Mike Napoli Wore a NSFW Christmas Shirt of Two Topless Girls Kissing While Baking Cookies (Picture)

Last week Rangers catcher/DH Mike Napoli was judging a Hooters bikini contest. This week? He’s baking cookies with his family while wearing a Christmas shirt of two topless girls making out. I really think the Gronkowskis need to adopt him as an honorary brother.

Below is a full look (NSFW) at the shirt, without the distorted part:

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Oh Nothing, Just Mike Napoli Judging a Hooters Bikini Contest (Picture)

These are things that only guys who hit .328 with 3 home runs and 15 RBIs in the playoffs get to do. Judge Hooters bikini contests. This is Mike Napoli’s life. My money says he went home with all three. One thing I know is that I could think of a lot worse ways to spend my time than passing judgment on girls that look like this:

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Tony Reagins Reportedly Knew Blue Jays Would Trade Mike Napoli to Rangers

I don’t even have words to explain how much I’m fuming right now. We’ve already been over how Mike Napoli’s unbelievable season cost former Angels GM Tony Reagins his job more than Vernon Wells’ failures in Anaheim. Now I have to hear that Reagins not only gave up Napoli in an awful trade with Toronto, but that he had a good idea they would flip him to Texas.

In a column published on MLB.com Sunday evening, Peter Gammons says “former general manager Tony Reagins confided that he had a pretty good idea that when he traded Mike Napoli to Toronto that the Blue Jays would likely flip him to Texas.”

You know what’s worse than acquiring the worst contract in baseball while seeing one of the players you traded blow up? Trading said player while knowing he was going to end up with your main competition for the division title. That just shows you how little the Angels thought of Napoli, regardless of what Mike Scioscia says. And if Tony Reagins knew the Rangers were likely to acquire Mike Napoli from Toronto, then there is no doubt he deserved to lose his job for making such an awful trade.

via OC Angels Blog

Rangers Fan ‘Napo-Lee’ Jersey Shows Texas is Over Losing Cliff Lee (Picture)

No fan base wants to lose its best pitcher via free agency, but a return trip to the World Series the following season is the most ideal way to ease the pain.  The Rangers would obviously like to have Cliff Lee as a member of their current pitching staff, but they made the right choice by letting another team spend a fortune on him.  They also made the right choice in trading for Mike Napoli.  Mike Scioscia may not be willing to call the Napoli trade a disaster just yet, but I’m sure the Rangers are willing to call it a huge success.  Props to this Rangers fan for figuring out a way to support Napoli and forget about Lee without even having to buy a new jersey.

Now that’s what I call knowing how to improvise.  We already knew Rangers fans do weird things like rock fake mustaches and execute home run throwbacks better than any fan base in the league.  It’s also nice to see they appreciate the value of a dollar.

H/T to Deadspin for sharing the picture with us.

Mike Scioscia Not Yet Willing to Call Mike Napoli Trade a Disaster

Apparently there’s one person in the world who doesn’t think the Angels made an awful trade by dealing Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells: Mike Scioscia.

The Angels manager, a former defensive star catcher with the Dodgers, was always said to be dissatisfied with Napoli’s shortcomings as a catcher. The team ignored his ability as a prodigious slugger and dealt him to Toronto over the offseason (he was later flipped to Texas).

Scioscia told the Mason & Ireland Show Tuesday that it’s incorrect to say the Angels did not value Napoli. His last word on the matter tells us otherwise.

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Mike Napoli Swallowed a Wad of Tobacco During Home Plate Collision

There are plenty of reasons baseball players should not use dip or chewing tobacco while playing. First and foremost, it is unhealthy and can cause mouth cancer. Secondly, most people find it to be visually disgusting. Perhaps most importantly, it sets a bad example for the children who idolize professional ballplayers and want to be exactly like them.

As a catcher, Mike Napoli has discovered a new reason why he may want to kick the habit. During the Rangers’ ALDS clincher against Tampa Bay on Tuesday, Sean Rodriguez came barreling into Napoli at home plate and forced him to drop the baseball. Napoli was visibly shaken after the play, and trainers immediately came out to have a look at him thinking he may have a concussion. He was able to finish the game and an examination revealed his squash is just fine.

However, something else happened that may have caused a bit of discomfort for Napoli. As Hardball Talk pointed out via ESPNDallas.com, the Rangers catcher swallowed his chewing tobacco at some point during the crash.

“The next thing is [Napoli] said, ‘Geez, I had a wad of chew, where is it?'” Ron Washington said after noting that he’s glad his catcher is alright. “He had swallowed it. Then he said, ‘I’m all right skip, let’s go.'”

May I suggest that Napoli take a trip to the hypnotist Bruce Bochy used to cure him of his nasty addiction?  Then again, maybe he should wait until at least the end of the season.  Whatever he’s been doing throughout 2011 seems to be working.

Mike Napoli, More Than Vernon Wells, May Have Cost Tony Reagins His Job

Tony Reagins is out as the general manager of the Angels after taking over the position in October, 2007. What’s sad, is that much like his predecessor, Bill Stoneman, Angels fans are celebrating the news of his demotion. Fans never want to celebrate the firing of a front office executive because that generally correlates to the team performing poorly. That was the case for the Angels, who missed the playoffs two straight years for the first time during Arte Moreno’s tenure as team owner.

The baseball world first questioned Reagins’ sanity when he traded for Vernon Wells, who had perhaps the worst contract in the entire league. Taking a chance on the former All-Star may have been a worthwhile pursuit if the team were getting a discount, but Reagins unfathomably took on Wells’ contract without asking for any compensation in return.

Not only were the Angels stuck with the remaining four years and $84 million left on Vernon’s deal, but they also GAVE AWAY players in return. When Tony Reagins is getting robbed, he doesn’t just give the burglars what they want, he shows them the safe and hands them the combination, too. The Angels inexplicably gave Toronto Juan Rivera and Mike Napoli, a decision that in my opinion, cost Reagins his job.

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