Andre Ethier Flips the Bird to Fans at Dodger Stadium (Pictures) [Update]

Nice, huh? Andre Ethier, the stud who was given the LA Times fashion treatment this past summer, enjoyed some quality bonding time with fans at Dodger Stadium on Monday before a game against the Brewers.  Ethier had supposedly learned to control his temper a bit when Joe Torre was managing the Dodgers, but it looks like he was having a rough batting practice session the other day.  I’m sure he was signing autographs and kissing babies before he decided to exchange pleasantries with the fans, but The Big Lead reports Ethier was dropping f-bombs at photographers with children nearby.  His behavior was said to be unprovoked.

Major League Baseball is supposedly looking into the incident and trying to figure out why Ethier came off as a guy who wanted photographers to capture him flicking fans off.  Judging by the photos, he had no interest in being discrete.  Check out the uncensored pictures of Andre Ethier flipping the bird to fans:

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Bruins Player Andrew Ference Flips Canadiens Fans the Bird (Video)

In case you didn’t know how intense the rivalry was between the Bruins and Canadiens, that video should tell you. Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference scored in the second period to make it 3-2 Montreal and had a nice message for the Canadiens fans. In case the video gets pulled, here’s a picture of Ference flipping the bird to Montreal fans.

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North Dakota Fan Flips Off Michigan Hockey Player Scooter Vaughan

Michigan beat North Dakota 2-0 to advance to the finals of the Frozen Four, much to the dismay of at least one Fighting Sioux fan. Check out the video of this guy flipping off Michigan player Scooter Vaughan at the end of the Frozen Four semis, courtesy of Bubba Prog at Mock Session:

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Titans Defensive Coordinator Chuck Cecil Flips Off the Refs (Picture)

The Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos are in a tight game right now and emotions are flying — clearly.  I don’t know what the exact call was that had Titans defensive coordinator so fired up at the refs, but he’d better set a few bucks aside for the fine he has coming after showing his discontent.  Since we love our middle finger moments here at LBS, here’s a picture of Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil flipping the refs the bird:

Photo Credit: Twitter user worstfan

Lions Fine Louis Delmas for Middle Finger

Friday is fine day in the NFL. Several players got docked $5,000 or $10,000 depending on the severity of their infraction, most for late hits or improper hits. Lions safety Louis Delmas belongs in a whole other category. He was fined by his team, not the league. He actually may have gotten away with his magical gesture if a picture hadn’t shown up on Deadspin the morning after his game Sunday against the Vikings.

Oh well, $5,000 is only chump change for Delmas.

Thanks to FanOfTheD for the pic

Did Lady Gaga Enjoy Herself At the Mets Game? You Be the Judge

Poor Lady Gaga.  She can’t even go to a baseball game for some good old-fashioned R&R without being harassed.  I’m guessing that’s all she intended on doing at Citi Field on Thursday afternoon based on the way she was dressed.  Then again, you never really know with her.  Apparently, Gaga was seated behind the dugout with her entourage when she arrived at the ballpark.  After all of the photographers turned away from the game and toward her so they could snap a phew photos, she supposedly became irate and moved to a luxury box where she proceeded to stand and flip off the photographers.

In all seriousness, what does she expect?  Not only is she an enormous pop star, but she’s dressed like a complete idiot.  The photographers might have all considered turning around and grabbing a few shots of her even if she was just a regular fan with that get-up.  If David Wright is having trouble handing the dimensions of Citi Field, imagine what a hard time he’d have just making contact if he could see that out of the corner of his eye.  Thanks to Deadspin for the photos.

Exclusive!!! Lady Gaga Throws Fit, Flips The Bird At Mets Game [Deadspin]

Milton Bradley Flips Off Rangers Fans

That didn’t take long. Two weeks after proclaiming himself baseball’s bad guy, Milton Bradley had his first “incident” as a Seattle Mariner. The upside is that he didn’t direct his anger towards any broadcasters or umpires this time. The bad news is he decided to get pissed at the fans and his actions were caught on TV. Check out this picture of Milton Bradley flipping off Rangers fans giving them the middle finger (uncensored version below):

My man Todd Wright who precedes my show on Sporting News Radio mentioned the story of Milton’s middle finger after he was tipped off by Evan Grant’s blog post on The Dallas Morning News site. Turns out that the answer to Grant’s question was yes, Bradley did indeed flip off the fans. I’m sure a fine and possibly a suspension will be forthcoming. And it looks like option D from the how long will Milton Bradley last in Seattle pool might be your winner. Uncensored version of the photo below.

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