Miami Heat party at Club LIV after winning NBA title (Pictures)

A year ago the Dallas Mavericks partied at Club LIV at the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach after beating the Heat in the NBA Finals. This time around, the Heat got to celebrate a championship on their home turf.

Several Heat players strolled into the club around 3:00 am ET to a big party and celebration. A Heat logo was displayed in the background on the stage, and the players toasted their drinks.

There were some whispers that the club was charging $1,000 for admission, and the team reportedly didn’t take long to rack up a bigger bill than the $110,000 Mark Cuban spent celebrating at the club last year.

Here’s a close-up of LeBron James at the club:

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LeBron James carried Heat to title and should no longer be criticized for failing to win, not being clutch

After spending nine years in the league, losing twice in the NBA Finals, and taking more criticism than perhaps any other player in NBA history, LeBron James finally won an NBA championship.

“It’s about damn time,” he said.

It is about damn time, but like LeBron mentioned, losing in the Finals to the Mavericks was the best thing to happen to him.

As one of James’ biggest backers, defending him against all the criticism he’s faced has been tasking.

The man left for Miami because his GM didn’t build a good enough supporting cast over seven years in Cleveland and nobody wanted to sign there as a free agent.

Sorry he wasn’t lucky enough to be drafted by an organization in a desirable city for free agents. Sorry the Cavs didn’t draft a Scottie Pippen while he was in Cleveland. Sorry his team never ripped off an opposing team for Pau Gasol.

LeBron took a look around the league, realized that superstars everywhere were joining forces (e.g. the Celtics), so he went to Miami so he wouldn’t be left behind. And he didn’t go join another person’s team; the Heat have become his team. He worked and played his butt off this season, and nothing he did was easy.

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Mike Miller’s three-point shooting was difference in Game 5

You can tell that it’s a team’s time to win when role players come out with the games of their lives. That happened with the Mavericks last season when guys like J.J. Barea, DeShawn Stevenson, and Jason Terry went off against the Heat. On Thursday night in Miami, Mike Miller’s sharpshooting confirmed that it was the Heat’s time to win a title.

Miller went 7-for-11 from the field including 7-for-8 from three-point range for a season-high 23 points. Yes, Mike Miller had his best game of the season in the Heat’s close-out Game 5. This was actually his second-highest scoring total during two injury-filled seasons with the Heat (he had 32 last year against the Raptors).

Miller has battled back injuries throughout the past two years and it was a struggle for him to make it onto the court. He even confirmed after the series ended that he is contemplating retirement. But for one game, almost every shot he took fell in, and his accuracy is a big reason Miami won with ease 121-106.

The Heat don’t get a lot of credit for what they do, but Pat Riley should be recognized for assembling a nice supporting cast for his big three. Shane Battier had his struggles against the Pacers and Celtics, but he was incredible in the Finals shooting 58% on threes. With him and Mike Miller knocking down their outside shots, the Heat became unstoppable.

Russell Westbrook wore a jean vest and glasses to his final presser of the season (Picture)

Now that the Oklahoma City Thunder lost in the NBA Finals and the season is over, we have to send you off with one last look at what Russell Westbrook was wearing to his postgame press conference.

Westbrook showed up to his final presser of the season wearing a jean vest that was cut off at the sleeves, and a pair of glasses. I guess he hopped on his Harley and rode off into the Miami night after the game.

To recap Westbrook’s eye-catching outfits throughout the postseason, let’s look at what he’s worn:

Here’s another up-close view of Westbrook’s jean cut-off vest look:

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Charles Barkley ‘I’m happy for LeBron James’

Charles Barkley is on the list of great NBA players who never won a title. LeBron James had won three regular season MVP awards before winning his first NBA title, but at age 27 and in his 9th season in the league, he finally won one.

Barkley said on NBA TV after Game 5 on Thursday that he was happy for LeBron.

“As someone who never won an NBA championship, I always root for the great players,” Barkley said. “Myself, Karl Malone, John Stockton … we didn’t win it. That’s the cross we got to bear.

“I was happy for LeBron James. He’s been the best player in this league for a long time. Tonight, I’m happy for LeBron James,” Barkley said.

“LeBron James is fun to watch. He’s been the best player in the league for probably the last three or four years, he’s just on a better team. Congratulations to him, and the Miami Heat.”

Sir Charles has been kissing LeBron’s butt the past several months, repeatedly calling him the best player in the league. And after hearing his praise of James, it’s easy to forget how much negativity Barkley directed toward the Heat over the past few years.

Barkley was one of the Heat’s biggest critics when the team formed in the summer of 2010. He called out the Heat (and LeBron) for making several “punk” moves, resulting in a public battle with Pat Riley. He continued his tune last year when he called them a “whiny bunch.” Barkley was so critical of LeBron that Nike even called him about it.

Charles has apparently made up with LeBron, but the two years he bashed them shouldn’t be forgotten. Maybe an apology is also in order.

Erik Spoelstra gets Gatorade bath after Heat win (Video)

If you thought that Gatorade baths were strictly a football celebration thing, you were wrong. The Heat players were so excited about winning an NBA title, they doused coach Erik Spoelstra with the beverage after winning the NBA title on Thursday night.

Spoelstra’s suit was ruined but there’s little doubt it was worth it for him. Maybe this is what they need to do with Chris Bosh in the future considering he gets a little too awkward when he does it on his own.

Chris Bosh takes a champagne bath after winning NBA title (Picture)

Chris Bosh gave himself a champagne bath after winning his first NBA title on Thursday night. His celebration was widely mocked on Twitter. I’ll let you guess why.

Why can’t this guy avoid being mocked after every series?

Here’s Bosh’s champagne celebration in GIF form:

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