Javier Morales Leg Injury (Video)

Is soccer the most gnarly sport in the world or something?  Europeans would certainly argue that that is the case, but until recently I was more inclined to associated diving and dancing with soccer than toughness.  While the NFL becomes increasingly concerned with head shots, MLS may want to take a look at limbs that are snapping like tree branches.  There’s probably nothing they can do about it, but they might want to at least “look at it.”  Two weeks ago we showed you Steve Zakuani’s nasty leg break.  Now, have a look at the Javier Morales leg injury video:

Sure, injuries happen all the time in every sport.  But I don’t think I have ever seen bones snap more cleanly than they do during a soccer match.  A snapped ankle is probably better for your long-term health than a concussion, but the former certainly is tougher to look at.

Rajon Rondo Elbow Injury Video

We have a whole category of nasty injuries here at LBS, and it pains us anytime we see a play that goes there. Sadly for the Celtics, point guard Rajon Rondo was dragged down in the third quarter of Game 3 by Dwyane Wade and dislocated his elbow.

The good news is the dislocated elbow was popped back in by the medical staff and Rondo prepared to reenter the game for Boston. I knew Rondo was a gamer, but he proved how tough he is by returning from that nasty injury.

Steve Zakuani Nasty Leg Break (Video)

The only thing worse than absolutely annihilating your leg in a soccer game is doing it three minutes into the match.  If you’re a twisted person like most of us and like something about watching nasty injury videos, this is your lucky Saturday.  Steve Zakuani of Seattle Sounders was the victim of a vicious slide tackle from Brian Mullan of the Colorado Rapids on Friday, and the result was a broken tibula and fibula. 

In case you weren’t aware: legs aren’t supposed to flap around like that. The question is, how does it compare to this broken leg or this one?

Video: Roy Oswalt Hit in Head with Manny Ramirez Line Drive

For those of you wondering if Manny Ramirez has any pop left in his bat at age 38, Roy Oswalt has your answer.  Oswalt left the Phillies game against the Rays on Wednesday — under his own power — after he was struck in the back of the head by a Ramirez line drive.  Fortunately Oswalt was able to turn and avoid injuries similar to those suffered by Blake Hawksworth last season. Check out video of Roy Oswalt hit by a line drive, courtesy of Crossing Broad:

Oswalt was being taken to a local hospital for x-rays, but the fact that he was smiling and able to walk off under his own power is a good sign.  Don’t worry, Phillies fans — the greatest rotation in baseball history will still have a chance to prove its worth.

Nasty Picture of David Lee’s Elbow

Many moons ago we were raving about the Golden State Warriors who were 6-2 through their first eight games. That same day we also posted about the collision between forward David Lee of the Warriors and Wilson Chandler of the Knicks. Lee’s elbow got crossed up with Chandler on a rebound, and some of Chandler’s teeth got stuck in Lee’s elbow (see the video). We had no idea at the time that the injury would end up derailing the Warriors’ season.

Lee wound up missing the team’s next eight games and the Warriors struggled going 1-7 without him. They won his first game back but have lost six in a row since then. Knowing how valuable Lee is to the Warriors, you’re probably wondering how a tooth to the elbow kept him out for over two weeks. Now you know why:

That is one freaking hideous picture. My apologies to you David for wondering if you were soft.

Saskatchewan’s Leron Mitchell Breaks Leg During CFL Championship (Video)

It’s that time again.  Let’s file another clip under nasty injuries, shall we?  This time the unlucky entrant comes from the CFL.  Leron Mitchell of the Saskatchewan Roughriders had his leg snapped during a loss to the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL Championship game.  Considering his team lost and his leg was mangled, it’s probably safe to assume it was one of the roughest day’s Mitchell’s ever had.  Check out the Leron Mitchell CFL injury video, courtesy of Deadspin via YouTube user wetbanditsdotcom:

Kind of reminds me of that YouTube clip all my friends used to watch in middle school of that kick boxer snapping his leg clean in half while trying to kick his opponent in the leg.  Anyone?

My Friend Snapped His Arm in a Friendly Arm Wrestling Match

What?  Arm wrestling’s a sport.  Especially when you’re arm wrestling to determine not only who the bigger man is but who’s buying the next round at the bar.  Besides, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to throw a real life experience into the nasty injury mix here at LBS.  Here’s an x-ray of my friend’s cleanly snapped humerus, or in Layman’s terms the bone that goes from your shoulder to your elbow.

Your initial thought is probably, “did it hurt?”  Yes, of course it hurt.  But it didn’t start to really hurt until he looked at our friends’ faces and realized that the noise he just heard, which sounded like a branch snapping and could be heard over the music and ruckus in the bar, was his arm.  A handful of screw’s and a metal plate later and my buddy should be making a full recovery just in time to get his golf swing back when the weather warms up again. Don’t worry, he’s a pretty strong arm wrestler with his left arm, too.