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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: New Orleans Hornets

New Hornets owner Tom Benson wants to reclaim Jazz nickname

The Hornets are likely soon to be extinct. Don’t worry, the franchise isn’t going anywhere now that the NBA sold the team to Saints owner Tom Benson. But the team’s mascot that’s been in place since the franchise’s inception in Charlotte over 20 years ago could soon become a casualty to Benson’s desire to have…Read More

Hornets Fans Upset with Lack of National TV Games

The NBA schedule was released this week and New Orleans Hornets fans are disappointed with the lack of national TV exposure their team will receive. Writing at ESPN 1420, Scott Prather calls the Hornets’ two national TV games “insulting.” He argues that the Hornets are a playoff team and they have a superstar in Chris…Read More

Nice of the Hornets to Show up in Game 4

A moment of honesty: I was wondering why TNT chose to broadcast the Heat/Hawks game on Monday night instead of the Hornets/Nuggets which got relegated to NBA TV. I thought the Hornets/Nuggets would have been a more appealing series to a national audience, featuring recognizable stars like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, while the only…Read More

Why Was Jannero Pargo Taking All the Late Shots?

While watching the end of the Hornets/Spurs Game 7, there was one thought that consistently ran through my head: why the hell is Jannero Pargo taking all the shots? With talented players like Chris Paul and David West on the floor, I couldn’t understand why all the outlet passes were going to Pargo, nor why…Read More

Hornets Signify Changing of NBA Guard?

Despite their excellent regular season, the Hornets were a popular pick to bust in the playoffs. Lots of experts had the Mavericks beating them in the playoffs, figuring experience would be a huge factor. Though I had New Orleans winning their first round series, I didn’t think they’d be able to get past the second…Read More

Watch out! The Hornets are Healthy

Mark my words now, the Hornets will make the playoffs in the Western Conference and they’ll be as high as a 7 seed. New Orleans/OK City was hit harder than any team in the NBA by injuries, but now that they’re getting healthy, they’re on a roll and on their way to becoming a force…Read More

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