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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Napoli

Mike Scioscia Not Yet Willing to Call Mike Napoli Trade a Disaster

Apparently there’s one person in the world who doesn’t think the Angels made an awful trade by dealing Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells: Mike Scioscia. The Angels manager, a former defensive star catcher with the Dodgers, was always said to be dissatisfied with Napoli’s shortcomings as a catcher. The team ignored his ability as a…Read More

Mike Napoli Swallowed a Wad of Tobacco During Home Plate Collision

There are plenty of reasons baseball players should not use dip or chewing tobacco while playing. First and foremost, it is unhealthy and can cause mouth cancer. Secondly, most people find it to be visually disgusting. Perhaps most importantly, it sets a bad example for the children who idolize professional ballplayers and want to be…Read More

Mike Napoli, More Than Vernon Wells, May Have Cost Tony Reagins His Job

Tony Reagins is out as the general manager of the Angels after taking over the position in October, 2007. What’s sad, is that much like his predecessor, Bill Stoneman, Angels fans are celebrating the news of his demotion. Fans never want to celebrate the firing of a front office executive because that generally correlates to…Read More

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