Mike Bibby ejected from son’s basketball game, escorted by police (Video)

Mike Bibby ejectedFormer NBA player Mike Bibby was ejected from his son’s high school basketball game and escorted out of the arena by Scottsdale police last Friday, KNXV-TV in Phoenix reports.

According to the TV station, Bibby regularly attends the games of his son, Michael Bibby Jr., who is a freshman at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix. In that particular game, Shadow Ridge beat Sierra Linda 98-87 to snap Sierra Linda’s 24-game winning streak.

Bibby Jr. is averaging 9.2 points and 4.1 assists per game for the 24-6 Matadors. The youngster wears jersey No. 10, which is the same number his father wore while playing at Shadow Mountain. Nobody had worn the jersey number since it was retired by the school until this season.

“I think I have a better shot than him,” Bibby Jr. said in a December interview with Pros2Preps.com. “I really hope to make it to the NBA. That’s my dream.”

Bibby Sr. was the No. 2 overall pick by the Vancouver Grizzlies in the 1998 NBA Draft. He played 14 seasons in the NBA and won a national championship during his freshman season at the University of Arizona. Like many other fathers, he has a hard time staying quiet at his son’s games.

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Dwyane Wade took a swipe at Mike Bibby before Game 5

Dwyane Wade still has some bitterness toward Mike Bibby over the point guard’s poor play last season. Speaking before Game 5 of the Heat-Knicks first-round playoff series, Wade took a jab at his former teammate, who’s now with the Knicks.

“We know Mike has made more shots in this series than he made all last year (with the Heat),” Wade told reporters. “Send that to Mike.”

This wasn’t the first time in the series that Wade exhibited some hostility toward Bibby. During Game 1, he also threw aside his former teammate’s shoe.

“I’d never done that before, but it was fun,” Wade said at the time. “I love messing with Mike, with Bibbs.”

Is it all in fun or is there some underlying anger there? I think it’s the latter. After the way Bibby played for the Heat last year, it’s easy to see why.

Dwyane Wade throws Mike Bibby’s shoe aside (Video)

Dwyane Wade comes across as a really nice guy off the court, but don’t let the image fool you. He’s actually a dirty player who’s willing to do anything on the court to win. That includes throwing aside an opponent’s shoe to slow that player down if he has to.

Early in the second quarter of Game 2 between the Heat and Knicks on Monday night, Knicks guard Mike Bibby (yes, he’s still playing) lost a shoe. Wade didn’t waste any time tossing it aside to make Bibby chase after it. After that move, the Knicks were either playing with a shoeless man on offense, or 4 on 5 basketball. Dirty player that D-Wade, dirty player.

Mike Bibby Calls Out Celtics Fans

After getting run out of the building on Sunday by the East’s top-seeded Celtics, the Hawks didn’t have much going for them. Mike Bibby’s boys were embarrassed, so he had to save face somehow. He elected to do so by getting off this blast on Celtics fans:

“They were kind of loud in the beginning, but a lot of those fans are bandwagon jumpers trying to get on this now. I played here last year, too (with the Sacramento Kings), and I didn’t see three-quarters of them. They’re for the team now and they might get a little rowdy, but that’s about it.

Fair-weather fans?

“You could say that,” [Bibby] said. “I remember them having bags over their heads. It’s a different look. I guess that’s what happens when you win.”

It’s amazing how much things change in only a year. The Celtics go from being an embarrassment getting criticized for trying to tank to becoming the top team in the league. Though Bibby is right in saying that all the fans weren’t there before, I’m not sure I would call them bandwagon fans. I have been quite explicit about saying you shouldn’t support a team if you don’t believe in the management, ownership, or the direction they’re going. I wouldn’t have shown up at Celtics games to watch that crap team last year, but once they acquired KG and Ray, I woulda been buying tickets. Fair weather? I’d go with practical. Fair weather fans are the Rockies fans who showed up only in October though it was the same team all year, or the Hornets fans in April though it was the same team winning games back in December. Now let’s see Bibby’s Hawks get a win — that’s really what he should be worried about.