Apparently Marcus is rubbing off on Michael pretty well.  For that matter, Michael must be getting liquid storage tips from Maurice Clarett.  Secret compartments to store marijuana in a water bottle? OK James Bond.  As my buddy said, maybe they should ship him off to Oakland so he can blaze with Randy Moss.  Better yet, someone send this man a plane ticket to Toronto so he can share bong rips with Ricky