Mike Napoli Has Corny Songs Played for His At-Bat Music After Losing Bet

Rangers catcher Mike Napoli went 0-for-4 Tuesday in a win over the Orioles. Even though he’s always been a hitter with a low batting average, his struggles that night may be attributed to a change in his at-bat music.

SI Hot Clicks informed us that Napoli lost a bet to FOX Sports Southwest reporter Emily Jones over the NBA Finals. She picked the Mavs to beat the Heat and the payoff was choosing Napoli’s at-bat music for the game.

Want to know her songs of choice? Shania Twain’s I Feel Like A Woman, Culture Club’s Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy. We have some grainy YouTube footage of the at-bats but you can’t hear the music too well.

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