Mike Williams and Bills coach Doug Marrone have a (rough?) history together

Mike Williams BucsThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded wide receiver Mike Williams to the Buffalo Bills for a sixth round draft pick, according to ESPN’s James Walker.

From the Bucs’ perspective, the move is hardly a surprise. Williams has had several off-field issues since he entered the league in 2010. The most recent was his brother allegedly stabbing him in the leg during some sort of dispute. While that may not have been Williams’ fault, Lovie Smith had already indicated he did not approve of the receiver’s antics before the incident.

The fact that the Bills decided to trade for Williams is what really makes the move interesting. As Dave Richard of CBS Sports reminded us, Buffalo head coach Doug Marrone coached Williams at Syracuse. The Buffalo native was suspended for all of the 2008 season for cheating on a test. He later faced another suspension after breaking team curfew.

Marrone reportedly held a team vote to decide whether or not Williams should be allowed to remain with the team after the second violation, and his teammates supported him. When Marrone tried to call Williams to give him a chance to come back, he reportedly could not get ahold of him and Williams had a number of excuses as to why. It was later announced that Williams was no longer with the team.

“It was just a misunderstanding with me and the coach,” Williams said back in 2010. “The mistake I made was walking out of his office out of frustration. I didn’t quit at all. I made three mistakes in my life. Not handing in a paper, getting in a car accident and getting suspended because of my grades and it was my three mistakes. If you say that I am a bad person because of those three mistakes I guess there is a lot worse people than me.”

Apparently Marrone does not hold grudges.

Eric Baylor and Mike Williams fought over damaged Bentley?

Mike Williams BucsTampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Mike Williams was stabbed in the leg by his brother Eric Baylor on Sunday in what has been deemed a domestic dispute. While an arrest warrant was issued for Baylor, who later turned himself in, it remains unclear how the dispute started. One witness claims Williams and Baylor began arguing over a damaged car.

Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times shared several witness testimonies on Tuesday. William Carter, one of two men who had cleaned the carpets in Williams’ home the day of the incident, claimed Baylor had damaged a Bentley car that belonged to Williams and the back window was smashed out.

“They were arguing. Mike was mad, and they got into it,” Carter explained. “Mike wasn’t the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset about that and he told him to get out.”

Clermon Vaughn, who cleaned the carpets with Carter, said Williams did not come home looking to pick a fight.

“He didn’t come in the house upset,” he said. “The mood wasn’t that something was about to happen. There was hollering. For a long time, they were talking back and forth to each other. Next thing I know, I see the man’s hand come out and stab him in the leg.”

Vaughn also said that Baylor appeared to be in a state of panic after stabbing Williams.

“Just pacing back and forth, like he didn’t want to do what he did,” he said. “The look in his face was a panic (like): I can’t believe I just did this to my brother.”

While we can’t confirm whether Baylor and Williams were arguing over a car, it seems obvious that Williams’ story about the two horsing around and Baylor stabbing Williams accidentally is bogus.

Eric Baylor turns himself in after Mike Williams stabbing


Eric Baylor, the brother of Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams, turned himself in on Monday night. A warrant was issued for Baylor’s arrest Monday on a felony count of aggravated battery and domestic violence after he allegedly stabbed Williams in the leg.

FOX 13 in Tampa Bay reported that Baylor was booked at around 10:00 p.m. on Monday.

The incident occurred on Sunday, and Williams claimed that his 23-year-old brother stabbed him accidentally while the two were horsing around. After speaking with witnesses and gathering evidence, police decided that Williams’ story was not credible and a warrant was issued for Baylor’s arrest.

Back in February, Bucs head coach Lovie Smith said there was a pattern of behavior emerging with Williams off the field that he does not approve of.

“Have I been disappointed in Mike Williams? Of course,” Smith said. “There’s a standard. We’re just not going to put up with it, no matter who it is. You have to be good on the field and off the field — simple as that. If you’re not doing what you need to do, one or the other, you have problems, and that’s where Mike has to take care of a few things.”

Williams signed a six-year, $40 million contract with Tampa last summer. Given some of the issues he has had off the field over the past two seasons, it would not be a surprise if the Bucs end up cutting their losses and releasing him.

Photo: FOX 13 Tampa

Mike Williams says brother Eric Baylor stabbed him accidentally while wrestling

Mike Williams BucsAs far as police are concerned, the stabbing incident that involved Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams on Sunday is a domestic dispute that ended with a violent act. As the Tampa Bay Times noted, an arrest warrant has been issued for Williams’ 23-year-old brother Eric Baylor on a felony count of aggravated battery and domestic violence.

On Monday morning, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported that Williams told Hillsborough County police that Baylor accidentally stabbed him while the two were horsing around and wrestling. Williams reportedly did not want to press charges.

Williams was stabbed in the leg with a kitchen knife and later treated at a nearby hospital. Witness testimonies and evidence that was collected by investigators did not match up with Williams’ claim that he and his brother were simply messing around.

“We are trying to get in contact with the brother to see exactly what happened,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Cristal Bermudez Nunez said. “Witnesses said they were horsing around, but the brother was not on the scene when we arrived.”

You can understand why Williams’ story was hard to believe. If the brothers were rough-housing with a kitchen knife, they have some serious issues. And if it was simply a mistake, why would Baylor flee the scene rather than sticking around to explain what happened with Williams?

