Munenori Kawasaki got his superheroes confused in this picture

Munenori Kawasaki Iron Man

Someone needs to give Munenori Kawasaki a refresher course on superheroes.

Muni is now with the Triple-A Buffalo Bison after spending time up with the Blue Jays last year and this year, and he’s doing just what he did in Toronto — making the clubhouse a fun place with his great personality.

On Thursday, his teammate Ryan Goins shared this picture of Muni dressed in an Iron Man shirt. That’s pretty cool, especially since Muni is being an iron man by playing in an early game that day. The only problem is Muni was mixing superheroes by striking a Spiderman pose with his hand.

I guess we’ll have to just give him a pass for this.

Blue Jays held team meeting to announce Munenori Kawasaki’s demotion

Munenori KawasakiMunenori Kawasaki is so popular and beloved among his teammates that Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons actually held a team meeting on Tuesday to share the news of the infielder’s demotion. That’s something that rarely happens.

“I’ve never seen that,” veteran Mark Buehrle told the Toronto Star. “Usually you come in the next day and look at the guy’s locker and say, ‘Oh, that guy got sent down, this guy’s coming up.’”

Kawasaki was demoted because Jose Reyes returned to the team after missing over two months with a severely sprained ankle. Rather than keep the light-hitting Kawasaki as a bench player, the Jays decided to maintain their eight-man bullpen and option the Japanese infielder to Triple-A Buffalo.

The Star says that Kawasaki took news of his demotion well saying, “It’s not as if I’ve died,” and that he’ll continue to play ball, just on a different field.

Kawasaki became a cult hero because of his bubbly and humorous personality. His hilarious interview after hitting a walk-off 2-run double to beat the Baltimore Orioles in May went viral, as did a subsequent interview on MLB Network. Though he was only hitting .225 with one home run in 60 games with the Jays, Kawasaki had four doubles, four triples, seven stolen bases, and walked 24 times, giving him a respectable .337 OBP.

Kawasaki had another memorable moment last week when he hit his first home run of the season, a solo shot that tied the game against the Orioles in the seventh. The Jays won the game 7-6 to continue their winning streak.

“You feel for the kid,” Jays manager John Gibbons said Tuesday night, via The Star. “He did a tremendous job. But he’ll be back. Trust me on that one.”

The Star gave a sense of how important Kawasaki was to the team. They got reactions from multiple Blue Jays players who all shared their favorite Kawasaki moments. The paper also composed a list of the 13 reasons they’ll miss Kawasaki.

The move came at a delicate time; the Jays recently went on an 11-game winning streak to get to .500 for the first time all season. They have a winning record and know that messing with the team’s chemistry can be tricky. Let’s hope for their sake that the move won’t hurt the team. With Reyes coming back, you figure they should only receive a boost.

Below is a video of one of Kawasaki’s funny interviews from before his demotion:

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Munenori Kawasaki had a truly epic interview (Video)

Munenori KawasakiYou might not be familiar with Munenori Kawasaki, but you should be.

The Toronto Blue Jays infielder is just oozing with personality, and that was on full display on Sunday after he delivered his first career walk-off hit. Kawasaki has been filling in at shortstop for Toronto since Jose Reyes got hurt, and he went 3-for-5 with three RBIs including a walk-off 2-run double Sunday to beat the Baltimore Orioles.

After the game, Mark DeRosa began an interview with Sportsnet’s Arash Madani, which was interrupted by Kawasaki, who wanted in on the fun. Kawasaki played to the fans, bowed, and then hijacked the microphone from Madani. He proceeded to tell everyone his name and that he is Japanese. To top it all off, he read off note cards from a mini-book he brought with him. I can’t say for certain whether Kawasaki was joking around, but it sure seemed like the whole skit was done with tongue in cheek. This guy is awesome.

Below is a look at his walk-off 2-run double:

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