Michigan pulls promotion that offered free tickets with purchase of two Cokes


No, you cannot get two free tickets to Michigan’s game against Minnesota this weekend with your purchase of two Coca-Cola products. Believe it or not, you could at one point. Unfortunately for Michigan students, the promotion has been pulled after what the school has labeled a “miscommunication.”

The photo you see above, which was shared by Alejandro Zuniga of The Michigan Daily, was taken inside a convenience store on the Michigan campus earlier this week. Zuniga pointed out that face value on the tickets is $150, or $75 per ticket. The deal didn’t last very long.

“Coke is a great partner of ours and had purchased a limited block of tickets for the Minnesota game for a Coke retail activation aimed at Michigan students,” Michigan’s athletic department wrote in a statement to MLive on Monday night. “Due to a miscommunication in the approval process, this promotion should not have run as is. As a result, it is being pulled immediately.

“However, all purchases to date will be honored by Coke.”

While the Wolverines are still drawing a ton of fans in comparison with other programs, their slow start has led to faltering attendance numbers. The 102,284 fans who showed up to Michigan’s game against Miami (Ohio) two weeks ago was the lowest turnout the team has had since 1995. The Wolverines are off to a 2-2 start that includes a 31-0 blowout loss against Notre Dame and a 26-10 home loss to Utah last week.

Michigan has run some promotions to try to offer discount tickets for students, but this is still Michigan. Offering $150 worth of tickets with your purchase of some soda is something UConn would do.

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Michigan football schedule includes Rose Bowl, snubs Ohio State, Michigan State

Brady HokeMichigan’s football program is going bold with its in-house schedule once again.

Some media members took a look around the newly revamped Schembechler Hall this week, and a few noted some interesting aspects of the football schedule posted within the facility. As they have been doing under Brady Hoke, Ohio State is listed as “Ohio” and Michigan State is just “State.” Additionally, the team included the Rose Bowl on the schedule:

While calling Ohio State “Ohio” seems like a fun idea, it’s been a while since the Wolverines have beaten their rival, as this countdown clock can attest:

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Ohio State stops Michigan on 2-point conversion to win game (Video)

Ohio State beat Michigan 42-41 on Saturday by stopping a 2-point conversion attempt with 32 seconds left to keep their perfect season alive.

The Buckeyes went ahead 42-35 on a touchdown run by Carlos Hyde with 2:20 left, but the game wasn’t over. Michigan drove down the field and punched it in on a 2-yard touchdown pass from Devin Gardner to Devin Funchess. Instead of kicking the extra point and going to overtime, Michigan tried to beat their rival by going for two. They stacked three players out to the right and attempted a short slant to Drew Dileo, but Tyvis Powell saw it coming and jumped in front for the interception.

I don’t have a problem with Michigan going for two to try winning the game, but I would have rather seen Gardner run it than pass. It was so obvious when they stacked three to the right that that’s where he was going. There was no fake, no deception, nothing. Just a straight pass everyone saw coming, including Powell.

The 12-0 Buckeyes now will face Michigan State next weekend. The 7-5 Wolverines will wait to see what bowl game they play in.

Here’s the reaction from Gardner after seeing how close they came to the win but realizing they fell short:

Devin Gardner

Ohio State, Michigan fight during rivalry game (Video)

Ohio State vs. Michigan is one of the greatest rivalries in college football history, and we were reminded of why on Saturday. During the second quarter, a massive fight broke out that resulted in three players being ejected.

Michigan took a 21-14 lead early in the second quarter, and the melee started after the ensuing kickoff. Punches were thrown as flags rained all over the field. Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone was given the boot for his involvement, as were Ohio State players Marcus Hall and Dontre Wilson.


After being ejected, Hall went ballistic on the Buckeyes sideline. He smashed his helmet and kicked a few things before flipping Michigan fans the double-bird as he strolled toward the tunnel area. You can see a video of Hall’s meltdown here. Here’s a clip of the haymaker that got Wilson tossed:

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Michigan plays ‘Chicken Dance’ after beating Notre Dame

Michigan beat Notre Dame 41-30 on Saturday night at the Big House in Ann Arbor, and the school celebrated the win over their “regional” rival with a little needling.

