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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa shocked soccer players kick with both legs (Video)

Mike Francesa obviously does not know the first thing about soccer. With the NBA and NHL seasons having ended and the MLB season not even halfway through, the World Cup has been dominating the sports discussion. If his Tuesday conversation with the St. John’s men’s soccer coach is any indication, Francesa is more qualified to…Read More

Mike Francesa loves his Numbah One T-shirt (Video)

It looks like the barriers between Mike Francesa and the clowns who lovingly mock him on the internet have finally been broken down. On Friday’s show, The Pope talked about the T-shirts made of him by Barstool Sports and admitted how much he and his family liked them. He even got together with our friends…Read More

Mad Dog Russo rips Mike Francesa for coddling A-Rod

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo ripped his former radio partner Mike Francesa for the way the “Sports Pope” has been coddling Alex Rodriguez on-air. Francesa had an exclusive interview with A-Rod on Wednesday after the New York Yankees 3B/DH stormed out of his arbitration hearing and headed over to the WFAN studios to talk with Francesa….Read More

Mike Francesa takes down New York Daily News over A-Rod (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Mike Francesa must have had an extra six-pack of Diet Coke and got plenty of sleep last night, because he was on his game during Friday’s show. Francesa had New York Daily News I-Team investigator Michael O’Keeffe as a guest on his show and just went after the man….Read More

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