Rashad Johnson shares photo of infamous severed finger

Rashad Johnson CardinalsRashad Johnson succumbed to public pressure and posted a photo on Twitter Monday night of his infamous severed finger.

The Arizona Cardinals safety lost the tip of his middle finger while making a tackle during Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Naturally, when we hear about someone losing the tip of their finger, we all want to know what that looks like. Johnson noted that he had been receiving requests on Twitter all day to post a picture of the finger.

He finally gave the people what they wanted. Below is the photo he posted of his severed finger. Beware – it’s gross:

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Sam Gagner posts photo of his broken jaw

Sam Gagner broken jaw

Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner suffered a broken jaw after being nailed by a high stick from Zack Kassian during the second period of Saturday’s preseason game between the Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kassian whipped his stick around his body and whacked Gagner in the jaw with it, leaving the Oilers center with a mess of a face. Kassian was suspended the rest of the preseason and the first five games of the regular season for the infraction.

Gagner says he is already doing well in his recovery. He shared a photo on Twitter Monday of how his face looked after the injury. It’s pretty nasty:

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Cardinals DB Rashad Johnson lost tip of his finger making a tackle

Rashad-Johnson-CardinalsArizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson suffered an extremely uncommon injury during Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Fortunately, his career is not in jeopardy. Unfortunately, Johnson’s middle finger will never be the same.

The Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers reported on Monday morning that Johnson somehow lost a piece of one of his fingers while making a tackle against the Saints. The injury apparently occurred on a punt return when he was tackling Darren Sproles. The details are enough to make you cringe.

Somers later tweeted that it was actually Johnson’s left middle finger, not the right. The Cardinals later shared a photo of Johnson’s hand. Don’t worry, it was bandaged up.

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Cincinnati QB Munchie Legaux suffers horrific leg injury (Video)

Munchie-Legaux-leg-injuryCincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux was carted off the field on Saturday when he suffered a gruesome looking leg injury during the fourth quarter of a game against Illinois. While the exact injury is unknown, it appeared that he may have snapped his left leg.

Legaux was hit by two Illinois defenders as he was delivering a pass and immediately went to the ground. Players who were near him instantly signaled for the trainers and looked horrified after seeing the damage.

While we hate to speculate on the extent of the injury, it would be a surprise if Legaux played again this season. The way his leg bent almost looked similar to the nasty broken leg Kevin Ware suffered during the NCAA Tournament back in March. Here’s hoping Legaux enjoys a full and speedy rcovery.

Video via The Big Lead

Wayne Rooney shares pictures of his nasty forehead injury


Wayne Rooney was unable to suit up for Manchester United’s loss to rival Liverpool on Sunday because of a head injury he suffered during practice. He and teammate Phil Jones both went up for a header, which left a gruesome looking gash on Rooney’s forehead.

Because of the injury, Rooney is going to have to miss England’s two upcoming World Cup qualifying matches. Many fans have been angered by this, assuming that Rooney is milking the injury and choosing not to play through it. In order to prove them wrong, the 27-year-old posted some nasty photos of the gash on his Facebook page. Here’s another:

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Fan suffers nasty cuts after taking puck to the face at Stanley Cup


If you thought the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins were exhausted and in pain after playing well into a third overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, have a look at Dr. Patricia Higgins. Toward the end of regulation on Wednesday night, Johnny Boychuck ripped the puck from center ice into the Bruins’ zone and it was deflected into the stands. From there, it found Higgins’ face.

According to CBS Chicago, Higgins suffered severe lacerations on her forehead and nose and was left with two black eyes. She reportedly underwent successful surgery on Thursday morning and is resting at home, where she is expected to make a full recovery.

To make matters worse, Higgins didn’t even get to keep the puck. It supposedly skipped into the row in front of where she was sitting and was scooped up by another fan.

Players taking pucks to the face is an all-too-common occurrence, but Higgins’ injury is an unfortunate reminder that the same thing can happen to the audience. The protective netting can only do so much. Hopefully Higgins’ experience won’t discourage her from attending games in the future.

Photo via Twitter/FOX 32 News

UFC fighter Mark Hunt shows off disgusting staph infection in leg (Video)


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt suffered a fractured right toe during a loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 last month, but a separate injury has been causing him more problems. A broken toe sounds painful, but Hunt has also been dealing with an infected hematoma in his left leg that has required multiple surgeries.

Hunt shared the photo you see above on Twitter over the weekend, which shows how red his left leg had become as a result of the infection. He said at the time that he had just finished surgery and needed “a couple more” surgeries to clean everything up. He later recorded a video that shows the horrible infection up close. If you have a weak stomach, I would not watch this:

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