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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Harrison Barnes dunks on Mozgov, Mike Miller (Video)

Harrison Barnes made a statement early in the fourth quarter of Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday night with a huge dunk on two Cavaliers players.

Barnes took a bounce pass from Steph Curry into the key and decided to go up strong to the basket. He threw down a big dunk on Timofey Mozgov and Mike Miller, and he drew a foul for good measure. Though he didn’t complete the 3-point play, it was still a big boost for the Warriors.

The only positive for Mozgov is that at least this dunk wasn’t as bad as the one Blake Griffin did on him five years ago.

Harrison Barnes dunk

LeBron James goes Air Jordan in Game 4 dunk vs. Hawks (Video)

LeBron James added another dunk to his ever-impressive highlight reel with a sensational jam against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night.

James got a steal in the first quarter, based to teammate Iman Shumpert, and then Shump gave it right back to LeBron, who was off to the races. James took flight a step inside the free throw line and soared to the rim for a powerful dunk that got everyone on their feet.

LeBron James dunk

Whether you compare it to Dr. J or Michael Jordan, that certainly was up there. This is definitely my favorite LeBron dunk since the one where he jumped OVER John Lucas.

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Blake Griffin unloads three monster dunks on Aron Baynes (Video)

Aron Baynes is going to have nightmares about Blake Griffin for the next two weeks.

The Los Angeles Clippers forward absolutely destroyed Baynes with three monster, tone-setting dunks during Game 1 of the Western Conference playoff series between the Clippers and Spurs at Staples Center Sunday.

Griffin beat Baynes one-on-one for his first huge dunk during the third quarter. Next he took an awesome pass from Chris Paul on a pick and roll and then yammed on Baynes, who was late rotating over for the weakside help. Then Blake showed off some great footwork with a beautiful spin move that he punctuated with a powerful dunk over Baynes once again. It was awesome.

Griffin finished with 26 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and three blocks and three steals in the big Game 1 win.

Blake Griffin Aron Baynes

Willie Cauley-Stein throws down monster dunk against Florida (Video)

Willie Cauley-Stein added his nomination for college basketball’s dunk of the year with a major rim-rattler against Florida on Saturday.

Kentucky had its hands full with the Gators and trailed at halftime of the game, but they pulled it out 68-61, thanks in part to the momentum built off Cauley-Stein’s huge dunk.

The junior forward stretched out his Go-Go-Gadget arms on that dunk and finished with 13 points and five rebounds in the win. The monster jam helped him become the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter during the game.

Willie Cauley-Stein dunk

Johnathan Motley dunks all over Jamari Traylor, called for charge (Video)

Baylor forward Johnathan Motley brought us what would have been one of the dunks of the college basketball season on Wednesday night, but he was called for a charge. It looks to me like Motley got robbed.

The victim, Kansas forward Jamari Traylor, was fortunate enough to draw the foul. It may not prevent him from ending up on a poster. Let’s take a look at the moment Motley began the process of the dunk:


As you can see, Traylor was nowhere near being in position when Motley picked up his dribble. He hadn’t even set his feet yet after Motley took his first step:


Traylor should have been called for a blocking foul. While that wasn’t quite as good as the dunk we saw from this Notre Dame player recently, Motley should have been awarded the slam and a free throw.

Wesley Johnson posterizes Danilo Gallinari (Video)

Looking for a bright spot in a Los Angeles Lakers season that has been nothing shy of horrendous? Wesley Johnson has you covered.

Johnson, a fourth-year swingman out of Syracuse, posterized Danilo Gallinari on a fast break Sunday night. To make matters worse, Gallinari fouled Johnson and sent him to the free throw line.


And that, my friends, is probably the best thing that will happen to the Lakers this season. Yes, the Nuggets beat them.

James Harden dunks on Aron Baynes and Rockets bench loves it (Video)

The Houston Rockets took the San Antonio Spurs to school on Thursday, and one of the highlights of the game came in the third quarter when James Harden dunked on Aron Baynes.

Harden took a beautiful bounce pass baseline and then jammed all on Baynes’ grill. The dunk was enough to get the Rockets players up off the bench in celebration.

James Harden Aron Baynes

Unrelated to this play, this may be the Rockets’ year. They have a talented team and it’s the second year of Harden and Dwight Howard playing together. Plus they caught a nice break with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook being hurt. I would not be surprised if they made it to the NBA Finals and even won the whole thing.

H/T @cjzero

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