Crazy Alabama fan mom collides with John Kuhn in great GIF

Alabama fan mom John KuhnWhat do you get when you combine John Kuhn’s Lambeau Leap fail and crazy Alabama fan mom? A fantastic GIF.

One of the funniest moments from the San Francisco 49ers-Green Bay Packers playoff game on Sunday was Packers fullback John Kuhn being unable to do the Lambeau Leap after scoring a touchdown. A guy by the name of Nick Pants on Twitter decided to combine Kuhn’s fail with the crazy Alabama fan mom, Michelle Pritchett, who went top rope on an Oklahoma student at the Sugar Bowl. Now I’m not sure if we’re supposed to interpret this as Bama fan mom trying to fly in to assist Kuhn on the leap, or if this is her flying in to prevent him from completing the leap, but I know I’m definitely overthinking this. It’s simply enjoyable.

Nick Pants also created this great photoshop of Kuhn starring in “White Men Can’t Jump”:

Ouch. It’s a hard day for Kuhn.

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Crazy Alabama fan mom identified as Michelle Pritchett

The crazy Alabama fan mom who went top rope on an Oklahoma fan at the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night has been identified. The woman in question is Michelle Pritchett, and she is a photographer from Sweet Water, Ala.

According to Outkick the Coverage, Pritchett posted the following note on her Facebook page after the game, though she has since deleted it.

“I was escorted out of stadium!!! Lol.. They were talking crap all night to me ( and that was fine) but then they started on my son and I that was not going happen..”

Though she was joking in that post, Pritchett was more apologetic in comments made on Friday.

Pritchett did speak to Yellow Hammer News to defend herself and share her side.

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