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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Articles tagged: New England Patriots

Reggie Wayne signs with Patriots

The heated rivalry between the Patriots and Colts got even more interesting on Monday when New England signed Reggie Wayne to a one-year contract. Adam Schefter, who reported that Wayne was in Foxboro taking a physical over the weekend, was first with the news. Wayne, 36, was relatively productive last season coming off a torn…Read More

Report: Colts still sweep Patriots’ visiting locker room for bugs

Peyton Manning used to worry that the New England Patriots were spying on him when he visited Gillette Stadium as a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Apparently that paranoia is shared throughout the entire organization to this day. According to Bob Kravitz of, the Colts still sweep the visiting locker room at Gillette Stadium…Read More

Rodney Harrison responds to Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning stinks in playoffs

Rodney Harrison has a very simple explanation for why his New England Patriots were able to defeat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs multiple times, and it has nothing to do with illegally spying on the opposing team. On Thursday, former Colts coach Tony Dungy confirmed that Manning used to be suspicious…Read More

Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning used to fear Patriots had locker room bugged

Tony Dungy confirmed on Thursday something that was reported roughly five years ago — Peyton Manning used to be paranoid that the New England Patriots were spying on him. In an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Dungy said that there were former Patriots players who told the Colts that Bill Belichick and his crew…Read More

ESPN apologizes for referencing false report about Patriots videotaping

ESPN apologized to the New England Patriots during an episode of SportsCenter early Thursday morning in the wake of multiple references to a false report. Over the past few weeks, more than one ESPN employee has brought up the 2008 report from the Boston Herald that claimed the Patriots filmed the St. Louis Rams’ walkthrough…Read More

NFL exec Dave Gardi lied to Patriots about how underinflated ball was

Tom Brady’s appeal hearing transcript has further confirmed what we already knew — the NFL’s process of testing the air pressure in footballs at halftime of the AFC Championship Game was a complete mess. The hours and days after the Deflategate scandal were so messy that even NFL executives were lying — whether intentionally or…Read More

Jets fans fly ‘Cheaters look up!’ banner over Patriots practice

The New England Patriots began their official training camp just 48 hours ago, and already New York Jets fans have found a way to poke fun at them for their eventful offseason. On Thursday morning, a banner flew over Patriots practice that read “CHEATERS LOOK UP!” This plane flying a banner that says "Cheaters Look…Read More

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