Heat fan on Finals loss: ‘Sh** happens’ (Video)

Heat-fan-shit-happensAt least one brave Miami Heat fan took the streets of San Antonio on Sunday night to take his team’s loss on the chin. As you know, Heat fans have already been mocked by Tim Duncan’s girlfriend for leaving games early during the NBA Finals. Most of them probably share the same attitude as Derek, who was interviewed on live television after the game.

“LeBron did what he had to do,” Derek told a reporter from KENS in San Antonio. “The team didn’t help him that much, though. Hey, sh– happens.”

Derek’s not going home to cry himself to sleep tonight, that’s for damn sure. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. His assessment was pretty much spot-on. LeBron James was the best player on the court for most of the series, but the Spurs were simply a much better team.

As for the cursing on live television, we’ve seen much worse. Just ask that Boston Red Sox fan who nearly gave a local sports reporter a heart attack during his team’s World Series run last year.

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LeBron James on Spurs: ‘That’s how team basketball should be played’

LeBron-FinalsAfter the Miami Heat lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Chris Bosh said the San Antonio Spurs were the best basketball team he has ever played against. When a reporter asked LeBron James about Bosh’s assessment, he was quick to agree.

“I would agree,” LeBron said. “They were a much better team. That’s how team basketball should be played. It’s selfless. Guys move, cut, pass … if you’ve got a shot you take it, but it’s all for the team. It’s never about the individual. That’s the brand of basketball. That’s how team basketball should be played.”

Games 3, 4 and 5 were the exact same story almost from the opening tip to the final whistle. The Spurs put on a clinic in ball movement and got everyone involved. The Heat simply had no answers defensively. On offense, Miami relied solely on LeBron while guys like Dwyane Wade sat back and enjoyed the show.

LeBron played extremely well throughout the Finals. He averaged 28.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game while shooting 57% from the floor. You could argue that James was the best player on the floor throughout the series, but it didn’t matter. The Spurs got significant contributions from almost everyone — not just their best player.

“Obviously I didn’t do enough,” LeBron said.

Despite the fact that LeBron pretty much had to do it alone, he said he was not disappointed in his teammates.

“(I’m) not disappointed in any of my teammates,” he said. “Just wish we could have come through.”

All LeBron has to do is watch that video compilation of Dwyane Wade’s lazy defense during the NBA Finals and his opinion will probably change. With the exception of James, the Heat just didn’t seem to want it. Once they realized how effective the Spurs were in moving the ball, it’s almost like they cashed it in mentally.

Michelle Beadle goes nuts celebrating Manu Ginobili 3-pointer (GIF)


Manu Ginobili took over for the San Antonio Spurs late in the second quarter to spark a crucial run before halftime, and no one was happier about it than Michelle Beadle. At one point during the Spurs’ Game 5 win over the Miami Heat, Beadle could be seen screaming from her courtside seat in celebration.

Beadle grew up in Texas and spent a large portion of her childhood in a town outside San Antonio. She also graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio, so you can see why she is such a big Spurs fan. As Game 5 came to an end and it was obvious San Antonio had sealed the deal, Beadle looked like she was ready to do a bit of drinking.

In case you’re wondering where Beadle gets her Spurs fever from, look no further than her old man.

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Tim Duncan and his son, who was wearing Punisher shirt, look identical


Watching Tim Duncan celebrate with his kids on Father’s Day after winning his fifth NBA title was one of the best parts of the San Antonio Spurs finishing off the Miami Heat on Sunday night. Duncan, who went through a divorce with his ex-wife last year, brought his son Draven with him to his postgame press conference. Can you say twins?

Little Draven looks exactly like his old man. He has the same mannerisms and all and was basically a mirror image of Duncan during his chat with reporters. And you know that Punisher knee brace that Duncan wears during games? Draven had the same design on his T-shirt.


That looked like one proud little boy, and rightfully so. His dad is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

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Tony Parker gives Tim Duncan a champagne bath (GIF)

Tim Duncan is easily the biggest storyline from the San Antonio Spurs being crowned the 2013-2014 NBA champions. Duncan won his fifth NBA title on Sunday night. The 38-year-old played like he was fresh out of college and still has 10 good seasons left in him. Tony Parker, who has been with Duncan for four of his championships, gave the big fella a well-deserved shower after the game.

