Michelle Beadle responds after shot from media critic Tom Hoffarth

Michelle BeadleLA Daily News media critic Tom Hoffarth appeared to take an unsolicited shot at Michelle Beadle over Twitter Wednesday, and the ESPN personality responded with a solid comeback.

In sharing the news that USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism hired Willow Bay — a female media veteran — as its new director, Hoffarth decided to include Beadle for who knows what reason.

Beads only needed two minutes to work up this retort:

And then she tacked this on for good measure:

Hoffarth is a media critic, so it’s natural for him to have many media figures dislike him. But we don’t get the shot at Beadle. Then again, it’s not like Hoffarth has needed a reason to go after female personalities in the past.

Michelle Beadle no longer a Jets fan after Michael Vick signing

Michelle BeadleNearly five years have passed since Michael Vick was released from prison after he pleaded guilty to bankrolling an interstate dog fighting operation, but that doesn’t mean some people have forgiven him for his actions.

Vick will forever be a dog killer in the eyes of many people. One such person is ESPN personality Michelle Beadle, who had some strong comments after the New York Jets announced that they had signed the free agent quarterback Friday.

You can figure there are many other people in the New York area who feel similarly.

I’ve always said I felt Vick was punished too harshly for his actions when compared to the punishments for other crimes and I’ve long forgiven him. Clearly there are many people who feel differently.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and choices when it comes to being a fan, and Beadle is showing hers. I can’t complain — I stopped being a fan of the Bengals after they signed one too many ex-cons and bad characters.

Michelle Beadle ‘honored’ to be paralyzed teen Jack Jablonski’s prom date

Jack Jablonski Michelle Beadle

Jack Jablonski is definitely going to have the coolest date at his high school prom.

Jablonski, a teenager who was paralyzed from the chest down after being checked into the boards head-first during a high school hockey game in 2011, asked ESPN personality Michelle Beadle to his prom Wednesday, and she said yes.

Jablonski was co-hosting his weekly “Hockey Night in Minnesota” segment on 105 The Ticket and invited Beadle to be his guest on the show for the second time.

Jablonski’s co-hosts, Bob Sansevere and Mike Morris, were teasing the youngster about his crush on the “SportsNation” co-host prior to her guest appearance. Listeners quickly learned that Jablonski had something bigger planned.

A few minutes into the interview, Jablonski, who is a student at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, asked Beadle to his prom.

“I’d formally like to invite you to my prom,” Jablonski said after his co-hosts introduced the subject.

Beadle gasped with excitement and astonishment, and she quickly said yes.

“Seriously, I would love it,” said Beadle.

“Can I wear an ’80s dress to the prom?” she asked, showcasing her typical quick humor and wit.

“And no alcoholic beverages, Jack, I will be watching,” she joked.

For Beadle, she’s hoping this will be her first positive prom experience after two disasters back when she was in high school.

The ESPN host told Larry Brown Sports that she has known Jack through Twitter the past few years. She shared her thoughts on the prom invite.

“I know that he’s a badass and someone I look up to immensely,” Beadle wrote to Larry Brown Sports in an email. “I was shocked when he asked today. And I adore him for doing it live on the radio. I’m honored to squeeze my 38 year old behind into a formal gown for a great night!”

This date sounds awesome and we can’t wait to hear how the night goes. The prom is in May.

And we have to commend Jablonski for having the courage to ask Beadle on air — that was very cool and it took a lot of guts!

Michelle Beadle had doubts at NBC, thought about quitting TV

Michelle Beadle

Michelle Beadle left ESPN two years ago for what she thought would be greener pastures at NBC. She was wrong. Beadle expected her move to NBC to catapult her career to the next level. Instead, she ended up clashing with NBC Sports Network’s “Crossover” co-host Dave Dave Briggs and dreading going to work.

Earlier this week, Beadle told the NY Post that her time at NBC made her contemplate quitting television.

