LeBron James watched Michael Jordan Finals games throughout playoffs

LeBron James trophiesLeBron James has made a conscious effort to limit distractions during the playoffs over the past two seasons, and the results have spoken for themselves. During the Miami Heat’s championship runs in 2012 and 2013, LeBron turned his cell phone over to his agent and stopped listening to what Twitter followers and sports analysts had to say. Because of that, he was left with a lot of free time.

During an interview with CNN’s Rachel Nichols earlier this week, LeBron spoke about how he killed time without texting or using social media. He said he watched a lot of television series like “24,” but he also did some studying. Not surprisingly, he studied Michael Jordan.

“I watched a lot of old basketball games and Finals games,” LeBron said. “I watched a lot of the old Bulls Finals games.”

In the past, LeBron has expressed a desire to be himself and get away from the comparisons to Jordan. James wants to carve out his own legacy, and he is off to a tremendous start by winning two championships before his 29th birthday. That being said, his comments prove he has a great appreciation for MJ’s game like the rest of us.

LeBron may not want to be compared to Jordan, but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn from him. MJ was one of the most clutch performers of all time during the regular season. In the playoffs, he was even better. The same can be said for LeBron over the past two seasons. It would appear studying the greatest player of all time instead of tweeting is proving to be extremely beneficial.

Chris Bosh nearly choked on a piece of confetti during Miami Heat celebration

Chris-Bosh-confettiOf course it was Chris Bosh who almost accidentally ate a piece of confetti during the Miami Heat’s postgame celebration on Thursday night. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have way too much swagger to ever let something like that happen.

In one of the most hilarious GIFs of the NBA playoffs, Bosh was captured fighting off a piece of confetti that was trying to force its way into his mouth as the Heat were posing for pictures with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. If not for the momentary panic that went across his face when it got stuck to his lip, there wouldn’t really be much to laugh about. But that happened, and we’re grateful for it.

Bosh may have mastered the art of the videobomb, but he has a lot to work on when it comes to sitting under a confetti shower.

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Shane Battier hits Denny’s to celebrate the Miami Heat’s championship


Shane Battier is what I like to call “quietly clutch.” You rarely ever hear much about the Miami Heat forward and he doesn’t score many points, but when the stakes are high he seems to become more reliable. In the Heat’s Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, Battier drained six three-pointers. Miami needed him to step up after Ray Allen went ice cold, and Battier did exactly that.

After the game, Battier and some family and friends hit Denny’s to enjoy a celebratory breakfast. While his teammates partied the night and morning away with some celebrities and even one member of the opposing team, Battier and his humble self enjoyed a Grand Slam and a glass of ice water.

“Denny’s, a championship tradition,” Battier wrote on Twitter along with the photo you see above. “#Grandslam.”

For most players, back-to-back championships feel even better with a glass of Dom Perignon. For Battier, a simple chain restaurant breakfast does the trick.

Danny Green partied with LeBron James, Miami Heat after Game 7

LeBron James trophiesSan Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green did all he could to try to help his team defeat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. His shooting cooled off in Games 6 and 7, with his NBA playoff record of 27 three-pointers made in a single series growing by only two in the final two games against Miami.

After Game 7 on Thursday night, Green headed out to Club Story in South Beach to unwind. Athletes heading out to try to take their mind off of a major loss is nothing out of the ordinary, but it was very weird that Green would want to party where the Heat were holding their victory celebration.

The Heat partied at Liv Night Club after winning the NBA championship last season, so perhaps Green thought they were going there again and simply ran into them at Story. He and LeBron were close when they played together in Cleveland, so it’s not a surprise that Green was seen congratulating him. And he certainly didn’t appear to be having a blast.

Assuming Green did know the Heat were going to be throwing down at Story, you have to wonder why he would want to be there. Our favorite tight end caught enough grief for going to a nightclub after losing the Super Bowl a couple years ago, and the team that beat him wasn’t even there. Spurs fans certainly won’t like looking at the photo you see above.

UPDATE: Green later addressed the matter on Twitter.

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Micky Arison drinks from pimp cup after Miami Heat win


Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has seen his investments pan out nicely over the past two seasons. After coming up just short in their first season together, the Heat’s big three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have now won back-to-back championships. Arison was in an understandably great mood after Game 7 on Thursday night, but what the hell was he drinking out of?

Back at the start of the playoffs, SB Nation introduced us to a new trend that goes along with the Heat’s “White Hot” theme that they have been sticking to throughout the postseason. Moet & Chandon, one of the world’s most prestigious champagne companies, announced a partnership with the team in April that made Moet Ice Imperial the official champagne of the Heat. The plan was for the champagne to become a staple in the AmericanAirlines Arena, with courtside celebrities sipping out of the official goblet you see Arison drinking from.

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Ray Allen denies Spike Lee’s request to film him for ‘He Got Game’ parody

spike-leeSpike Lee is apparently looking to film a spoof of his 1998 hit film “He Got Game,” and he needs Ray Allen in order to do that. Lee is reportedly doing a piece having something to do with Allen’s character Jesus Shuttlesworth, but it sounds like the project will have to wait.

According to the NY Post, Spike and his camera crew attended Thursday morning’s Miami Heat shootaround at AmericanAirlines Arena before Game 7. Allen, who is incredibly particular about his game day routine, had no interest in cooperating with the filming.

When Lee approached the Miami PR staffer, he was told Allen does not speak at shootarounds. It was unclear if the Miami publicist recognized Spike initially.

When Lee persisted, he was told Allen will be told of the request. Soon after, Lee got the bad news. Allen felt it would be too distracting before Thursday night’s monumental Game 7 against the Spurs and was sticking to his shootaround policy.

Spike has been around basketball enough to know that was a bad idea, let alone with a guy who eats the same meal, arrives at the same time, shaves his head at the same time, and practices shots from the same spot every time he has a game. And Thursday night wasn’t just a game, it was the last game of the year in which a champion was about to be crowned.

Lee, while disappointed, reportedly wished Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra good luck and went on his way. Hopefully he can catch up with Jesus at some point in the near future, because I’m interested to see what he has in the works.

LeBron James to media in locker room: ‘Get the f— outta my face’ (Video)

LeBron-James-celebrationAs you might have expected, LeBron James was the biggest story of the night on Thursday after the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs to win their second-straight NBA Finals. All members of the media wanted to hear from LeBron, but everyone has a breaking point.

After speaking to several reporters both on the court and in the locker room, LeBron had apparently had enough. As the folks at Busted Coverage pointed out, he told the media off at one point during the Heat’s postgame celebration.

“I don’t wanna talk to y’all no more,” LeBron said after answering some questions. “Leave me alone. Get the f— outta my face. I’ll see y’all at the podium.”

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