Duncan had just finished sharing a nice moment with Gregg Popovich (who was smiling once again) when Parker came over and poured a bottle of champagne over Timmy’s head. I’m sure it felt just as good the fifth time as it did the first four.


With Sunday night’s win, Duncan should easily go down as one of the best players to ever play the game.

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Charles Barkley calls Manu Ginobili’s dunk on Chris Bosh

There might not be a bigger fan in the media of Manu Ginobili than Charles Barkley. Everyone knows that Chuck goes nuts when Manu balls out. He always bellows “Ja-NOBE-LYYYYYY” when Manu does great things on the court. And Manu did something special in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Ginobili set the tone for the entire game by dunking on Chris Bosh during the Spurs’ massive run in the second quarter. Our buddy CJ Zero decided that the Ginobili dunk had to be served justice by putting Chuck’s voice on it since TNT was not covering the Finals, meaning we wouldn’t get to hear Chuck go nuts over it. At least this replacement works.

As LB mentioned on Sunday, look at all the black jerseys that were around when the 6-foot-6 guard threw it down.

Manu Ginobili dunk Chris Bosh

You know everything’s going right when your guards are dunking on the opposition.

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Spurs needed to lose last year in order to get revenge on Heat

Manu Ginobili Tim Duncan Tony Parker

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Does any elixir taste sweeter than a dose of revenge? Probably not if you ask the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs finally got revenge on the Miami Heat a year after blowing Game 6 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs were up 94-89 with 22 seconds left last year and lost. They could have gone up by 6 with 28 second left, but Manu Ginobili went 1-for-2 on free throws. They could have been up 96-92 with 19 seconds left, but Kawhi Leonard only made 1-of-2 free throws. Ray Allen hit a 3-pointer that tied the game instead of bringing the Heat to down one point. You know how the rest goes — Miami went on to win in overtime and then took Game 7 to clinch it.

Tony Parker called the way the Spurs lost last year’s game “cruel.”

San Antonio had its fifth NBA championship on its hands and let it slip away. They had to feel miserable for an entire summer and wait a full year before getting revenge, but they did it. And I firmly believe the way the Spurs lost last year — having their hearts ripped out — drove them to work harder than ever this season. They were much more motivated than they would have been under normal circumstances.

“What happened last year definitely helped us,” Tim Duncan said after Game 5 Sunday. “[The loss] helped our drive and (helped us) stay focused for an extended period of time. It very easily could have hit us in different ways and we could have reacted in different ways. But we reacted the right way. We got great leadership from the top in (Gregg Popovich), who came back absolutely fired up and ready to go. To push us this hard, this far and to come out with a championship is amazing.”

Ginobili, who in many ways was the goat of the Finals last year for San Antonio, said the Finals loss made them stronger. He said he felt guilty that he let his teammates down last season.

“Last year was a tough one for all of us,” Ginobili said after Game 5. “We felt like we had the trophy, that we were touching it, and it slipped away. It was a tough summer. We all felt guilty.

“We all felt that we let (our) teammates down. But we worked hard. Every game in the regular season we were trying to get better, to have the same opportunity again. We got to this spot, and we didn’t let it go.

“As you could see, every game we were up 15, 20, we kept it. No mistakes. Great mentality, and we kept playing until the last minute.”

Popovich called last year’s loss “devastating.”

“Last year’s loss was devastating,” said Popovich in his postgame presser. “I’ve said many times, a day didn’t go by where I didn’t think about Game 6. “So I think just in general, for the group to have the fortitude that they showed to get back to this spot, I think speaks volumes about how they’re constituted and what kind of fiber they have.”

Tony Parker, like Duncan, felt this year’s title was the sweetest for them to win because of what they had to endure to get there.

“It’s the sweetest one because it’s just unbelievable to win seven years ago and to be so close last year, it was very cruel,” said Parker. “It makes it even better the fact that we had to go through that and we had to go through a tough loss in Game 6 and Game 7, and to be able to come back. It just makes the journey even more worth it.”

It was a long, tough road for the Spurs, and I think we can attribute their machine-like focus and performance throughout the postseason to their determination to get revenge. Even before the Finals began, Duncan said he was happy to get the Heat because he wanted revenge.

You could just tell from the start of the Finals that the Spurs had that champion’s mentality. If they didn’t lose in such heartbreaking fashion last year, they would not have had the same determination and focus this year.