Michelle Wie admits mistakes, but doesn’t regret turning pro at 16

Michelle Wie finally won her first major nearly 10 years after turning pro at the age of 16. Wie won the US Women’s Open Sunday, shooting 2-under par to win by two strokes. She celebrated like a proper 24-year-old by partying, drinking out of the trophy and twerking against a wall.

Michelle WieWie’s major victory was a long time coming. It came so long after all the hype around her that it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as it would have been had it come years ago. Finally winning a major validated Wie’s career and all the hype surrounding her. It also gave her a chance to reflect on her career and criticism she’s received for seemingly underachieving since turning pro at such a young age.

Wie told “The Dan Patrick Show” that she has no regrets about her career path.

“My parents never pushed me to do anything. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to turn pro at 16. I did it on my birthday because I wanted to give myself a birthday present,” Wie told Patrick.

“I wouldn’t give anything back. It’s hard. You know, parents don’t have a guidebook. Parents don’t have a manual on how to handle kids especially in this situation. We certainly made mistakes along the way, but we all learned from it.

“We all had a blast. It was great, but it’s definitely been a roller coaster. Definitely given my parents a lot of gray hairs over the years, but it’s been a really fun journey.”

The major victory was the fourth win of Wie’s professional career, though she has finished in the top five of majors several times. She also is fully immersed in golf now after graduating from Stanford two years ago. She was trying to be a student half the year and professional golfer the other half. Splitting her focuses probably hindered her golf development, but she is happy about her decision to go to college.

“It was the best four and a half years of my life,” Wie told Patrick of her time at Stanford.

Wie also says that despite being a pro golfer, she wasn’t even that big of a deal on campus. She says former Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck, who lived two doors down from her, was the real star.

“He’s a really cool guy,” Wie said of Luck. “He’s definitely a nerd. We’re all nerds at Stanford.”

Had Wie never won a major, maybe she would question her development and path to becoming a pro. Since she did win a major at still a relatively young age, she can now relax and realize that her career has developed the way it should have.

Michelle Wie got her twerk on and raged after winning US Open (Video)

Michelle Wie won the first major of her career on Sunday when she captured the 2014 US Open title. How did she celebrate? Like most 24-year-olds would.

Wie, a former Stanford student, raged her face off with her friends. As you can see from the video above, she even decided to get her twerk on at one point and drink beer from the US Open trophy. Here’s a better photo of that, which Wie herself posted on Instagram.


Wie and her friends posted a lot more stuff on Instagram late Sunday night and early Monday morning, but much of it has been deleted. I’m guessing her publicist warned her about her Happy Gilmore-like behavior going viral. Personally, I don’t see the big deal. Well, it’s probably best to get rid of photos like this:

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Michelle Wie: Annika Sorenstam apologized to me for criticism

Michelle WieMichelle Wie says Annika Sorenstam apologized for criticizing her in a recent interview.

In an interview with Golf Magazine, Sorenstam said Wie has “almost gone backwards” in her golf career, among other negative comments.

“She actually reached out to me last night, said a couple of things got misquoted,” Wie said Thursday, via The Associated Press. “I thought that was really nice of her to reach out to me. She apologized for what she said, and that’s that.”

Wie says she didn’t read the interview, so she was unaware of Sorenstam’s exact comments.

Sorenstam responded to a question about playing against the men at Colonial in 2003 and said it was the highlight of her career. Wie, once considered a prodigy, also played on the PGA Tour. Sorenstam was asked if that devalued her accomplishment.

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Michelle Wie’s purple dress wasn’t a good luck charm at U.S. Open (Picture)

Michelle Wie put together her best round of the year on Friday at the U.S. Open. The 22-year-old shot a 6-under 66 to put her in contention for the title, but a bad third round on Saturday coupled with an even worse showing on Sunday left her tied for 35th.

Wie entered the weekend at 4-under par, but she shot a 6-over 78 on Saturday and an 8-over 80 during Sunday’s final round to finish the tournament 10 over. Wie’s purple dress (seen above) created plenty of buzz among fans on Sunday, but it brought her no luck. Her horrific 80 sent her plummeting 22 spots on the leaderboard.

Hey, at least Wie did better than last year when she tied for 55th.

New Michelle Wie Bikini Pictures

It’s been quite some time since we’ve mentioned, much less heard from, Michelle Wie. Two years ago we found out that she was dating fellow Stanford athlete Robin Lopez who has moved onto the NBA. I don’t know if the two are still dating but I do know that Robin wouldn’t be too happy with the latest Michelle Wie bikini pictures that have emerged courtesy of Radar Online via Deadspin.

After bursting onto the scene and creating controversies everywhere she went, Wie sure has been laying low lately. Hopefully she’s been working on her game so she can dominate the greens in future tournaments.

Michelle Wie Bikini Photos [Radar Online]
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Michelle Wie Is Forgetful, Regretful

Just when it looked like Michelle Wie might actually do something productive on the LPGA tour, she goes out and flubs it all up with a bone-headed move. Ms. Wie last graced the pages here at LBS because of the news that she was dating former Stanford basketball star Robin Lopez. Prior to that, it was for withdrawing from an event and then later pulling out of one because of a wrist injury. In addition to withdrawing and pulling out of tournaments, Wie has now found a way to get disqualified, too.

Wie told reporters that after she finished her round Friday, she left the tent just above the ninth green where players sign their scorecards. She was chased down by volunteers working in the tent, who pointed out she hadn’t signed.

Wie returned to the tent and signed the card, and “I thought it would be OK,” she said.

But Wie, according to Witters, had already walked outside the roped-off area around the tent. At that point, the mistake was final, Witters said.

Witters said she and other tour officials didn’t learn about the mistake from volunteers until well after Wie teed off Saturday morning, so they let her finish the round.

And for such a dumb move, she was disqualified. Too bad since she was second after three rounds and really had a chance to do something huge — like actually win a tournament. Oh man, what could have been.

Robin Lopez Dating Michelle Wie

Credit Sports by Brooks with another Mitch Johnson-like dish today. Jason over at SbB caught the news that one of Stanford’s finest Twin Trees is dating none other than the most overhyped golfer in the world, Michelle Wie. This is quite the news considering it’s the first I’ve heard anything of the sort. With reason according to SbB:

Ramona Shelburne of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pens a piece on a day in the life of Stanford’s 7-foot-1 basketball brothers Brook & Robin Lopez.

Robin is dating Stanford’s current most famous female coed, golf phenom Michelle Wie, although both have tried to keep things as quiet as possible.

Well, looks like the cat it out of the bag. The over/under line for the amount of times we hear this story over the next few days while Stanford plays in the Sweet 16 is officially set at 50. Man, you figure if either of them would bag Wie, it’d be Brook since he’s the better player. Then again, he and Wie wouldn’t have anything in common; Brook actually makes shots in the clutch.

UPDATE: The two have been photographed together.

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