Lokeren goalie Boubacar Barry knocks himself out trying to make save (Video)

Boubacar-Barry-knocked-outDon’t ever tell Boubacar Barry what it means to go all out. You know nothing about it. The Lokeren goalkeeper gave a new meaning to the phrase “laying it all on the line” on Sunday toward the beginning of a match against Club Brugge.

As you can see from the video above that 101 Great Goals passed along, Barry dove to try to stop a shot in the fifth minute when he collided with the post and was knocked out cold. According to Belgian news site Knack.be, he suffered a concussion but was later released from the hospital following the horrifying injury. His team went on to lose 2-1.

When we think about goalie as being a dangerous position, we’re usually thinking about a person trying to stand in the way of a scorching shot. Unfortunately, Barry reminded us that blocking shots isn’t the only occupational hazard associated with tending the net.

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Jon Jones suffers broken toe in win over Chael Sonnen


Jon Jones destroyed Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 on Saturday to retain his UFC light heavyweight title, but he did get injured in the process.

Jones won by first-round TKO — the fight was stopped after Jones pummeled Sonnen with elbows — but the champion broke his big toe.

Below is an image of Jones’ toe, and beware — it is graphic:

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Rugby player Ernst Joubert suffers horrible broken nose (Picture)


Rugby is known for being one of the most physically-taxing sports in the world, and as a result it is played by some of the toughest people. South Africa’s Ernst Joubert, who plays for Saracens, is a prime example of that.

During Saracens’ win over Ulster in the Heineken Cup over the weekend, Joubert suffered one of the most jacked-up broken noses you will ever see. As you can see from the photo above that Dan Roan shared on Twitter, it looked like his nose was completely divided into two. Naturally, he was still in the mood to smile after his team came away with the victory.

We have shown you some pretty messed up broken noses over the years here at LBS, with two of the better examples being here and here. Joubert’s could easily be the gnarliest.

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AHL’s Eric Wellwood suffered nasty injury that resulted in this bloody skate (Picture)


Hockey skates can be some of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in sports, and unfortunately we are reminded of that several times throughout the course of a season. The latest victim of a hockey skate injury was Eric Wellwood of the AHL’s Adirondack Phantoms, who actually somehow cut his own leg with his skate.

The end result, as you can see, was frightening. According to the Glens Falls Post Star, Wellwood fell into the boards in front of the penalty box on his own and somehow clipped himself with his own skate during a second period penalty kill against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. He immediately skated over to the bench, and one player said his skate was filled with blood. The photo above that teammate Danny Syvret shared on Sunday seems to confirm that.

“I don’t think anyone really saw it,” head coach Terry Murray said. “It was away from the play. In conversation, everyone figures it was an accident that happened to himself. The play was already in the offensive zone and this happened in the neutral zone, so we’re not sure exactly what took place.”

Wellwood reportedly underwent surgery to repair the vascular damage caused by the injury and is scheduled to go under the knife again to repair the tendons. He is likely to miss the remainder of the season.

It doesn’t matter how many scars we see like this and this that are a result of skate-related injuries — they never get easier to look at.

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Winnipeg’s Zach Redmond shows scar from when femoral artery was cut (Picture)


Winnipeg Jets defenseman Zach Redmond is lucky to be alive, and he now has a massive scar to remind him of that on a daily basis. In February, Redmond had his femoral artery slashed by a skate during practice and underwent three-hour emergency surgery. The injury occurred during a practice drill in front of the net, and blood reportedly pooled onto the ice as trainers tended to the 24-year-old.

As you might expect, the laceration required a lot of stitches and staples to close. CBS Sports’ Mitch Peacock shared a photo of Redmonds scar on Friday, and it helps give us an idea of just how horrifying the injury must have been.

A massive scar like this might look a bit more alarming since it’s on a player’s head, but Redmond’s injury was no less dangerous. We’re glad to see he has recovered nicely and was able to avoid any serious long-term damage.

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Alex Ovechkin takes puck to face during practice, gets a nasty cut (Picture)


The only thing worse than taking a puck to the face and gashing your chin open during a game is taking a puck to the face and gashing your chin open during practice. Alex Ovechkin could attest to that, although the Washington Capitals star seemed to take it quite well.

According to the Washington Post, Ovechkin took a puck to the face during Thursday’s practice and had to leave to get it stitched up. As you can see from the photo above, Ovie shared a couple of pictures of the injury on his Twitter account. That one was after he received 22 stitches. This is the before, which was captioned “It’s hockey hahaha.”

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Enes Kanter suffers nasty-looking dislocated shoulder (Picture)


Enes Kanter has one of the best senses of humor in the NBA, but the Utah Jazz center had very little to smile about during his team’s win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night. Kanter played only three minutes in the game before suffering a dislocated left shoulder. As you can see from the photo above that Deadspin passed along, it did not look comfortable.

Kanter suffered the injury when he collided with Hamed Haddadi. He wanted to stay in the game, but he quickly realized the pain was too great and that something was wrong.

“It disconnected after I fell to the ground and the other guy fell on my arm,” Kanter said, via The Salt Lake Tribune.

It’s probably best to exit the game when your shoulder looks like it’s in danger of popping through your skin. Kanter is usually the guy who says insane things and loves to mess around, but that was one nasty looking shoulder injury. We’ll forgive him for not being in a joking mood on Wednesday.