Michigan State football team leads fans in Daniel Bryan YES chant (Video)

It was quite the scene in East Lansing on Tuesday night when the entire crowd at the Breslin Center broke out in the Daniel Bryan “Yes” chant during halftime.

The chant was led by the Michigan State football team (specifically guard Travis Jackson), which is coming off a huge Rose Bowl victory over Stanford on New Year’s.

Daniel Bryan is a WWE wrestler, and one of his signature moves is the “Yes! lock.” He also has developed the YES chant as his signature gimmick. In the video above, you can see Jackson lead the fans in the chant. Throughout the game, Michigan State students did the “YES!” chant to try distracting Ohio State at the free-throw line. Here they did it in the second half:

The students also did it in the first half:

There actually is a lot of history with Michigan State doing the Yes! chant.

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Michigan State fans took advantage of Stanford promo for Rose Bowl tickets

Chris Cook Rose BowlMichigan State will be playing in the “Grandaddy of them all” for the first time since 1988, so their fans are understandably pretty stoked. The Spartans athletic department received more than 31,000 requests for Rose Bowl tickets and were unable to fulfill them all. Because of the high demand and low supply, Michigan State fans had to look elsewhere to get tickets to the big Jan. 1 game against Stanford. And they pulled a fast one on the Cardinal.

Last week, Stanford gave non-season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase up to four tickets to the Rose Bowl at face value if they put down a $100 deposit for 2014 season tickets. Spartans fans found out about the promo and took advantage of it, figuring the $100 deposit was chump change for the opportunity to buy the tickets at face value for $185 apiece, compared to around $1,000 through brokers. Stanford quickly upped the deposit amount to $200.

These types of tickets available to the public sold out in four minutes last week and accounted for 1,600 tickets sold of Stanford’s allotment. The majority of Stanford’s allotment of tickets were purchased by Stanford season-ticket holders and students, but a small portion was purchased by savvy Spartans fans.

Forbes reported last week that the average ticket price for the upcoming Rose Bowl game is $901. That’s just absurd.

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Michigan State student section fools Columbia twice to help avoid upset

Michigan-State-studentsA little word of advice for any team that has road game against Michigan State this year — ignore the student section.

On Friday night, No. 2 Michigan State nearly suffered an unexpected loss to Columbia. The Spartans found themselves trying to protect a two-point lead late in the second half when they received a major boost from their student section, better known as the Izzone. On back-to-back Columbia possessions, the Michigan State students forced turnovers by intentionally mistiming their shot clock countdown to dupe the opposition.

The genius of it is that the Spartans fans mix it up. Sometimes, they starting counting down and force an early shot by getting to zero when there are actually still a few seconds remaining on the clock. Other times, they fool opponents into thinking there is more time left on the clock by starting the countdown a few seconds late.

“They’re the best-coached fans I’ve ever seen,” Columbia coach Kyle Smith said after the game, via MLive.com’s Diamond Leung. “They duped us. They duped us on the backwards count or whatever. I think my one guy had a brain freeze because he was right in front of me, and there was like four (seconds) on the clock, and I’m like, ‘Take a look.'”

Michigan state ended up winning the game 62-53, and Tom Izzo felt that the students deserved more credit than the players.

“The Izzone was a lot more aggressive than the players on the floor, so I thought they did a hell of a job tonight,” the Spartans coach said. “It’s funny when that happened I almost got up and thanked them, but I thought didn’t want to embarrass anybody. I’ve always said that if we could get that group back to where they win a couple games for us…tonight it might have been one of them.”

Players are taught to block out crowd noise, but we know that is easier said than done. Kudos to the Michigan State student section for taking the concept of home court advantage to the next level.

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Michigan State statue painted with Michigan logo and colors (Picture)

There is no offseason when it comes to rivalries. An anonymous Michigan fan or group of Michigan fans proved that early Saturday morning when Michigan State’s Spartan statue was left tagged with a Michigan logo and Wolverine colors.

For those who are wondering if there’s a point behind this, I don’t think there really is. The Spartans held their annual inter-squad spring game on Saturday, but that doesn’t have anything to do with their biggest rival.

According to MLive.com, the statue was cleaned up by Saturday afternoon. This is the second time in less than a month that Michigan State’s statue has been targeted. Last month during the NCAA Tournament, the Spartans statue was decorated with Valparaiso gear. Were Michigan State fans responsible for both acts of vandalism? I certainly wouldn’t doubt it.

Michigan State fans buying South Dakota gear to root against Michigan

South Dakota State gearMichigan State and Michigan are on opposite sides of the NCAA Tournament draw, so they won’t face each other unless they make it to the championship game. But both teams happen to be playing in the same venue for their first-round games, leading several Spartans fans to get creative.

According to Keloland.com, South Dakota State’s campus store has been flooded with orders for clothing in anticipation of the Jackrabbits’ first-round tournament game against four-seed Michigan. The kicker is that many of the orders are coming from the state of Michigan.

“We’ve actually have had some people, Michigan State fans calling in,” SDSU bookstore manager Stephen Brua told Keloland.com. “Michigan and Michigan State are playing in the same arena, so what the people are doing, buying some stuff so they can go to that game and cheer against Michigan.”

Michigan State faces Valparaiso at 12:15pm ET at The Palace of Auburn Hills in the first game of the tournament, which is the first of four games to be played at that venue Thursday. Later in the day, Michigan faces South Dakota State in a south region game. Spartans fans are planning to change out of their MSU gear and into SDSU gear so that they can cheer their school and against their rival in the same day.

You gotta love the passion of college sports fans.

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Tom Izzo, Matt Painter Rip Michigan State Fan Who Taunted Robbie Hummel ‘I Hope You Tear your ACL Again’

Michigan State’s “Izzone” is generally considered to be one of the best fan cheering sections in college basketball. But both Purdue coach Matt Painter and the man who inspired the Izzone, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, agree that one fan crossed the line with a taunt Saturday.

During Saturday’s 83-58 win over the Boilermakers, a fan apparently said to Purdue senior Robbie Hummel, “I hope you tear your ACL again.”

The taunt prompted Purdue coach Matt Painter to exchange words with the student section during the game.

“I was just trying to fight,” Painter said afterward. “I think the Izzone is great. But if they’re going to say, ‘I hope you tear your ACL again,’ I’m going to say something. He doesn’t deserve that. We’ve got guys in our student section that probably say things that are out of line too, but I’m just not taking it. If he hears that … someone’s got to fight for him.”

Hummel missed all of last season after tearing his ACL during an October practice. He sat out the end of the previous season after tearing his ACL February 24th against Minnesota.

Though Izzo said he hears really bad comments from fans at various venues, that particular taunt is unacceptable.

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