Monica Seles marrying 72-year-old Tom Golisano

Monica-SelesFormer women’s tennis star Monica Seles officially retired in 2008, but that does not mean her bank account has stopped getting fatter. Believe it or not, Seles already had plenty of money before she got engaged to billionaire entrepreneur Tom Golisano.

Golisano, the 72-year-old founder of Paychex Inc., announced on Thursday that he and Seles are engaged to be married. Seles is only 40, but calling her a gold digger would make absolutely no sense.

Seles, a nine-time Grand Slam singles champion, made an estimated $75 million last year with successful stock investments, property holdings, endorsement deals, restaurants, a fashion line and even her own vodka. She has been dating Golisano for several years. Golisano has an estimated net worth of nearly $2 billion.

Can you say power couple? Golisano is one of a number of people who has expressed interest in buying the Buffalo Bills. Between that, his success with Paychex, and Seles’ variety of successful business ventures, we might even say Golisano and Seles are the most interesting couple in the world.

Venus Williams Began Grunting Because of Monica Seles

One of the big turnoffs with women’s tennis is all the grunting. Some people refuse to watch because they can’t stand the noise. Even Wimbledon’s organizers tried to decrease the amount of grunting at the tournament because they realized people dislike it. The funny thing is I don’t recall this being an issue until the last 10 years or so.

To the best of my memory, it wasn’t until Monica Seles started kicking butt on tour and grunting her way to majors that the practice caught on. In fact, Venus Williams says Seles was her noise-making inspiration.

Venus told Tennis.com that she watched a lot of Monica Seles growing up. “I started grunting because she grunted and guess I never looked back,” Venus says. “I don’t even know why Serena grunts, but regardless—now I’m a grunter.”

Great, so we can all blame Monica Seles for the grunting phenomenon. It was like a domino effect — once she started doing it and winning, everyone else mimicked it. Maybe they think it’s an intimidation tactic on the court. I don’t know why so many women do it, but I wish they would stop. It’s really agitating and it’s not like grunting is helping them hit the ball.