As Larry Brown mentioned over the weekend, Williams has had several issues at his home over the past few years. He has been described as a terrible neighbor who had a stripper pole in his living room and would leave the door open during parties. The bashes were so big that cars and mattresses were reportedly left on the lawn.

Obviously, there is more to the story than what Williams has allegedly told police.

Mike Williams allegedly stabbed by brother

Mike Williams BucsTampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams is in the hospital after allegedly being stabbed in the thigh by his brother Sunday.

WTSP reports that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Williams was stabbed at his home. Williams’ brother is the suspect. Police reportedly are looking for Williams’ brother.

Williams has been in the news lately for his off-field behavior. We posted last month about all the issues he had at his home. He was described as a terrible neighbor, and he reportedly had a stripper pole in the living room of his party home, which was a disturbance in the normally quiet gated community.

Williams, who played in 6 games last season and caught 22 passes for 216 yards, is due in court for a pre-trial hearing on March 27. The hearing is for his arrest on charges of trespassing and criminal mischief.

New Bucs coach Lovie Smith recently described Williams’ off-field behavior as “disturbing.”

The Bucs issued the following statement about the alleged incident.

“We are aware of the situation that occurred at the residence of Mike Williams and are working with him and the authorities to get additional information. While we have limited knowledge at this time, our primary concern is for the safety and well bring of all involved. We will refrain from further comment until we can get a better understanding of the situation.”

Mike Williams had stripper pole in living room of party house

Mike Williams BucsIf there’s such a thing as the “Andrew Bynum of the NFL,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams would have to be close to earning the title.

Williams caught a franchise-record 11 touchdowns in his rookie season in 2010 and was signed to a six-year, $40.25 million contract extension before last season that included $15 million guaranteed. He missed most of last season with a hamstring injury, and now we’re learning about some of the off-field issues he’s had.

According to a lengthy report from the Tampa Bay Times, Williams is in legal and financial trouble over his mistreatment of a home he was renting in a gated community. Williams turned the home into a massive party spot, much to the anger of his neighbors.

Two weeks ago it was reported that Williams was due in court for Dec. charges of criminal mischief and trespassing. The latest report says the charges were related to Williams being evicted from the home he rented for nearly two years.

According to The Times, Williams set the tone for his party home by throwing a massive rager a few weeks after moving in in late 2012. The first party took place two days before the Bucs lost to the Dallas Cowboys on the road. The pattern of partying continued throughout his time there.

Among some of the gems from the report:

– There were five 911 calls to the home from June-September

– A neighbor says Williams had a stripper pole in the living room that was visible when the front door was open

– Stretch limos pulled up at 4:00 a.m. to drop people off for parties

– The parties were so big cars parked on the grass and mattresses were left on the lawn

Doesn’t sound too dissimilar from what Bynum’s neighbors complained about, right?

Keep in mind that Williams was living in a gated community called the “Sanctuary.”

Williams reportedly paid the home owner $50,000 in a settlement to repair damages to the home or items missing altogether. He did not vacate the home after his lease expired in August and only signed an agreement after being faced with threats of eviction. The agreement called for him to surrender his security deposit of $3,600, extend his lease for one month at $6,000 and pay $43,000 in damages and attorneys fees.

The home owner filed a suit against Williams in Dec. after the wide receiver failed to pay those amounts, but it looks like things have been resolved since.

Williams was called the “absolute worst neighbor” one could imagine by someone who said they despised the wide receiver. New Bucs coach Lovie Smith also came down hard on Williams in comments to The Times that indicated the receiver is not living up to expected standards off the field.

Williams will probably be kept by the Bucs next season because of how much money he is owed, but he does not seem like he’s going to last there long.

Williams was drafted in the fourth round by the Bucs in 2010 and dropped because of all the problems he had in college. He was dismissed by Syracuse in 2008 for academic issues, then quit in 2009 when he was faced with a possible suspension. He also had a DUI arrest in his rookie season.

Mike Williams Guarantees Bucs Will Make Playoffs, But He’ll be Wrong

Tis the season for guarantees, apparently. Ron Artest guaranteed the Lakers would win the NBA title this week. Now it’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers second year receiver Mike Williams doing the deed.

“We’re a young team, but we’re guaranteeing the playoffs,” Williams told The Miami Herald via Pro Football Talk.

Williams’ guarantee should come as no surprise. The Bucs have described themselves as a “youngry” team throughout training camp. They’re optimistic about the season after last year’s turnaround (they went from 3-13 to 10-6). But as far as the playoffs go, they still have several obstacles.

While Tampa Bay is a solid team, they’re not spectacular. They also have immense competition in their division from the Saints and Falcons, both of whom finished with more wins en route to playoff berths. There is little reason to believe either team will falter this season. Additionally, there are three teams in the NFC East and NFC North that should also contend for the playoffs. I’m not sure Tampa Bay is better than those six teams.

Also working against Williams’ prediction is that the last wide receiver to guarantee a playoff berth was Brandon Marshall. The Dolphins went 3-6 after his statement and missed the playoffs. The Bucs are a solid team, but I’m thinking an 8-8 or 9-7 finish without a playoff appearance is more likely to happen than anything else. How many more games will Josh Freeman be able to pull out in the fourth quarter? I just think a few less footballs will fall their way this time.