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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin, Reggie Nelson get into it after game (Video)

Mike Tomlin and Reggie Nelson got into a verbal disagreement during the postgame handshakes following the Steelers’ 27-17 win over the Bengals on Sunday night to clinch the AFC North. The speculation is that Tomlin took issue with Nelson over the safety’s hit on Le’Veon Bell. Publicly, Tomlin told the media he did not have…Read More

Terrell Suggs wears T-shirt mocking Mike Tomlin

One of the best rivalries in football will be renewed this weekend when the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. As usual, Terrell Suggs is ready for it. On Tuesday, Suggs wore a shirt with the words “We Will Never Forget” and “The North Remembers” on it. The image was one…Read More

Mike Tomlin interference play could reportedly cost Steelers a draft pick

The officiating crew who worked Thursday night’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens missed a huge call when Mike Tomlin was not flagged for interfering with Jacoby Jones’ kick return in the third quarter. Replays clearly showed that Tomlin was on the field and may have forced Jones to alter his route. However,…Read More

Mike Tomlin stops Auburn field goal return for touchdown

Chris Davis’ field goal return for a touchdown on the last play of the Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama on Saturday was one of the most significant plays of the college football season. Davis caught a 57-yard field goal attempt from Alabama that was short and returned it the length of the field for…Read More

Torrey Smith mocks Mike Tomlin’s interference with hilarious Instagram photo

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith had some fun at Mike Tomlin’s expense on Friday morning. During the third quarter of Baltimore’s 22-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tomlin appeared to stand in kick returner Jacoby Jones’ way as he was sprinting up the sideline. Some have speculated that Tomlin’s interference — which he was…Read More

Did Mike Tomlin prevent Jacoby Jones from scoring TD on kickoff return? (GIF)

The NFL is fortunate the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in a thrilling game on Thursday night. Otherwise, there would be major controversy surrounding whether or not Mike Tomlin prevented Jacoby Jones from scoring a touchdown and should have been penalized. Jones ripped off a 73-yard kick return in the third quarter that helped…Read More

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