UPenn QB Billy Ragone suffers nasty ankle injury against Harvard (Video)

If you are squeamish, I hope you had the wherewithal to not watch the video above after reading the headline. During UPenn’s 30-21 win over Harvard last weekend, UPenn quarterback Billy Ragone suffered one of the most gruesome ankle injuries you will ever see.

As the reaction of Harvard defensive tackle James Klein (No. 80) so effectively showed, ankles are not supposed to bend that way. After the game, Ragone said winning at least a share of the Ivy League title is the “best feeling in the world” and that he’s going to talk to the surgeon about what to do with the fractured ankle. My guess is “best feeling in the world” won’t be the phrase coming from the doctor’s mouth.

In terms of horrific injuries, Ragone’s broken ankle certainly ranks up there with some of the brutal ones we have seen during games. For those of you who are into seeing body parts bend in disgusting ways, be sure to click here and check out some of the other nasty injuries we have featured over the years.

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Chipper Jones sufferd an incredibly nasty leg bruise earlier in the season (Picture)

Back in May, Chipper Jones spent a short time on the disabled list after he took a B.J. Upton one-hopper directly to the lower leg. The injury was described as a “left leg contusion,” which is a fancy phrase for a bruise. If you criticized Chipper at the time for missing games because of a bruise, you take it back. You take it back right now.

Jones tweeted the photo you see above on Tuesday with the following caption:

“Y’all remember that line drive from B.J. Upton I took off the ankle this year? Be glad I left the bandage on!!! Yuck!”

Any points Chipper lost for wearing an Affliction shirt during an interview in the playoffs have officially been earned back. We have shown you some horrible leg bruises in the past, but this one is easily the most gnarly we have ever featured. Injuries like this one will likely make Chipper glad he has decided to call it a career.

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Fighter Anthony Perosh suffered one of the nastiest broken toes ever (Picture)

Australian fighter Anthony Perosh was scheduled to fight on the preliminary card for UFC on FX 6 in December, but that’s no longer happening. You see, poor Anthony got the big toe on his left foot stuck in between two mats while attempting a takedown during training recently, and he suffered a nasty broken toe. And when we say broken toe, we don’t mean one of those wimpy fractures where a piece of the bone chipped off. Oh no. We mean that his toe was partially severed like it was hacked off with a pair of gardening shears.

Australian reporter Adam Ireland says that Perosh had surgery a few days ago.

The uncensored version of the photo is below. If you don’t like disgusting injuries, don’t look below.

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Redskins long-snapper Nick Sundberg played entire half with a broken arm

It takes a complete team effort to beat the Saints in Louisiana in the season opener, and that’s exactly what the Redskins got on Sunday. Robert Griffin III and company marched into the Superdome and dominated the Saints, who scored a couple of touchdowns late to make the game appear closer than it actually was. Had Washington long-snapper Nick Sundberg not played the entire second half with a broken arm, who knows if the result would have been the same.

According to the Washington Post, Sundberg broke his arm late in the first half on the play where the Saints scored on a blocked punt. He remained on the sidelines for the final 40 seconds of the half in case the Redskins had to punt again, and X-rays during halftime revealed he had broken his arm. Despite what must have been an extremely painful injury, Sundberg had trainers wrap the arm and played the rest of the game.

“I told (special teams coach) Danny (Smith) a long time ago that I don’t care what happens. I’ll play through anything,” Sundberg said. “They’ve given me the opportunity to play on this team and I’m going to give them everything I have in every game I play in. It doesn’t matter. Right when it happened, I knew. I was like, ‘Dang it. This sucks.’ I think it helped that I had already broken it before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but you know, I just kind of had to fight through it and tell myself that it didn’t hurt. It was awful.”

Sundberg said he also broke the arm in high school, so the sensation (if you want to call it that) was a familiar one. He took the field in the second half six times, as Washington punted twice and attempted two field goals and two extra points. Mike Shanahan referred to Sundberg as a “warrior” in his postgame press conference.

We have heard of players playing through some nasty injuries in the Super Bowl before, but playing through a broken arm in the first game of the season is easily one of the more gutsy things we’ve seen in the NFL.

J.P. Joubert wins his MMA fight despite having a fractured skull (Picture)

The x-ray that you see above would be that of a normal man’s head — if only there wasn’t a section above his left brow that was caved in like a car bumper after an accident. J.P. Joubert suffered a fractured during his Extreme Fighting Championships light heavyweight title fight against Norman Wessels last month. That was before Joubert went on to win the fight.

According to Complex Sports, Joubert was able to fight through the pain and win by TKO after several blows resulted in a “frontal sinus fracture and concussion.” Any doctor would probably advise a patient to avoid driving a car, sleeping face down, drinking through a straw, speaking loudly, running quickly, chewing on the left side or eating spicy foods after suffering an injury of this magnitude, but adrenaline clearly kicked in for Joubert.

As the photo that Joubert himself shared shows, this was far from a simple bloody nose or black eye type of deal. A couple of months ago we wondered how a soccer player could possibly play through this injury, but after seeing Joubert’s skull that looks like it would be a walk in the park.

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Dodgers pitcher Todd Coffey tweets picture of elbow after Tommy John surgery

Tommy John surgery has become such a routine procedure in baseball over the years that we tend to forget how serious it is. Dodgers reliever Todd Coffey gave us a reminder on Thursday night. Coffey tweeted a picture of his elbow post-surgery and as you can see there were plenty of stitches involved.

I don’t know anything about the specifics of Tommy John surgery, but it looks like Coffey’s entire arm was filleted open. At least he was heavily medicated when it happened unlike Taylor Hall when his face was cut open, but it still looks pretty intense. Since this is the second Tommy John surgery of Coffey’s career, that scar probably ain’t nothing to a boss.

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Beach soccer player suffers one of the nastiest knee injuries ever (Video)

Not only is running in sand physically taxing, it’s also extremely dangerous. Limbs and joints flex in ways that they aren’t supposed to flex when you’re running on an instable surface like sand, and injuries like the horrific one you see above are all too common. Bruno Torres of Portugal mangled his knee during a beach soccer match over the weekend, as it appeared he dislocated his entire knee cap if that’s even possible. We can’t speculate as to what the exact injury was because we’ve never seen anything that looks quite that disturbing.

We’ve highlighted a number of gruesome injuries on LBS over the years like taking a skate to the face or bursting a hemorrhoid during a match, but this has to be up there in terms of pain. It certainly can be filed under “s*** we hoped we’d never have to see.”

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