John Calipari calls into Mike Francesa’s show after Francesa criticizes him (Audio)

John CalipariJohn Calipari was a guest on WFAN with Mike Francesa on Wednesday. Calipari joined Francesa in his studio, and Francesa waited until after Calipari left to give his honest opinion of the Kentucky coach. In short, Francesa said that Calipari is one of the best recruiters and motivators in college basketball but that he is not one of the top “X’s and O’s guys.”

Since Calipari was no longer in-studio to defend himself, he decided to call into Francesa’s show and argue with him. The exchange was fantastic.

“This is John Calipari. What are you saying, I can’t coach,” Calipari asked. “Are you saying I can’t coach? Why didn’t you say that when I was sitting there next to you? … You changed your tune.”

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“You know what you’re like — you’re like a caller who doesn’t listen,” Francesa fired back. “What I said to (the caller) is you’re a master recruiter, you’re a master motivator and you’re not a great X’s and O’s guy, which you’re not. … Are there better X’s and O’s guys than you?”

“You think I believe that?” Calipari said. “I will pass a lie detector test and say no. What are you talking about?”

Francesa then dumped Calipari like he would any other caller. And that, my friends, is exactly what you get when you take two self-absorbed, opinionated middle-aged men and put them in a classic sports talk radio setting. Fantastic.

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Mike Francesa shocked soccer players kick with both legs (Video)

Mike FrancesaMike Francesa obviously does not know the first thing about soccer. With the NBA and NHL seasons having ended and the MLB season not even halfway through, the World Cup has been dominating the sports discussion. If his Tuesday conversation with the St. John’s men’s soccer coach is any indication, Francesa is more qualified to talk about cricket than the beautiful game.

Francesa got sidetracked while chatting with Dave Masur when he learned that soccer players are able to kick with both legs.

“I saw a guy make a winning kick with a lefty kick. Are there guys who kick with both legs?” Francesa asked. “Oh they do, huh? Wow. You mean there’s not a strong leg? They kick with both legs, huh?”

Masur went on to kindly explain that some players have a leg that is slightly more dominant, but all collegiate and professional players use both legs effectively.

“Wow,” an amazed Francesa replied. “There’s not a power leg — they each use both legs huh? So even your righty has to be able to kick with his left leg then, huh? … So everybody kicks with both legs, OK.”

It almost seemed like Francesa was patronizing Masur and exaggerating about how little he knew. You don’t have to watch much soccer on TV to know that players kick with both legs. That’s like asking if swimmers use both arms. Nice work, Mike.

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Mike Francesa loves his Numbah One T-shirt (Video)

It looks like the barriers between Mike Francesa and the clowns who lovingly mock him on the internet have finally been broken down.

On Friday’s show, The Pope talked about the T-shirts made of him by Barstool Sports and admitted how much he and his family liked them. He even got together with our friends at NYC Barstool to purchase some shirts and then talked about them on-air during his show. And guess what else? He was actually friendly about the whole “FrancesaCon” meeting being organized by Next Impulse Sports that’s set to take place next Saturday in New York, the day before the Super Bowl.

And if you really like the Francesa Numbah One T-shirt, here it is at the Barstool Sports store for you to purchase. If I lived in NYC instead of LA and people actually knew who he was, you better believe I’d get one. And it’s nice to see Francesa finally being cool with stuff about him on the ‘net.

Mike Francesa Numbah One shirt

And here is the info for FrancesaCon.

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Mike Francesa goes off on caller who asks if Jerry Sandusky should be Giants O-coordinator (Audio)

Mike-Francesa-angryWith a ferocious blizzard having ripped through the northeastern part of the country on Thursday and Friday, many people were forced to stay home from work when travel became extremely dangerous. At least one person couldn’t think of anything better to do on the snow day than screw with Mike Francesa, and we’re thankful for that.

Along with being arguably the most popular sports talk show host in the nation, Francesa is easily the most mocked and ridiculed. On Friday, a caller said he wanted to discuss some of the recent coaching hires across the NFL. He then suggested that Jerry Sandusky was a candidate to become the offesive coordinator of the New York Giants. Take it away, Mike.

“You waited on the line a half hour to make that contribution to the program?” an annoyed Francesa asked. “Seriously, I know it’s a snow day, but go shovel somebody’s walk. Go out there and add something to humanity (instead of) wasting your time for a half hour.

“That guy was on the line maybe 45 minutes to get on the air and his contribution is, ‘I think maybe Sandusky can be the offensive coordinator.’ Hysterical. You can make us all really laugh. We’re all really impressed by your wit.”

The thing Francesa may never understand is that his reaction is worth the 45-minute wait. If he simply hung up and went to the next caller, the prankster would probably be disappointed. Instead, he goes on and on and paves the way for the caller to end up on every sports blog in America. We can only hope Mike never figures that out.

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Caller tells Mike Francesa Jacoby Ellsbury deal might be best since Babe Ruth

Jacoby EllsburySome folks are really loving that Jacoby Ellsbury signing for the New York Yankees. One guy even thinks it might be the Yanks’ best acquisition since Babe Ruth.

A guy named John in Connecticut called Mike Francesa on WFAN Wednesday to make his case for the big Ellsbury signing. He started off his call saying that it might be the best deal since Babe Ruth. John admits he’s a Red Sox fan, so it’s possible he could have just been stirring the pot with sarcasm, but that doesn’t make the phone call any less entertaining.

Many people listen to Francesa for his arrogance, to mock him, or because they enjoy his great banter with the callers. This phone call would definitely fit into that category. It is full of gold.

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Mad Dog Russo rips Mike Francesa for coddling A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez Mike Francesa

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo ripped his former radio partner Mike Francesa for the way the “Sports Pope” has been coddling Alex Rodriguez on-air.

Francesa had an exclusive interview with A-Rod on Wednesday after the New York Yankees 3B/DH stormed out of his arbitration hearing and headed over to the WFAN studios to talk with Francesa. Francesa gave A-Rod a platform and allowed the Yankee to share his side of the story without challenging him on many points.

Early in the interview, Francesa rattled off these questions in rapid fire:

“Were you guilty of any of these charges?

“Did you do anything wrong?

“Did you do any PEDs?

“Did you obstruct anybody, any witnesses, anything they’re accusing you of doing?”

Rodriguez answered “no” to all the questions, and Francesa hardly put up a fight. He didn’t bother mentioning how A-Rod’s credibility is lacking ever since he lied to Katie Couric about using PEDs. He didn’t bother asking about the report that A-Rod tested positive for a stimulant in 2006. He didn’t ask about reports that A-Rod’s legal team paid supporters to protest outside his hearing. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes in that he asked about reports saying A-Rod’s team paid for Biogenesis documents and threatened witnesses. He let A-Rod off easily. Mad Dog says that’s B.S.

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Mike Francesa takes down New York Daily News over A-Rod (Video)

Mike FrancesaMike Francesa must have had an extra six-pack of Diet Coke and got plenty of sleep last night, because he was on his game during Friday’s show.

Francesa had New York Daily News I-Team investigator Michael O’Keeffe as a guest on his show and just went after the man. The Pope questioned the Daily News’ reporting, which he has felt is biased against Alex Rodriguez. O’Keeffe came back and questioned Francesa’s relationship with A-Rod, accusing him of being chummy with the New York Yankees slugger.

The back-and-forth between the two was much more about entertainment value than any substance, because I didn’t learn anything from it. But isn’t that half of what talk radio is about?

And since we’re on the subject of Francesa, by LBS mandate, I must also show video of 1776 Mike Francesa breaking down the Revolutionary War:

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