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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Moneyball

Did Michael Lewis Impact the NFL, too?

When I read Moneyball by Michael Lewis, it changed the way I thought about baseball. Not only was it incredibly well-written and interesting, but it also brought to my attention (and many others) the side of sabermetrics. It changed the way the media, the fans, and even the people in the actual game thought about…Read More

Moneyball Star Jeremy Brown Retiring

This touches me, and pretty much anyone who read the outstanding book by Michael Lewis, Moneyball, deeply. Jeremy Brown was “the Badger” — the prototypical Moneyball player, one of the focuses of the book. He wasn’t pretty, didn’t look good with his shirt off, and he wasn’t heavily scouted coming out of college. But Billy…Read More

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