Mike Tyson throws out weak first pitch at Pirates game (Video)

Mike Tyson PiratesIt’s safe to say that Mike Tyson packs a lot more punch on his legendary uppercut than his baseball throws.

Iron Mike was in Pittsburgh Thursday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Pirates-Brewers game. Tyson is in Pittsburgh because his promotion company, Iron Mike Promotions, is making its Showtime network debut with an April 18 Pittsburgh-area card.

He met some of the Pirates players before the game, and then he sprinted out onto the mound to throw out the first pitch, which was somewhat of a dud.

Maybe he didn’t want to hurt anyone with his throw, but we know he could have done much better than that!

Here he is meeting with some of the Buccos:

Mike Tyson kicked Don King in the head because ‘you don’t turn your back on a jealous cokehead’

Mike-Tyson-Floyd-Mayweather-Manny-Pacquiao-JailIf the demented backstory behind Mike Tyson is something that interests you, I strongly recommend buying his new book “Undisputed Truth.” In it, Tyson talks about everything from his childhood to his fighting career to the time he hit rock bottom. The former heavyweight champion also documents his frightening cocaine addiction.

In a must-read excerpt from the book that Deadspin passed along, Tyson tells a story about the time Don King offered him a $20 million settlement to become his promoter again. One thing led to another and Tyson packed a “big block of coke and a duffel bag with a half-pound of reefer” and flew on King’s private jet down to meet him.

When Tyson was “higher than the plane was” during the flight, he said it occurred to him that he was the one who paid for the plane and that King was acting like he was doing him a favor. We’ll let him tell you what happened after he landed Fort Lauderdale.

The drugs were playing with my head and I was freaking out and getting jealous.

Don picked us up at the private airport in his Rolls and he had Isadore Bolton, who used to be my chauffeur before he stole him from me, driving some of Don’s associates in the lead car. We were driving down to Miami from Fort Lauderdale on the I-95. Don said some innocuous thing, and all that jealousy and rage spilled out of me and I kicked him in his f—ing head. Boom! You don’t turn your back on a jealous cokehead.”

Tyson said he then began choking King from the back seat and caused him to swerve onto the media. When Tyson got out to hop in the front seat so he could kick King’s ass some more, he wisely sped off and left Iron Mike and his close friend Jackie Rowe on the side of the highway. That’s when Isadore, the aforementioned driver, came back to pick them up and Tyson socked him too.

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Mike Tyson reveals struggles with alcohol and drug addiction (Video)

Mike-TysonFor the most part, people look at Mike Tyson and see him as a person who has managed to clean up his act. As someone who has been arrested on rape charges and was once the most feared fighter in the world, Tyson has shown us a softer side over the past several years with his light-hearted appearances in movies like “The Hangover.” However, he is still struggling with addiction.

In his first press conference after his promotional debut on “Friday Night Fights,” Tyson referred to himself as a “vicious alcoholic” and revealed that he is battling some serious addictions. Bad Left Hook transcribed the former Heavyweight Champion’s powerful quotes:

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Mike Tyson says he couldn’t even beat Glass Joe in ‘Punch-Out’

Mike-TysonAny kid who grew up in the 1980s or ’90s and played video games has probably spiked their controller once or twice while trying to defeat Mike Tyson in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” It was no easy task, and beating guys like Glass Joe certainly didn’t prepare you for the challenge.

Tyson himself even struggled to beat his own character in the legendary game series. In fact, the former heavyweight champion says he straight up stunk at the game.

“I couldn’t even beat Glass f—ing Joe, you know what I mean?” Tyson told TMZ earlier this week. “I didn’t even play the game. I’m a late bloomer. I started playing games in 2006 and 2007. Tour of Duty — I play the zombies, I like the zombies.”

I’m pretty sure Mike means he likes to play “Call of Duty,” which includes a feature where you can shoot zombies. Either way, it’s not really surprising that he never got into “Punch-Out.” Tyson’s game was released when he was at the peak of his fighting career, and at that point all he was focused on was destroying everything in his path. The Tyson we have grown to love now that pulls April Fool’s pranks on people is a totally different creature.

