Adrian Peterson sent motivational text message to Vikings

Adrian PetersonTeddy Bridgewater made his first career NFL start on Sunday, and the Minnesota Vikings came away with a surprising 41-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons. According to Matt Asiata, Adrian Peterson still managed to help the team without being present.

Asiata, who is filling in for Peterson and scored three touchdowns against Atlanta, told 1500ESPN that Peterson sent a motivational text message to head coach Mike Zimmer before the game. Zimmer read it to the team.

“We felt him in spirit,” Asiata said. “He gave us a text, a motivational speech in a text, and we came out punching.”

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Bridgewater agreed that the message was well received by the team.

“One thing that I took away from that message was: ‘Play each down like it’s your last because you never know when it’s going to be your last opportunity,'” the rookie said. “Today I think the guys got that message pretty well. We went out, we fought today and it was just a great overall team effort.”

The Vikings exploded on offense, setting season highs in rushing yards, points scored and total yardage without their best player. While the Falcons don’t exactly have a great defense, the way Bridgewater (317 passing yards) ran the offense was encouraging.

Meanwhile, Peterson has been away from the Vikings since Sept. 17 after he was placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. Reports have indicated he is not in team’s future plans and his season is likely over.

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Vikings reportedly had Johnny Manziel ahead of Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy BridgewaterThe Minnesota Vikings drafted a coveted quarterback at the end of the first round on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean they got their No. 1 choice on their list.

ESPN’s Bob Holtzman reported Friday that an assistant coach who had seen the team’s draft board said the Vikings had Johnny Manziel ahead of Teddy Bridgewater.

It’s also been reported that the Vikings were trying to work a trade to draft Manziel later in the first round, which is what the Cleveland Browns managed to do.

Not getting Manziel and ending up with Bridgewater does not mean the Vikings aren’t happy, but it does tell us that they preferred to have Johnny Football.

This will be a great nugget to keep in mind as we see each quarterback develop in the league.

Vikings have red flagged prospects because of their Twitter activity

Twitter-logoNFL scouts are mostly focused on size, speed and strength when evaluating players at the NFL Combine. However, we know a player’s “intangibles” and personal background can be just as important. Apparently Twitter also plays a role.

Last week, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman told USA Today Sports that “immaturity” has been a problem for some of the record 98 underclassmen that declared for the NFL Draft early this year. More specifically, Spielman has been shocked by some of the stuff he has seen on Twitter.

“There were guys I found on Twitter this year that I can’t believe they would post and re-Tweet some of the stuff they were saying,” Spielman said. “We wrote a report just on their Twitter accounts.

“I won’t say the names. But out of the 60 that we did, there are eight guys that we have concerns about their Twitter feeds that we will address here.”

If I was an NFL prospect and heard those comments, I’d be off Twitter until at least after I found a home in the NFL. Spielman was asked to elaborate.

“Immaturity: Why would you Tweet that?” he asked. “Some things specifically on there, ‘Hey, I’m going out and partying with the guys tonight.’ Or admitting that they just took a drug. It’s amazing what you can find on social media. And that they don’t realize what they just put out there.”

Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert agreed with Spielman, noting that the 2014 draft class is probably the most “immature group” he has ever seen in addition to being the most talented. The fact that something a person tweets could cost them draft position or a job altogether amazes me. Is it really worth it?

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Metrodome demolished by explosives (Videos)

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome has been part of both the Minnesota and American sports landscape since 1982. It has hosted a Super Bowl, the World Series, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, and a Final Four. The Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Vikings, and University of Minnesota athletic programs have called it home.

Unfortunately, the Metrodome’s run has come to an end. The Twins now reside in Target Field. The Timberwolves play their home games at the Target Center and by the 2016 season the Vikings will have a new, state-of-the-art facility.

Destruction of the Metrodome has been underway for a while now, with the iconic roof having been deflated for the final time last month. On Sunday, the upper concrete ring came down, courtesy of 84 charges of dynamite.

In 2012, the Metrodome was named by TIME as the No. 1 worst stadium in the United States.

