Mike Leach Is Not Happy with His Players ‘Fat, Little Girlfriends’

Mike Leach has taken on somewhat of a cult figure persona as the coach of Texas Tech. Having never played the sport himself, he’s regarded as a mad scientist of sorts, one who stays up all night crafting crazy passing plays. While his teams have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the field, Leach’s popularity has grown off the field. Ostensibly it’s because of his straightforward personality that leads to remarks such as the one he made over the weekend and reiterated this week after the game. The Red Raiders were shocked by lowly Texas A&M Saturday, the same A&M squad that was blown out by Kansas State the week before. Leach was saying the reason Tech got blown out is because the players were too busy reading their press clippings, only he worded it slightly differently:

Thanks to my boy, The Wiz of Odds for sharing that video of pirate fanatic, Leach. Considering his warnings to the players to take A&M seriously didn’t catch their attention, I’m guessing these comments did. It’s also surprising that Leach was picking on fat girls considering he’s the same guy who advised men to take their dates somewhere the ladies could eat real food. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

Mike Leach’s New Pirate Parking Spot (picture)

Last time around The Wiz of Odds was sharing a video of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach giving dating advice to a freshman on campus. This time around he’s sharing pictures of Mike Leach’s new pirate-themed parking spot on campus in Lubbock.


Leach has long had a pirate obsession that I frankly don’t understand but hey, if he can coach like that I guess it really doesn’t matter what his hobbies are. Well, so long as it isn’t anything too disgusting like child porn obsessions. Here’s to a rebuilding season for Texas Tech without Harrell or Crabtree. Then again, is it ever rebuilding with that system??

Also courtesy of the Dallas Morning News.

Mike Leach Gives Dating Advices

I might not have wanted the man around when he was being discussed as a potential UCLA coach, but there’s no doubt he’s worked wonders with the Texas Tech program. He’s got a gimmick offense that spreads the ball around with a crazy passing game and produces results. Apparently Mike Leach isn’t just an offensive guru, he also has valuable dating advice. From The Wiz of Odds:

I like his line about taking a chick to the steakhouse where they don’t serve salad. He’s right on about that. Who knew that Leach was a suavecito?