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Mike Tyson on Luis Suarez biting an opponent: ‘It happens’

Luis-Suarez-biteLiverpool striker Luis Suarez has a biting problem. The 26-year-old has been at the center of a number of controversies throughout his career, but the biting seems to generate the most buzz. As you can see from the video above, Suarez appeared to bite Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in the arm during a match over the weekend. In November of 2010, Suarez was given a seven-game ban by the Dutch FA for biting a different opponent.

As a result of his most recent incident, Suarez has been slapped with a massive fine from his club. An investigation from the FA will determine how long his latest ban will be, but it is expected to be quite significant.

Now onto the good stuff. Mike Tyson recently decided to start following Suarez on Twitter. See the connection there? During an appearance on “The David Glenn Show” on Monday, Iron Mike was asked about it.

“I just sort of got on the the Twitter thing and I said hey, um, this is an interesting guy, let me follow him, check him out, see what his journey’s all about,” Tyson explained, via The Big Lead. “You know, he bit somebody, you know it happens, you know what I mean? I’m sure he made amends with his guy, I made amends with Evander (Holyfield), and we go on with our lives.”

I’m sure Suarez can take comfort knowing that he’s not the only professional athlete in the world who can be classified as a “biter.” It does appear that Tyson and Holyfield have buried the hatchet judging by jokes like this, but Suarez’s incident is a bit more fresh.

For what it’s worth, Ivanovic has not accepted Suarez apology. Perhaps he will some day. If Holyfield can get over Tyson nearly costing him an ear, I’m sure Ivanovic will get past some bite marks on his arm. That being said, Suarez needs to go.

Mike Tyson is getting his infamous face tattoo removed (UPDATE: April Fools)

Mike Tyson is not the same ferocious fighter that he used to be. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Iron Mike has gone soft, but if someone told you in the 1980s that Tyson would be starring in comedy movies and doing interviews with Oprah in 25 years you would have laughed in their face. Not anymore.

Several unflattering moments defined the later years of Tyson’s career, the most notable of which was his decision to turn into a carnivore during a fight against Evander Holyfield. There’s also the frightening tattoo Tyson got on his face when his life really started to spiral out of control. He has since buried the hatchet with Holyfield, and Iron Mike tweeted on Monday that the infamous ink will soon be gone.

This will certainly make Tyson look less intimidating, but that’s probably what he’s going for. You don’t stand up for Lance Armstrong unless you have gotten in touch with your sensitive side, which seems to be the case for the former heavyweight champion. Good for Mike.

UPDATE: Annnnd I’ve been duped. That’s what happens when you let your guard down on April Fools. As @ticketscore pointed out on Twitter, Tyson later tweeted that he was joking and the tattoo is with him forever. Darn.

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Mike Tyson may be the last person who supports Lance Armstrong

lance armstrongIf anyone knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity and being hated, it’s Mike Tyson. Iron Mike came from nothing to become one of the greatest fighters to ever live. He also bit a man’s ear off and was one of the most disrespectful athletes of his generation. For those reasons and more, it comes as no surprise that Tyson sympathizes with Lance Armstrong.

During an appearance on WLNY-TV’s The Couch Tuesday morning, Tyson had nothing but nice things to say about the disgraced cyclist.

“He is an awesome human being,” the former heavyweight champ said, via CBS New York. “We’re all human beings, we’re all going to make mistakes. We’re not perfect, and neither is Lance.”

Despite the fact that Armstrong recently admitted to cheating during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tyson would not label him a “cheater.” Instead, he urged Armstrong’s friends to support him during this difficult time and help him fight through it.

“I think that people that are his friends should still be his friends,” Iron Mike said. “He’s going to get bashed for awhile, so if you’re truly his friend, try to help him absorb the blows. He’s gonna come out, he’s gonna stay strong, and he’s going to get over this.”

We know one tennis star who couldn’t possibly disagree more, and the same can be said for most people. That’s very nice of Tyson to be so empathetic, but Armstrong is not a victim. He brought all of this on himself, and he destroyed the lives of other people in the process. Not only did he cheat, but he bullied others into doing the same and threatened people into keeping quiet about it. Sorry, Mike. I enjoyed your appearance in the first “Hangover” movie, but you’re way off on this one.

Here is Tyson’s full interview:

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