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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State mascot breaks leg after being hit by ESPN TV cart

Mississippi State came away with a thrilling overtime victory against Ole Miss in the annual Egg Bowl on Thursday night. Unfortunately, it was not all smiles for the Bulldogs and their fans when the final whistle sounded. Some were left concerned about their mascot “Bully,” who was clipped by an ESPN TV cart on the…Read More

Mississippi State players tumble over fog machine in entrance fail (Video)

In a move almost straight out of “Little Giants,” Mississippi State’s football team had a failed entrance onto the field for their season-opening game against Jackson State on Saturday. Several players ran into and tumbled over the fog machine that’s supposed to make the team look mysterious and intimidating as they run out of the…Read More

Mississippi State billboards ruled an NCAA violation (Picture)

The billboard rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss has been going on for quite some time, but things just got a bit more serious. Since last year, harmless billboards that said things like “This is our state” would pop up in the Mississippi area from time to time. This past January, Mississippi State went…Read More

Mississippi Coffeehouse Takes Shot at Auburn, Cam Newton

Those of who you who are familiar with the Cam Newton pay-for-play scandal know exactly why Mississippi State fans hate Auburn now even more than they used to.  In fact, it is believed that Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen is the one who leaked the Newton information to begin with.  Needless to say, fans…Read More

Report: Dan Mullen, Mississippi State the Source of Cam Newton Cheating Allegation

A report by Thayer Evans on Monday night said Auburn quarterback Cam Newton cheated twice at Florida before deciding to transfer to Blinn College. Auburn has defended its quarterback ferociously with coach Gene Chizik calling the allegations “garbage.” Besides the allegations, which now number two in less than a week for the Heisman Trophy…Read More

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