The Vikings will play their home games at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis over the next two seasons.


Jared Allen appeared to say ‘I’ve never played on a defense this bad in my life’

Jared AllenThe Minnesota Vikings are off to a 1-6 start this season and have allowed a whopping 32.1 points per game, which places them 30th in the NFL. Minnesota is also 30th in total yards allowed with an average of 401.6. The Vikings have been incapable of stopping anyone, and Sunday night’s loss to the Green Bay Packers brought more of the same.

The Packers, playing without Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley, racked up 464 yards of total offense. Aaron Rodgers threw for 285 yards and two touchdowns while Eddie Lacy added 94 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Green Bay was able to beat Minnesota with almost any play call, and Jared Allen appeared to be in awe with how bad his team was playing at one point.

“I’ve never played on a defense this bad in my life.”

You don’t have to be a professional lipreader to determine that Allen said something along those lines while talking to a teammate on the sidelines. The Vikings were a 10-6 playoff team less than a year ago. They ranked 14th in points allowed in 2012. This year, Minnesota is one of the worst teams in football. Their quarterback situation has left little hope, but the defense has done nothing to help. I’m sure Allen’s frustration is felt across the entire locker room.

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Josh Freeman chooses to sign with Vikings

Josh Freeman BucsJosh Freeman has chosen to sign with the Minnesota Vikings days after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally released him.

Freeman was also being pursued by the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and San Francisco 49ers according to reports, before he decided Minnesota was the best place for him.

Jay Glazer reports that running back Adrian Peterson sold Freeman on the Vikings. Glazer also says GM Rick Spielman told Freeman how much he liked the quarterback around the time of the draft.

Freeman is set to make $3 million the rest of the season even though the Vikings only have 12 games left. He is expected to compete with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel for the starting job.

As another interesting note, Glazer says the Vikings wanted Freeman to sign a two-year deal, but the quarterback chose to sign a 1-year deal because he wants to be a free agent after the season.

Even though the Vikings are paying Freeman pretty good money, I don’t see him becoming the team’s quarterback for at least four weeks. Not only does he need to familiarize himself with the team’s offensive schemes, plays, and language, but Minnesota already has two other quarterbacks of similar ability.

Cassel played last weekend threw for two touchdowns to get the team its first win of the season. He’s good enough to look decent for a few more games before they think about a switch. Ponder, meanwhile, has a fractured rib that is also reportedly near his heart. The team likely wants him to miss another month before bringing him back.

In my opinion, the Vikings are just shuffling the deck, not adding cards. Three C-level quarterbacks does not add up to one good one. They still need to find a franchise QB, and they’re probably not winning more than six games this year regardless of who’s playing QB.

Randy Moss thinks its ‘disrespectful’ Vikings gave his number to a rookie

Brad-Childress-Randy-Moss-Vomited-on-Vikings-Locker-RoomRandy Moss was one of the most electrifying wide receivers in NFL history. Cris Carter may have been with the Vikings longer and put together a more impressive career, but you could make the argument that Moss was more of a freak athlete and dominant force. That’s probably why Randy, who now works as an analysts for FOX Sports 1, feels that the Vikings should be more considerate when handing out his jersey number.

Moss’ old No. 84 is being worn this season by rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. On Sunday, Moss questioned the team’s decision to allow a rookie to wear his old number.

“That’s disrespectful to give a rookie my number,” he said, via USA Today Sports. “I don’t really believe in numbers but from a professional standpoint, I did make that number. He hasn’t proven anything yet but hey what can I say? I’m just Randy Moss sitting here in the studio.”

For what it’s worth, some people noted that Moss was likely joking. Moss also took to Twitter to insist he was not taking a shot at Patterson.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a major issue. Moss may have returned to Minnesota toward the end of his career and made nice with the franchise, but he dominated with the Vikings for just six seasons. He’d be better off taking the humble approach and saying that Patterson, who is a rookie with amazing potentialt, is a great young player to represent No. 84. Then again, he is Randy Moss. Humble isn’t exactly in his nature.