11-year-old Cubs fan Natalie Adorno told to tone down her cheering at games

Natalie-Adorno-CubsNatalie Adorno is an 11-year-old Chicago Cubs fan who is too young to have already given up on her cursed franchise. Instead, Natalie is well-known among season ticket holders, ushers and other stadium employees for her enthusiasm and rallying cries at Wrigley Field.

“I get the crowd going,” Natalie told NBC 5 in Chicago. “When everyone is just standing there bored — well, not bored because they’re watching the game, but like not talking or cheering, then I’m there and they scream.”

Carlos Adorno, Natalie’s father, is a season ticket holder. Shortly after the 2013 season ended, Carlos said a fan tweeted at Natalie telling her she needs to stop making so much noise during games. Twitter user @coach511 began the tweets on Oct. 9, but has since deleted them. Natalie shared a screen shot of some of the tweets earlier this week.

“He doesn’t like me cheering, and it made me feel bad because I felt like I did something wrong,” Natalie said.

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