“It was the lowest for me,” she said. “I think being somewhat of a workaholic — and it’s not healthy by any stretch — but I think you place your self-worth on your career, and as far as I was concerned, my career was crap. I started to doubt myself, whether I even wanted to do TV, I thought about quitting. I found myself in a position where I was working for people I didn’t want to work for and I didn’t know how to get out of it. So, it was just bad, a bad overall feeling.”

Fortunately, Beadle left ESPN on good terms and was given a chance to return to her old job as co-host of “SportsNation.” She said she had envisioned her work with NBCSN being just as enjoyable but was misled.

“It was the way everything was handled, the way the show was put together from the beginning, it was not what I was told was going to happen,” she explained. I didn’t like my job anymore, and it was not fun having to go to work and pretend. … It was just a bad fit all around. That’s all I can say without getting into too much trouble.”

Beadle is now back with “SportsNation” and soaking up every minute of her new/old job one clever pirate joke at a time. She’s a perfect example of why it’s always best to not burn bridges when leaving an occupation.

Michelle Beadle returns to ESPN ‘SportsNation’ with great pirate quote

Michelle Beadle pirate

Michelle Beadle returned to ESPN show “SportsNation” on Monday after a two-year absence, and she came back with her typical flare.

Beadle left ESPN for NBC Sports two years ago and served in a variety of roles. She worked on “Access Hollywood,” hosted “The Crossover” on NBC Sports Network, and did a number of other things for the network, such as interviews and reporting for other sporting events. But things didn’t go as well as she’d hoped, and now she’s back with ESPN.

“I’ve missed the everyday fun of this show and this group so when given the chance to reunite, I got here as fast as I could,” said Beadle in a quote released by ESPN. “For two years, I’ve kept my pirate costume hanging in my closet. It was starting to collect dust. Returning to SportsNation is my destiny.”

Beadle originally co-hosted “SportsNation” with Colin Cowherd and helped the program build its popularity and following. She will join current hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley on the show.

Her return to the show was highlighted by a video of her taking a two-year absence to play minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons a la Michael Jordan.

Michelle Beadle Returns from ESPN Dev on Vimeo.

Michelle Beadle going back to ESPN

Michelle Beadle

Michelle Beadle is headed back to ESPN after nearly two years away from the network, according to a report.

SI’s Richard Deitsch reported the news on Tuesday and says Beadle, who became well known through her work co-hosting “SportsNation” with Colin Cowherd, will head back to the network where she had her most success.

Beadle was one of the top female personalities at ESPN at the time of her departure. Often compared with Erin Andrews, Beadle left ESPN for NBC Sports, where she co-hosted an afternoon talk show called “The Crossover,” worked for NBC during the London Olympics, and also appeared on “Access Hollywood.”

Beadle’s show was cancelled after less than a year, and on the Fang’s Bites podcast, she expressed dissatisfaction with the network over a number of issues, including the way her show was promoted.

Deitsch says Beadle left ESPN on good terms and will be welcomed back by the network. He says we can expect her to host or co-host a New York-based show at some point. She can leave NBC in March, he says.

Michelle Beadle had backstage incident with CM Punk’s girlfriend AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle had a backstage incident with CM Punk’s girlfriend A.J. Lee at the taping for WWE Tribute to the Troops last week, and she addressed it on Twitter Sunday.

Beadle is the host for the Tribute to the Troops show, which was filmed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington last week and will air on NBC on Dec. 28. Beadle says she said something to Punk backstage. Lee allegedly confronted her over it and got wild and crazy. WWE PR reps supposedly had to address the matter with Lee.

Here’s what Beadle tweeted on Sunday:

A report says Lee is expected to be disciplined over the incident and that Punk was upset with WWE officials for the way they handled it. Lee’s defense supposedly was that she was instructed to stay in character and that’s why she confronted Beadle.

Beadle first hinted at the incident by sending these tweets on Thursday:

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