Missouri students write ‘SAM’ in snow at stadium to support Michael Sam


Missouri defensive end Michael Sam has already received a tremendous amount of support in the wake of his decision to come out publicly as gay, and it continued to pour in from his classmates on Monday.

Students at Missouri used the famous rock ‘M’ at Faurot Field to spell out “SAM” in the snow. While Sam knows it is inevitable that he will have to deal with discrimination on some level, gestures like this help drown out the people like Patrick Crayton and their ridiculous opinions.

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Missouri receiver Dorial Green-Beckham drew up game-tying play on his hand

Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham scored the all-important game-tying touchdown with 47 seconds remaining against Tennessee on Saturday. It was a brilliant play call that ultimately allowed the Tigers to go on to win by a score of 51-48 in four overtimes. So who was responsible for drawing it up?

According to Mizzou quarterback James Franklin, Green-Beckham came up with the play himself and pretended to draw it on his hand in the huddle — the same way most of us have done in our backyards at some point during our childhood.

“It was pretty funny because right before that, he told me — the defense probably could have seen what he was doing — he put his hand up and he was doing this, this and that,” Franklin said after the game according to the Associated Press. “It was funny because that’s what he did, and it worked.”

Typically we have headsets, playbooks and signals for this type of thing, but sometimes it pays to go on instinct.

“Once we got out there and lined up, I saw how far the safety was playing up so I was (thinking) I can beat this guy and get behind him on a fade route,” Green-Beckham explained.

He was right, and the touch football-style play call resulted in one of the most crucial wins of the year for Missouri. Considering all the hype that came along with Green-Beckham when he committed to Mizzou, it’s no surprise he knows how to read a defense. Perhaps coaching is in the freshman’s distant future when he’s done hauling in passes.

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Missouri video coordinator paid $7,605 strip club bill with school credit card

The University of Missouri is cracking down on school-issued credit cards after an audit revealed absurd spending by school employees.

According to the Associated Press, athletic department Director of Video Operations Michael Schumacher charged $7,605.50 to his school-issued card during a May 5, 2011, visit to Olympic Garden strip club in Las Vegas. The AP says one of the two charges at the strip club included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill.

Schumacher apparently was traveling alone and representing the school at a professional conference when he visited the strip club. Thankfully he paid back the charges.

The audit also flagged a $3,000 dinner several members of the basketball staff had at a Texas steakhouse. The school has deactivated 32 of the 120 credit cards that had been issued to school employees before the audit.

I just have to ask a few questions here. Which is dumber, spending $7,605 at a strip club, or paying for it with a school credit card? I suppose if you’re stupid (and hammered) enough to spend $7,605 at a strip club, you’re probably also dumb enough to think that paying for it with a school-issued credit card is a good idea.

What did he do, get a lap dance from all 300 girls in the club? Spend hours in the champagne room getting the Stu Price treatment? How can Missouri still employ this person? Oh I know, because they also employ Gary Pinkel.

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Missouri’s uniforms for their SEC debut were tigerific (Pictures)

Missouri made their SEC debut on Saturday, and it was clear the football program wanted to announce its presence with authority. The uniforms the team wore were, well, I guess tigerific would be the best way to describe it. There was an overwhelming amount of yellow between the helmets, jerseys, and stripes on the pants. The jerseys had stripes on the shoulders similar to the way the Cincinnati Bengals have it. And the oddest part of the unis was the helmet. The helmets had a new tiger design that wrapped toward the back of the hat. It honestly looked more like a firebird than a tiger. These jerseys actually kind of reminded me of the nasty throwbacks the Broncos wore … and that’s not a good thing.

More images of the unis below:

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Missouri coach asks girls running on stadium stairs to leave because they were a distraction (Picture)

If the young ladies you see in the photo above were running in your general vicinity when you were trying to do something, would you be able to focus? Apparently the Missouri football team cannot. According to Eric Blumberg of KOMU8-TV in Columbia, one of the Mizzou coaches asked the ladies to come back and run the stadium stairs another time on Wednesday morning because they were distracting the team.

We understand head coach Gary Pinkel and his staff are under a lot of pressure after having moved to the SEC, but really? It’s possible they didn’t want to take any chances with being spied on, but if it was a matter of the players not being able to ignore eye candy they could be in for a long season. Distractions are a huge part of college football. If they can’t deal with a couple of girls running while they practice, how will Mizzou deal with things like this and this?

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Top Recruit Dorial Green-Beckham Gets Billboard After Committing to Missouri

Dorial Green-Beckham is a 6’6″ receiver from Springfield (Mo.) and he was considered to be the top recruit in the country. He announced his commitment to Missouri on National Signing Day Wednesday and it didn’t take long before his decision was celebrated in his hometown. Check out the billboard that was up in Springfield the same day. It sure seems like somebody knew about the decision, or at least had it prepared in case the commitment went the Tigers’ way.

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SEC Website Mistakenly Publishes Story About Missouri Joining Conference

There has been plenty of speculation about Missouri joining the SEC, and an article posted on the SEC’s website Thursday indicated the move is forthcoming. At some point Thursday, a link appeared live on secdigitalnetwork.com that announced Missouri had joined the conference. If you click on any of the links now, they will tell you that the article is missing. Make no mistake though, this is not a hoax.

The date of the story was 10/22/2011, and it had all sorts of coverage beyond just the basic press released. Some of those items included:

University Of Missouri: What You Need To Know
Missouri-SEC Connections: A History
Homecoming Tradition Traced To Missouri
Missouri To The SEC: The Dortch Report (Basketball)
Missouri To The SEC: Barnhart’s Take

Below are the contents of the press release (as first posted by Outkick the Coverage):

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