Three umpires get in separate arguments at once during Brewers-Nationals game (Video)

Umpires argue with managers and players all the time. It happens every day in the majors, but very rarely do we see an instance where multiple umpires are engaged in entirely separate arguments simultaneously. On Sunday, three of the guys in blue found themselves arguing separate calls at the same time.

With the bases loaded and the Brewers leading the Nationals 3-2, Milwuakee’s Norichika Aoki dropped down a squeeze bunt that was picked up by Washington pitcher Gio Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s throw to first nearly pulled Steve Lombardozzi off the bag, but the replay showed he was able to maintain contact long enough to get the out. The ump called the runner safe, and that’s where argument number one began.

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Brewers, Prince Fielder Celebrate with Sully from Monsters, Inc. (Picture)

Since August, the Milwaukee Brewers have been riding a “beast mode” theme to their offense. When players get hits, they put their arms up like they’re monsters scaring children in the movie Monsters, Inc.

Prince Fielder is the player who started the whole “beast mode” theme for the Brewers (read the entire story behind it here). When his team faced a do-or-die Game 5 against the D-Backs, they broke out all the stops. They dressed a stuffed animal of “Sully” from Monsters, Inc. in a Brewers jersey and celebrated with it on the field and in the clubhouse following the Game 5 win over Arizona.

The entire idea may seem silly — and it is — but it’s fun little things like this that help teams build chemistry. The Angels had the Rally Monkey, the Cardinals have a rally squirrel, and the Brewers have their beast mode. Hey, it works.

Brewers Fan Calls 911 After He Misplaces TV Remote

There is nothing worse than searching for the remote control when you’re sitting down to a long, relaxing stretch of television-watching.  For one thing, how are you going to get the right channel as soon as you sit down?  Those new cable and satellite boxes are way too confusing to control manually.  Plus, there are way too many channels to cruise these days. Even the most technologically savvy person could struggle navigating the remote. It becomes especially difficult when you’re 97 years old.

According to WestAllisNOW.com via CBSSports.com’s Eye on Baseball Blog, a 97-year-old Brewers fan called 911 on Sept. 26 to report his TV remote stolen.  That means all of this went down pre-playoffs, which makes this seasoned veteran even more of a hardcore Brew Crew fan than you might imagine.  As we have seen before, there are some pretty committed Brewers fans out there.  This guy could be No. 1.

Best of all: The remote was recovered when police arrived to the man’s house, so he was able to proceed with watching the game.  Those of you who are thinking that calling 911 is the proper way to find a lost clicker may have to think again. If the gentleman in question wasn’t 97 years old, something tells me he would have found himself in some trouble.  However, I’m only speculating. If that’s something you think might work, knock yourself out.

Brewers Grace Cover of Sports Illustrated for First Time Since 1987

It’s tough to believe it has been almost 25 years since a member of the Milwaukee Brewers was featured exclusively on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Actually, no it’s not.  The Brewers have not been very good in recent history.  Since 1987, they have had only five winning seasons.  They made the playoffs once during that span — in 2008 — and won only one game.  Simply put, there hasn’t been much to talk about in Milwaukee since the 1980s.

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Brewers to Give Out ‘Tony Plush Rally Towels’ for Nyjer Morgan Fans

Love him or hate him, Nyjer Morgan is one of baseball’s most eccentric personalities.  The guy is a certified nut job.  He also happens to be a damn good player on a first-place team, which is why the fans in Milwaukee have grown to love him.

While the Brewers are currently one of the best teams in baseball and headed for a playoff appearance, they still only rank 10th in average attendance.  Realizing that many of their fans come to see Morgan’s crazy interviews and unmatched passion for the game, the Brewers have decided to give away “Tony Plush Rally Towels” on Friday, Sept. 9 against the Phillies.  The image to the right shows you what the towel will look like, as passed along by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Tony Plush, you can read a great explanation here.  Tony Plush is Morgan’s self-proclaimed alter ego.  Since he is supposedly a fairly calm dude off the field, it makes sense for Nyjer to have an alter ego and claim it to be responsible for outbursts like this and borderline obscene gestures like this.  His antics are quirky and sometimes controversial, but a giveaway like this proves that the Brewers want Morgan to keep it coming.

Milwaukee Brewers Now Doing Monsters Inc. ‘Beast Mode’ Celebration After Hits

The Milwaukee Brewers are known for their celebrations and odd ways. Remember the explosion celebration at home plate two years ago that had the Giants all ticked off? Or how about Njyer Morgan and his oddball postgame interviews? There’s little doubt the Brewers like to have fun on the field. The difference is now they have the team to back it up.

The Brewers have debuted a new celebration on the field. After players get big hits, they turn to the dugout with their arms spread out as if they’re scaring someone. Nyjer Morgan calls the celebration “beast mode,” while Prince Fielder explained that it comes from the movie Monsters Inc.

“That’s my kids’ favorite movie,” Prince told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The whole team does it now. It’s something that I saw my kids do, and I thought it was funny, so I thought I might as well do it, too.”

Most of the players seem to be doing it. I’ve seen Prince, Nyjer, Casey McGehee, and Yuniesky Betancourt do it. Check out some of the pics below.

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Tony La Russa Accuses Brewers of Tinkering With Lights to Gain Advantage

After their 6-2 loss to the Brewers Monday night, the Cardinals were full of excuses.  For starters, pitcher Chris Carpenter accused the Milwaukee base runners of relaying signs to the hitters during their five-run fifth inning.  The Brewers could never score five runs in an inning off Carpenter, so they had to have been cheating somehow.  That sparked some bad blood that carried into the next day when Albert Pujols was hit on the forearm by a Takashi Saito pitch.  St. Louis hurler Jason Motte returned the favor to Ryan Braun in the bottom of the frame, prompting the umpire to warn both teams Tuesday night.

Believe it or not, none of that was the most entertaining news from the series.  The biggest howl came from Tony La Russa, who filed an official complaint after Monday’s game accusing the Brewers of tinkering with the Miller Park scoreboard lighting to distract the Cardinals hitters.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Big League Stew, La Russa believes the Brewers were dimming the ribbon board that surrounds the home plate loge level to make it darker when the Cardinals were batting.  Major League Baseball later said that while they pay attention to such complaints they do not believe there was an issue.

Considering La Russa is a guy with a history of condoning cheating, his accusation is a serious stretch.  The Miller Park crew has been known to pull some funny stunts in the past, but dimming the lights to distract opponents would be quite an elaborate scheme to gain the upper hand.  It may come as a surprise, but it is possible for the Brewers to be ahead of the Cardinals in the NL Central without cheating.