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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: New England Patriots

ESPN clarifies that tweet with video camera emojis was not about Spygate

The official Twitter account for ESPN’s SportsCenter created a buzz Monday night with a tweet that included emojis of little video cameras sandwiched between little footballs. Why? Because the New England Patriots were playing. Don’t worry, Pats fans — the person who runs the account wasn’t taking a shot at your team. Or so they…Read More

Patriots screwed by inadvertent whistle against Bills (Video)

The New England Patriots were on the wrong end of an inadvertent whistle during their game against the Buffalo Bills Monday night, and it may have cost them a huge play. Tom Brady scrambled out of the pocket to keep a play alive early in the third quarter when, for no apparent reason, a member…Read More

Giants horribly mismanage clock at end of loss to Patriots

The New York Giants suffered a heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, and some horrendous clock management was largely to blame. It looked like the game was all but over after Eli Manning connected with Dwayne Harris on an 18-yard pass with 2:10 remaining in the fourth quarter. The completion set up…Read More

Robert Kraft says Deflategate did Patriots ‘a favor’

The New England Patriots continue to use Deflategate as a motivator, with owner Robert Kraft saying that the scandal “did us a favor.” The Patriots are 8-0 and destroying everyone, and it’s probably not a coincidence that they’re doing it after spending the offseason enveloped in Deflategate. Tom Brady has been leading the charge, and…Read More

Chris Simms defends Patriots against cheating allegations

The New England Patriots continue to face allegations of cheating, but at least one NFL analyst has their back. CBS Sports commentator Chris Simms gave an impassioned defense of the Patriots on CBS Sports Net’s “That Other Pregame Show” Sunday. Keep in mind that Simms spent a year as a coach for the Patriots in…Read More

Report: Jets complaint led to Patriots staff interrogation

The enmity between the Jets and Patriots remains alive and well, with New York initiating a complaint that led to the Jets locker room being swept for bugs and Patriots staffers to be interrogated by the NFL, according to a new report. The Jets complained Sunday demanding to know whether the radio frequencies and stadium…Read More

Patriots taunt Jets with butt fumble tweet

The current New York Jets team has very little to do with arguably the most infamous play in franchise history, but that isn’t going to stop the New England Patriots from mocking them for it leading up to Sunday. On Thursday morning, the Patriots took a shot at the Jets over the “butt fumble” with…Read More

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