Kevin Durant and girlfriend/fiancee Monica Wright supposedly taking a break

Kevin Durant Monica Wright

Kevin Durant and his girlfriend/fiancee Monica Wright are supposedly taking a break in their relationship.

Durant and Wright, a WNBA player for the Minnesota Lynx, got engaged in July. Wright was playing for a Korean basketball team briefly, but she left the team last month. The reason for her departure has been debated, but Media Take Out says she left because her father had a health scare. In the same report, Media Take Out says Durant and Wright are on a break, and they cite photos of Wright not wearing her engagement ring, and some of the social media messages she’s been posting, as their evidence.

Here’s a photo Wright posted on Dec. 22 that appears to show her ring is not on her ring finger:

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Kevin Durant engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright


Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant took a major step in his personal life over the weekend, but it may wind up helping his career as well. We have grown accustomed to seeing professional athletes marry actresses and supermodels over the years, but Durant decided to stick within the basketball community and put a ring on the finger of WNBA player Monica Wright.

On Sunday, MediaTakeOut.com posted a photo of Wright, who plays for the Minnesota Lynx, flashing a ring and confirmed that the couple got engaged on Saturday night. Seattle Storm star Tina Thompson also sent a tweet congratulating Durant and Wright. The Star Tribune’s Kent Youngblood later confirmed that Durant popped the question (via Daily Thunder):

Now, Durant gets to work on his jump shot at home with a professional basketball player covering him — one that also happens to be his fiancee. That’s the best of both worlds. Unless, of course, Wright takes him in a game of one-on-one. That’d be just plain embarrassing.

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