Brady HokeAfter playing “The Victors,” which is the University of Michigan’s fight song, the people controlling the music inside the stadium blasted the “Chicken Dance” over the speakers.

The fantastic music choice was a nod to head coach Brady Hoke saying in May that Notre Dame was chickening out by pulling out of the rivalry between the schools. The Fighting Irish informed the Wolverines that they were not interested in playing them beyond this season. Then last weekend Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly downplayed the significance of the rivalry, saying the teams were only regional rivals.

So let’s recap:

    – Brady Hoke calls Notre Dame chickens for pulling out of the rivalry
    – Brian Kelly says Michigan is not a traditional rival for Notre Dame
    – Michigan beats Notre Dame 41-30
    – Wolverines play Chicken Dance over Big House speakers after win

Masterfully done, Michigan.

Video via Guyism

Denard Robinson calls Michigan State Michigan’s ‘little brother’

Denard Robinson is fanning the rivalry flames between Michigan and Michigan State even though he’s no longer in college.

Denard RobinsonThe Jacksonville Jaguars “offensive weapon” and former Michigan quarterback did an interview with Big Ten Network this week ahead of Saturday’s Michigan-Notre Dame game. Robinson was asked to rank the Wolverines’ rivals. The question was prefaced by Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly’s comments that the game is just a regional one and not a big rivalry.

“Of course we’ve got to say Ohio (State’s) the biggest one,” Robinson said. “(Then) Notre Dame and (No. 3) Michigan State, our little brothers.”

The order of his rankings was not surprising, but the disrespectful term he used to describe the Spartans was.

Former Michigan running back Mike Hart once called Michigan State the same thing, but he went 4-0 against them. Robinson went 1-3 against the Spartans (really 1-2 based on playing time), throwing for just two touchdowns and five interceptions in those games.

If a team has “scoreboard” rights on you, you can’t blast them with trash talk like that. But as far as respect and prestige goes, Michigan State is a lesser rival for Michigan than Ohio State and Notre Dame. They just don’t have that same football tradition.

Video of his comments is below:

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Brian Kelly: Michigan not a historic rival for Notre Dame

Brian KellyNotre Dame and Michigan play on Saturday night at the Big House for what will be one of the more anticipated games of the weekend. Unfortunately, the series between the two historic programs ends after next season. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly doesn’t see the lack of games between the two schools as much of a loss.

“I really haven’t seen it as one of those historic, traditional Notre Dame rivalries,” Kelly said on a conference call Sunday, via the AP. “I’ve seen it as just one of those great football games that Notre Dame has played.

“For me, I’ve been in Michigan a long time, I’ve always felt the Notre Dame-Michigan game was a big regional game. But in the Notre Dame history books, this game has (been) played, but obviously there have been some years where it hasn’t been played for a number of years.”

Kelly is correct on that point. The schools have played 40 times since their first meeting in 1887. There was a long stretch earlier in the 20th century when the schools did not play, but they’ve met 29 times since 1978.

Obviously it’s become a big rivalry, and it’s a game many fans look forward to early in the season. The problem is that Notre Dame joined the ACC for most sports, and the deal calls for the Fighting Irish to play games against five ACC opponents, which gives them less room for other teams. They decided to ax Michigan, perhaps because the Wolverines are usually a tough opponent. The teams have gone 14-14-1 since ’78.

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Other schools that Notre Dame considers their traditional rivals are USC, Navy, Michigan State and Purdue. They have also played Stanford on a regular basis and want to keep that game on their schedule going forward.

It’s disappointing that Notre Dame will be dropping Michigan, but I guess someone had to be cut. Should we be surprised they decided to get rid of one of their toughest opponents? There’s also some irony in Kelly previously calling out Ohio State for playing an easy schedule, when his Irish are avoiding one of the tougher teams in the country.