Mick Cronin creates doctor’s note for Cincinnati fans to watch game


The unofficial start of the NCAA Tournament (we won’t count the play-in games) is one of the best days of the calendar year to leave work early. We all know the March Madness drama waits for no one, and some of the afternoon games on Thursday wind up being the best of the entire tournament. Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin realizes this, so he’s trying to help the fans out.

On Wednesday, Cronin posted a doctor’s note he created for Bearcats fans on Twitter. Cincinnati is scheduled to take on Harvard in an intriguing matchup at 2:10 p.m. EST. If you want to leave work early for the game, just print out Dr. Cronin’s whooping cough diagnosis and show it to your boss. There’s no way he or she can ignore it.

I love the disclaimer at the bottom:

“Dr. Cronin is a doctor of basketball (B.D.) and not a real doctor. In case of an emergency you should still call 9-1-1.”

In case of a basketball emergency you should just say you have horrible gas and diarrhea. No one’s going to force you to stick around the office with those symptoms.

H/T Cindy Boren of the Washington Post

Ted Valentine on Mick Cronin confrontation: ‘I was totally wrong’

Mick Cronin Ted ValentineThe confrontation between referee Ted Valentine and Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin on Saturday was pretty nasty. Both guys got in each others’ faces during the second half of Cincinnati’s game with UConn, yet somehow Cronin did not receive a technical. That’s because Valentine realizes he was an equal aggressor in the situation. In fact, Valentine admitted to Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis that he was “totally wrong” for his conduct.

“I was just totally wrong. I was out of place by walking into his space,” Valentine told Davis by phone on Sunday. “It was just one of those situations where I got caught up in the moment. I was out of bounds because I walked into his domain. That’s why I didn’t give him a technical because I knew I was wrong, and two wrongs don’t make a right. If it had been 15, 16 years ago, I never would have caught myself like that.”

I suppose the good news is Valentine admitted his mistake and that he was wrong. That was big of him, and for that reason it probably was fair that he didn’t give Cronin a tech. But that incident was pretty ugly. Any time a ref steps to a coach and a coach has to be restrained by his players it’s pretty bad.

Cincinnati wound up losing the game 51-45.

Mick Cronin flips out on referee, somehow avoids technical (Video)

Mick CroninCincinnati coach Mick Cronin went berserk on a referee during the second half of the Bearcats’ game against UConn Saturday, yet he somehow was not called for a technical foul.

There was a scrum under the basket for a loose ball following a missed free throw by the Bearcats, and Cronin thought the Huskies knocked it out of bounds. When possession was awarded to UConn, Cronin raced over to confront official Ted Valentine and just lost it.

He had to be restrained by his players because he and Valentine were face-to-face. He could be seen saying “that’s bulls— and you know it” to Valentine at one point.

Cronin even pushed his own assistant in the chest because he didn’t want to be restrained. It was pretty wild.

Video via GIFD Sports