Mr. T getting inducted into WWE Hall of Fame


The biggest Hall of Fame snub this side of Pete Rose is finally being resolved: Mr. T will be the celebrity inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in April, the WWE announced Monday.

Mr. T turned down a Hall of Fame spot in 2009 but has since resolved the problems he had with the company.

Mr. T, who became a pop culture icon following appearances in “Rocky III” and “The A-Team,” was instrumental in increasing the popularity of WrestleMania. He appeared in the first WrestleMania as a partner of Hulk Hogan against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful. He also beat Piper in a boxing match at WrestleMania 2.

Mr. T also served as a special judge in WWF and WCW events at various points during his career.

The ceremony will be aired on WWE Network on April 5, according to TMZ.

Mr. T shoots puck at intermission of Chicago Blackhawks game (Video)

Mr. T Blackhawks gameMr. T participated in the Blackhawks’ “Shoot the Puck” promotion two years ago and was invited back to do it again on Tuesday during Chicago’s 2-0 win over the Calgary Flames game, and he entertained the crowd just as you would expect.

The former “A-Team” star came out to a huge applause and was wearing a customized Blackhawks jersey that said “Mr. T” on the back. Mr. T began his appearance shaky by mistakenly calling CSN Chicago reporter Susannah Collins “Savannah,” and by pulling his first two shots wide of the net. However, he scored on his third attempt, which allowed him to move on to the more challenging setup. He missed his last three on the tougher net where there was only one cardboard slot through which he could score.

Sure, Mr. T’s strategy of shooting wristers from center ice with his right hand so high on the stick is a little unconventional, but who are we to argue with a man who has made a living with his unique style?

I pity the fool who don’t watch this awesome video.

Stick tap to Puck Daddy