Stephen Drew Injury Video – One of the Nastiest Broken Ankles You’ll See

Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew suffered one of the nastiest injuries we’ve seen. In the fourth inning of the Arizona-Milwaukee game, he had his ankle snapped sliding into home after tagging up on a fly ball. The entire D-Backs bench was deserted after Drew was taken off the field because all the players were checking on him. Not to compare injuries, but this was even worse than Buster Posey.

We have an entire section of nasty injuries here at LBS, and that certainly ranks up there. OK, maybe this broken leg video is still worse, but that was bad.

Drew suffered a fractured ankle on the play and will likely need surgery, meaning he’s likely done for the season. I can’t think of many worse ways to have your season come to an end than that. We just hope he can make a full recovery.

Thanks to Timothy Burke at Sports Grid for the video

Buster Posey’s Nasty Ankle Injury on Display in ‘The Franchise’ Show (Video)

Showtime’s new show The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants debuted on Wednesday night. On Tuesday, Showtime released a clip of the show that we saw at SI Hot Clicks, and it mostly dealt with Buster Posey’s recovery from his ankle injury. If you watch the video, you can see his ankle was swollen, discolored, and disfigured at the time of the filming. Check it out:

Our buddy The Sports Hernia termed the ankle “grotesque” and that seems appropriate. Not only is it plain to see that Posey has a long way to go in his recovery, but it’s clear his views on catching have completely changed.

The most interesting part of the video came at the end when Buster said there was “no way, no chance” he would let his child become a catcher. Maybe if Buster had played third base like his sister, he would feel differently.

The Most Disgusting Toe Injury You Will Ever See (from Miguel Torres’ MMA Gym)

On Friday we passed along the story of Xtreme Couture trainer Neil Melanson who had his toe amputated instead of missing a year of training. Melanson had his toe removed by choice. What happened at Miguel Torres’ gym in Indiana was by accident. First, we present you the censored version of the photo because we warn you, it is the most disgusting toe injury you will ever see.

Now, if you can stomach it (this picture can make you vomit), we present the uncensored photo via Miguel Torres’ twitter account:

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Javier Morales Leg Injury (Video)

Is soccer the most gnarly sport in the world or something?  Europeans would certainly argue that that is the case, but until recently I was more inclined to associated diving and dancing with soccer than toughness.  While the NFL becomes increasingly concerned with head shots, MLS may want to take a look at limbs that are snapping like tree branches.  There’s probably nothing they can do about it, but they might want to at least “look at it.”  Two weeks ago we showed you Steve Zakuani’s nasty leg break.  Now, have a look at the Javier Morales leg injury video:

Sure, injuries happen all the time in every sport.  But I don’t think I have ever seen bones snap more cleanly than they do during a soccer match.  A snapped ankle is probably better for your long-term health than a concussion, but the former certainly is tougher to look at.

Rajon Rondo Elbow Injury Video

We have a whole category of nasty injuries here at LBS, and it pains us anytime we see a play that goes there. Sadly for the Celtics, point guard Rajon Rondo was dragged down in the third quarter of Game 3 by Dwyane Wade and dislocated his elbow.

The good news is the dislocated elbow was popped back in by the medical staff and Rondo prepared to reenter the game for Boston. I knew Rondo was a gamer, but he proved how tough he is by returning from that nasty injury.

Steve Zakuani Nasty Leg Break (Video)

The only thing worse than absolutely annihilating your leg in a soccer game is doing it three minutes into the match.  If you’re a twisted person like most of us and like something about watching nasty injury videos, this is your lucky Saturday.  Steve Zakuani of Seattle Sounders was the victim of a vicious slide tackle from Brian Mullan of the Colorado Rapids on Friday, and the result was a broken tibula and fibula. 

In case you weren’t aware: legs aren’t supposed to flap around like that. The question is, how does it compare to this broken leg or this one?

Video: Roy Oswalt Hit in Head with Manny Ramirez Line Drive

For those of you wondering if Manny Ramirez has any pop left in his bat at age 38, Roy Oswalt has your answer.  Oswalt left the Phillies game against the Rays on Wednesday — under his own power — after he was struck in the back of the head by a Ramirez line drive.  Fortunately Oswalt was able to turn and avoid injuries similar to those suffered by Blake Hawksworth last season. Check out video of Roy Oswalt hit by a line drive, courtesy of Crossing Broad:

Oswalt was being taken to a local hospital for x-rays, but the fact that he was smiling and able to walk off under his own power is a good sign.  Don’t worry, Phillies fans — the greatest rotation in baseball history will still have a chance to prove its worth.