Milan Lucic Gives Alex Burrows the Finger (Video)

Milan Lucic was the second Boston Bruins player to get back at the Canucks for Alex Burrows biting Patrice Bergeron in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. First it was Mark Recchi sticking his glove in Maxim Lapierre’s face, then it was Lucic taunting with his finger. Check out the video:

There is little doubt Lucic slashed Burrows and took a cheap punch at him behind the net before Burrows reacted, so that was all on Lucic. Still, as a Bruins fan, it’s hard to say it wasn’t worth it. The best part is Boston scored to make it 5-0 right after that, and went on to win 8-1. With a goalie like Roberto Luongo, it’s hard to say he’ll just put the poor performance behind him. Luongo’s a notorious head case who will hopefully carry the shoddy showing with him the rest of the series.

Milan Lucic Hit Video on Jaroslav Spacek – Ejection Was Overboard

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Boston Bruins 2-1 in Game 6 Tuesday night in Montreal, scoring both goals with a two-man advantage. The Bruins were heavily penalized throughout the game, racking up 25 penalty minutes compared to just six for the Canadiens. Perhaps no penalty decision was worse than the one to eject Milan Lucic, Boston’s best scorer, for the entire game after his second period hit on Jaroslav Spacek. Here’s a video of Milan Lucic’s hit on Jaroslav Spacek courtesy of Mock Session:

16 seconds after Lucic was handed a game misconduct Patrice Bergeron was sent to the box for flipping the puck over the glass, giving Montreal a two-man advantage. They ended up scoring the tie-breaking goal and winning 2-1. Game 7 will be Wednesday night in Boston. Let’s hope the refs call the game a little more evenly next time.

Video: Bruins Milan Lucic Hits Mike Van Ryn Through the Glass, Hit of the Year!

There’s something about shattering glass that makes a hit seem so much more exceptional than it really is. For instance, Milan Lucic’s hip check on Mike Van Ryn of the Leafs was pretty standard. Sure, it was well-timed and unleashed with incredible force while Van Ryn was a sitting duck, but it wouldn’t be much more than a monster hit had the glass not broken. But with the glass shattering, err, exploding, this easily has become a nominee for NHL hit of the year. A must see:

I heard one announcer say that hit would be in highlight reels for the next ten years. He was right. Man, was that precious! Too bad the Bruins blew their 2-0 lead and lost 4-2. Bet you didn’t even know the final score nor cared.