Amar’e Stoudemire shares picture of his hand full of stitches from nasty injury

If Amar’e Stoudemire was trying to win some public sympathy by tweeting a picture of his hand full of stitches, he was successful. The Knicks forward shared the above picture via Twitter on Friday, and said “A millimeter away from my nerve. Thanks to the Most High I’m still able to heal an recover.”

“Most High” was a reference to God, and if you look at that thing, it’s hard to disagree. When I first saw that picture, I thought I was looking at a picture of the cover of “Moneyball” the book. Tell me his palm doesn’t look like the seem of a baseball with all those curved stitches.

Instead of mocking Stoudemire like I did when the story first came out, or sharing pictures of T-shirts making fun of the event, my mood has completely shifted to feeling badly for the guy. Stoudemire says he wants to play in Game 4 of the Heat-Knicks series on Sunday. Though he’s doubtful, he may get his way. I would actually cheer him if he made it back for that game rather than boo him for his stupidity. The guy made a dumb mistake and has apologized. I forgive him. It’s hard not to after seeing that.

Miguel Cabrera bloodied after taking ground ball to the face (Video)

Brace yourself, Prince Fielder — Miguel Cabrera might want his old position back. They don’t call it “the hot corner” for no reason, and Cabrera was reminded of that during the Tigers spring training game against the Phillies on Monday. As you can see from the photo above that @WorldofIsaac shared with us, Cabrera ate a ground ball that took a nasty hop off the grass during the first inning. It appeared that the ball hit his sunglasses, which caused a nasty gash under Miguel’s right eye.

After the injury occurred, Tigers beat writer Chris Iott tweeted the following: “Miguel Cabrera is bleeding as much as I have seen a baseball player bleed. Cut near his eye. Game on ESPN.”

Aussie Rules Football player Eric MacKenzie knocked out after taking ball to the head (Video)

That’s gonna leave a mark. Australian rules football has a reputation for being a rugged sport for a lot of reasons. The most common is that the players tackle one another, but they don’t wear a ton of padding and helmets like their counterparts in American football. Never in my life, however, have I considered the ball itself to be a dangerous weapon. As you can see from the video above, Eric MacKenzie of the Aussie Football League recently found out the hard way that it can be.

The good news is MacKenzie probably didn’t feel a thing — when it happened. Something tells me there was a little swelling a few hours later. Fortunately, it is believed that Eric is going to be just fine.

Thanks to Busted Coverage for the video

Taylor Hall Takes a Skate to the Face During Warmups (Video)

There have been plenty of instances of pulled hamstrings and tweaked muscles during hockey warmups, but never can I remember someone taking a teammate’s skate to the face.  Unfortunately, that happened this week.  While the Edmonton Oilers were getting loose before their game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday night, forward Taylor Hall fell and went sliding across the ice along the boards.  He took down teammate Ladislav Smid in the process, which forced Corey Potter to have to try to hurdle both of them instead of skating into them.  In hindsight, he should have just stayed on his feet. Check out this video that Puck Daddy shared with us:

Luckily it sounds like Hall avoided serious injury.  Rather than going to the hospital he was stitched up by a plastic surgeon in the dressing room.  He still had to be scratched from the game.  We’ve seen guys take pucks to the face or the side of the head before, but a guy taking a skate to the face during warmups is a new concept.  Let’s hope it becomes an old one, too.

Soccer Player Chris Whelpdale Suffers Torn Scrotum

Soccer players need to do something to better protect themselves from injuries to the groin area. With football we’re always talking about concussions and head injuries which are disturbing enough, but nothing makes people cringe quite like an injury to the man region.  Last week we showed you a hilarious headline about a soccer player who had ruptured his testicle.  This week, Gillingham’s Chris Whelpdale suffered a torn scrotum.  Deadspin shared some pretty entertaining quotes about the injury with us.

“The tackle on Chris Whelpdale, he’s probably going to have to have five stitches in his testicles believe it or not, it’s ripped his testicles open,” Gillingham manager Andy Hessenthaler said. “It’s absolutely disgusting, it was a shocking challenge for me and worthy of a red card.

“I’m not making that up, we’ve seen it in there. It’s an horrific injury and it’ll be pretty sure and I’m sure his wife won’t be too happy about that tonight either!”

It may not sound as bad as getting gored in the scrotum by a bull, but that can’t be fun.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Whelpdale and his boys. We wish them all a full and speedy recovery.

H/T to Gillingham FC’s team website.

Patrick Eaves Suffers Broken Jaw After Taking Puck to the Head (Video)

Unfortunately, Saturday marked the second time in only a few weeks that an NHL player has taken a puck to the face. Unlike the incident with Danielle Paille a little while back, the play that involved Detroit winger Patrick Eaves was accompanied by more brutal results.  Eaves is reportedly going to miss six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery to repair his broken jaw.  Check out this nasty video of Eaves taking a puck to the side of the head:

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Daniel Paille Takes a Steve Staios Slap Shot to the Face (Video)

NHL players are grown men, which means they get to make their own decisions.  While more and more players are opting to wear a shield each year, there are still plenty who refuse.  I’m not here to advocate that the NHL start forcing players to wear shields or a full cage since injuries are not all that common, but there is no arguing they would make the game safer.  In fact, even the shield can’t protect you from all dangers.  Just ask Bruins forward Daniel Paille, who took a Steve Staios slap shot directly to the face Monday night during a Boston victory.  Check out the video of the brutal play:

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